Tom Goulding


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Tom Goulding is an Arbiter enthusiast and Halo 3 default helmet enjoyer who knows how to string words and sentences together professionally.


  • Four years of content writing and community management experience centered in gaming.
  • 20-year Halo player.
  • Proud Halo 3 default helmet enjoyed.


Near the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved, Tom was neighbors with Bungie devs who introduced him to the game. In the 20 years since, he’s become a veteran player and has plenty of love and optimism for the franchise. Tom has pulled many all-nighters grinding Legendary campaigns and ranking up to Onyx in Infinite instead of completing mandatory college projects. His favorite title in the franchise is Halo 3. In his professional career, Tom gets distracted by HCS and MCC highlights, but swears these have no effect on the quality of his work. Tom patiently awaits the inevitable "Master Chief Collection" Nintendo Switch port with an open wallet.


Washington State University Vancouver, Social Sciences, Minor in Communications.

Expertise: Communications

Education: Washington State University

Location: Portland, OR

Title: Writer

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