A Foolproof Guide to Spoiling Your Gamer Boyfriend

Key Points

  • Contrary to popular belief, gamers do have loving and fulfilling relationships.

  • Thoughtfulness shows your gamer boyfriend that you care.

  • A good rule of thumb in any relationship is to find common hobbies.

  • Gamer boyfriends love it when you take an interest in the game they play and support them playing it.

  • HaloHype provides you with some ideas on how to shop for your gamer.

Being with a gamer can be daunting because of the strong social stigma attached to being a gamer. It used to be that those who adopted the title of gamer were loners or nerds and had zero social skills. Now that's a stereotype if there ever was one! In 2023, that stigma is lifting and gaming is becoming much more mainstream.

Perhaps your partner is a gamer and you're looking to show them some TLC. Or, maybe, you met a gaming hottie on a dating app and you’re just curious as to what gaming relationships even look like. Impressing a gamer boyfriend isn’t (always) as simple as showing up naked with pizza and (root)beer.

This is a foolproof guide to lovin’ on your gamer boyfriend — pizza and beverages loosely included.

Gamer boyfriend

Some Pros and Cons of Dating a Gamer

Is it tough dating a gamer? The answer isn’t clear-cut.

Dating a gamer is like most other relationships. Without compassion, patience, shared interests, and effort, you’re better off not dating at all. With that in mind, consider the following pros and cons of dating someone who loves video games and how to get the most out of your relationship.

Con: Gaming Is a Time Suck If Not Properly Managed

Gaming is a ton of fun. However, there’s an observable difference between healthy gaming and unhealthy gaming.

If a partner is prioritizing their game over their health, hygiene, cleanliness, family, friends, and pets, more often than not, it’s in the danger zone. If your boyfriend doesn’t spend any time with you that doesn’t also include grinding for Master in League of Legends, it puts strains on your relationship.

Boyfriend and girlfriend playing video games

You don’t even have to like video games all that much to love someone who plays. It’s integral to accept that he enjoys games, they are a part of who he is, and are part of the deal when it comes to being with him. If you can’t love him because he plays something you don't enjoy, he may view it as a judgment of him.

Players deeply connect with the games they love most — writers at HaloHype very much included. If you accept that, not only are you a keeper, he’ll love and appreciate you all the more. If he’s a keeper, he’ll make that much more of an effort to support you and your favorite things.

Pro: Playing Together Is Badass

You’ve played Mario Kart. If you say you didn’t enjoy it, you’re definitely lying.

When you take an interest in the games your boyfriend plays and play with him from time to time, you bond and have fun. An amazing thing about video games is the sociability surrounding them. Halo was built as a party shooter, meant to play on the couch with your loved ones. Mario Party gets as competitive as any game of Counter-Strike ever played. Video games appeal to whatever your interests are, too.

It’s not all a competition, though. Playing split-screen campaigns in older Halo titles is one of the best ways to play. To some, it’s the only way to play. Couples find games they enjoy together on the couch.

Ready to put your communication skills to the test and solve some mind-bending puzzles? Play Portal 2 with your boyfriend. Be sure to say thanks later after you subscribe to HaloHype.

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Con: He Might Be Better at Flirting With Homies Over Discord Than You IRL

Gamers are really good at play calling when the zone is closing and enemies are being “one-shot” when they actually aren’t.

When it comes to flirting, gamers might not actually have a whole lot of game. To compensate for this, ensure you encourage one another to take time away from the screens. It’s imperative to get out and do things that allow you to focus on just each other like dinners, drinks, shows, galleries, and walks in the park. 

You know, typical couple stuff.

Licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist Dr. Kate Balestrieri comments that novelty and learning new hobbies “create cohesion and intimacy. Couples who explore together learn new things with each other, navigate challenges together, and create memories that will last forever." To grow closer with your boyfriend, support his gaming but build further levels of trust and connection.

Pro: Gamers Are More Diverse Than You Might Think

The video game industry is growing and part of that growth has been the steady increase of LGBTQ+ gamers and their cross-platform play.

According to Nielsen, 10 percent of all gamers over 18 identify as LGBTQ+, 40 percent are gay or lesbian, 50 percent are bisexual, and 10 percent are transgender or nonbinary. Further, the gap between female and male gamers is closing, with over 40 percent of gamers identifying as women. 

These statistics serve to show that gamer boyfriends come in all different shapes and sizes and there isn’t a guaranteed method to winning them over — unless it’s actually pizza and beer. If others can make it work, you have the chance too.

Couple with video game controllers

Why You Should Consider Dating a Gamer

Gamers are nerds and goofy as hell, but there are practical reasons to consider dating one, including the following:

1. You Have a Techie in Your Back Pocket 

Do you need a USB-C cord for your phone? He’s got it in a bag somewhere and knows exactly how long it takes him to find it. You’re not sure why your pics of lunch dates aren’t backing up to the cloud? He’ll point out some older apps you haven’t lately opened are taking up oodles of storage space. 

Can’t figure out why your internet sucks? He has an extra modem collecting dust he’ll give to you as long as he has one of the ethernet ports for a console in case he needs to use it. 

2. They’re Resilient

Just like in a game like Dark Souls where the enemies continuously get harder to defeat, a gamer finds a way to survive. If a strategy isn’t working, they’ll adapt their methods until something eventually works. When they apply this to their relationships, they’re loyal and loving and do their damnedest to make things work, meet you in the middle, and build compassion together – no matter the difficulty level.

3. They Understand the Value of Alone Time

Gaming is often a pretty social hobby, but there are plenty of games that have incredible single-player experiences not possible in other forms of entertainment. As such, gamers understand the value of time spent alone. If you want to go out with your friends on Friday night, he won’t cling to you and beg you to stay home. He’s about to grind out the next Halo Infinite battle pass while you enjoy drinks. He might just be having more fun than you are!

How To Shop for Your Gamer Boyfriend

You want to show your gamer you care about him with quality gift-giving. Whether he plays on PC or console, the suggestions listed below are excellent gifts that every player, young and old, enjoys.

Man on computer

A Food Delivery Subscription

DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates: Pick your poison, and get him a subscription.

He'll have the option to eat and play at the same time. Just encourage him to keep his battle station clean with cleaning gear, too. Not only are you cutting down the majority of those pesky fees that hike a $15 meal up to $35, but you’re also bringing him his favorite food while he plays. He has eaten, he's chillin' in his game room, and he's easy to find. 

Triple win.

Quality Gear Upgrades

If he’s playing on PC, it’s a great idea to research what kinds of keyboards, headsets, mice, and accessories he likes.

Here are some ideas from Amazon to get you started:

There are plenty of great manufacturers of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo gear from Amazon and other retailers. All it takes is some research, a defined budget, and your insight into who your boyfriend is and what he likes.

If You Want Something Done Right…

Do it yourself! DIY projects are not only fun, unique, and perfect gifts for gamers who seemingly have everything they want, but they add a level of intimacy and care that a package from some warehouse can’t reach.

If you paint him something, build him something, or mold a coffee mug with a Halo character on it, he’ll love and appreciate it more than something that just came out of any old box, guaranteed.

Couple playing video games

Relationships Take Effort, So Work It!

Gamer boyfriends are unique in how they approach life. They’re loyal and passionate. They're likely passionate and deadset loyal to you, too. Gamer boys are lover boys, too. Using the advice provided here, you have ideas on how to build something mutually supportive, kind, and beneficial. You deserve something great, and a gamer can give that to you. 

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