10 Game Room Furniture Strategies for Beginners

Key Points

  • These ten strategies will guide you to get the most out of your game room furniture.

  • A router in or near your game room is essential for seamless online play.

  • An extra sofa or two is nice to have but not essential.

  • Adding doodads like figurines, plants, or sports memorabilia boosts feng shui. 

  • When in doubt, blueprint your plans for game room furniture.

Game room drawing

Furniture has been around almost as long as humans have. The desire to have a nice spot to sit or sleep is part of living comfortable lives during work and play. With that said, it makes sense that game room furniture entered the scene shortly after games became a huge hit. Whether it’s whiskey and cigars while crap shooting, an extra seating cushion while playing chess, or eating Cheetos with chopsticks in a computer chair, human beings want to be comfortable.

A gaming setup is a way to get started, but even the desire for a gaming room sets you on the path to higher-quality game room furniture and a sizable dent in your checking account if you’re not careful. Gamers can be picky, but it’s warranted. If you plan to spend a solid amount of time in a room with a dedicated screen, you want comfortable furnishings to ease into. High-quality furniture has the potential to even outlast your current gaming console generation.

You have the desire to put together an amazing gaming room but still need ideas of where to start. If you’re someone who finds themselves wondering how to create a zen den for all your gaming needs, read on for 10 solid strategies on what furniture to, you know, furnish your favorite room with.

1. Get a Quality Router

Before you start installing furniture, consider the essentials of what a gaming room needs. This includes a desk, places to sit, food and drink access, and lighting. However, right off the bat, ensure a router is close by, whether you’re running ethernet to your PC and console or not. A solid internet connection makes or breaks any gaming session, so money here is good money spent. 

If possible, a router with multiple ethernet connections is ideal. With proper cord management, a router is an engine for maximum efficiency for PC, console, and even TV ethernet networking for streaming, playing, and watching simultaneously. 

If aesthetics are important to you, some retailers offer customizable and sleek-looking devices to complement your dream game room. What’s important is that it’s functional and to your tastes. 

2. Maximize Seating

The feeling of a room is closely associated with its interior design. The game room elicits joy or frustration simply based on how it’s composed. Even just having a simple succulent plant in your game room boosts your mental health

Persons playing video games

Your game room’s feng shui starts with a desk and chair. These are the two pieces of furniture you're likeliest to spend the most time with. A chair that reclines gives your back some rest for longer sessions and helps your posture in the long run. Gamer neck isn’t fun, so be sure to keep your posture as straight as possible, take time to stretch, and drink plenty of water before, during, and after sessions.

Since a quality desk is the almighty battle station, the hallowed playground, and the platform of strategy, it is also the other side of the gamer coin. A desk that is both spacious and multipurpose sees decades of use if taken proper care of. Something in the range of 50 inches long and 20 inches deep is a good place to start, but plenty of desks are bigger or smaller. Consider one that contains shelves for spacing and decoration.

3. Consider a TV

As gaming is likely a source of comfort for you, you’re probably considering building your game room into an entertainment center. A TV is a great addition to any room for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy while playing games simultaneously. 

A couple of extra sofas and reclining chairs — if you have the extra space — are essential for comfort and coziness, and a basket with blankets is icing on the cake. The TV also doubles as the screen for your home consoles like Xbox or Nintendo Switch and with the nearby router, it’s also LAN accessible. 

Game room furniture

Say your significant other wants to play Halo Infinite campaign co-op with you. The game currently doesn’t have split-screen co-op, but if you own the game on PC and they have Xbox Game Pass, you two have the option to play the game in your game room because of that TV.

A TV in your game room opens up a world of options: Consider getting something manageable early on.

4. Diversify Lighting

As an important aspect of ambiance, room lighting is often beneficial for your health. If you place lights deliberately, they bring the room together while you spend time doing something you love. Natural light is always best but sometimes that glare on the screen gets really annoying; blackout blinds are useful for deeper sessions.

Consider, for instance, blackout roller blinds. They’re adjustable based on the height of the window, what time of the day it is, and how much natural light you want to enter the room. Blinds are great when you want to take a nap in the afternoon without light interrupting your sweet dreams. Game room naps are a whole different type of nap and even a luxurious method of self-care. 

Game room setup

Lighting strips are a cheap but effective way to improve the room’s ambiance. Think of what happens during the holiday season: Cities decorate trees and lampposts with inexpensive – and some very expensive – lights to spread good vibes. Keep the same lesson in mind when shopping for lights and consider placing them up near the ceiling to save space. 

5. Upgrade Your Sound Systems

Not only is music an integral aspect of great game design, but it’s also a paramount component in creating a great game room. Further, “listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory,” per John Hopkins Medicine.

A headset is a fundamental gear piece for any gamer, whether they play online multiplayer or not. Video games get noisy, even if you’ve gone to the trouble of soundproofing the room.

Pro-tip: If you have the space, a surround system with 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 channels gives you that much more of an immersive experience. If you haven’t played the finale of Halo 3 with surround sound, you now have your orders, soldier! 

6. Wine and Dine

Whether or not you’re planning on having others frequent the room, having food and dining in the room is nice to have – if not outright necessary. For instance, a mini-bar with stools and snacks makes all the difference when hosting, serving, and talking with friends. It's a great way to enjoy the game room you’ve put a lot of effort into.  

Everyone loves to eat and a mini-fridge in your game room is an easy way to keep some of your favorite — perhaps even secret — snacks on hand while you’re grinding Halo Infinite’s battle pass. A well-designed mini-fridge ties a game room together, particularly if you’re retreating to the room for some time apart from the demands and stresses of everyday life. 

Plus, a chilled Mountain Dew is a longtime Halo tradition.

Building upon the mini-fridge idea, in the right company, a fully stocked bar is a home run. Glassware, garnishes, spirits, and an ice bucket to make cocktails are all great finishing touches when enjoying drinks by yourself or with guests. Keep wine, canned and bottled beer, and mixers on hand as well (if you’re of legal drinking age, of course). 

7. Get a Game Table

Dedicated tables for games like billiards and table tennis are examples of tried and true methods to enhance the Vastu of your gaming room. This also gives you more excuses to get out from in front of the screen and interact with others.

Game room setup with game tables

A multipurpose table with several games saves space. Some retailers sell tables with billiards, foosball, and even table tennis configurations. However, some of these tables are often smaller versions of what you’d find in a bar or park, so consider prioritizing one game over another if you want the full experience.

A poker or card table also doubles for board games. As much fun as it is to play Dungeons & Dragons or Risk online, there’s a difference when you’re playing with your friends in person, rolling physical dice and screaming at Peyton because he snagged the “Australia start” before you could. A physical table experience is always going to have that leg up in terms of enjoyment and memory-making.

8. Throw It Back With Arcade Cabinets

Feeling nostalgic and have some extra space for the classics? Consider adding in some arcade cabinets, whether they’re refurbished or sold from retro retailers. Street Fighter III, Galaga, or a Donkey Kong pinball machine bring that vintage vibe.

Some machines offer sound customization for scenarios to show off your new machine or when you’d rather Shoryuken Zangieff's face in silence. Of course, tantamount to getting an arcade cabinet is space, so there are also countercade options if you want something more portable.

Pinball machine

9. Decorate, Detail, and Accessorize

Every room has four walls, a floor, and a ceiling, right? Plenty of surfaces to work with, so the decoration possibilities are infinite (Halo pun intended).

Posters of your favorite games and films, a vinyl player with Daft Punk’s Discovery on loop might just be the missing key to bringing your room together. Whether these decorations are entirely video game-themed or something else is open to you. Plenty of game rooms double as TV rooms and feature sports memorabilia like jerseys and gear from your favorite teams or a poster from a Tarkovski arthouse movie. 

Who knows?

If you want Spartan or Elite action figures, a picture of your family cat, or USB and phone chargers, consider getting something with a shelf. A stand for your headphones and preferred controllers is a good idea too. Take care of your gear, and it’ll take care of you. Keep a dedicated space for cleaning and repair kits nearby so when you have downtime or an emergency, maintaining your gear is therapeutic both for your things and you.

Should you feel the need, a well-placed RGB collectible like a neon sign is a good backlight for your already-placed light strips. Having watch parties with blankets, throw pillows, and plenty of snacks is sure to quickly become the favored way to spend Friday night in your friend group.

10. When in Doubt, Feel It Out

A game chair isn’t enough on its own for a game room. A dedicated space for your favorite pastime deserves a higher level of care and detail as much as any other room in the house. Brainstorming a little about what you’d like out of your game room helps determine what direction to take the idea — and your wallet — in.

Get the dimensions of the room before you do anything. Ensure it has ethernet access unless you’re feeling ballsy. Consider paint color and test what lights look like when used together. If you already have furniture in mind, maybe move one of the smaller pieces into the room to get that blueprinting process started. Check out Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing for enchanting game room setups.

A game room is worth a lengthier planning process, there’s no time limit on this sort of thing. A game room is an expression of the gamer and if you don’t love something, change it. After all, you spend a lot of time in that room. 

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