Choosing the Best Gun Skins in Halo Infinite

Want to distinguish yourself from others? It may be hard in real life, but nothing could be easier in Halo Infinite. You just customize your Spartan player with fun and creative gun skins!

Changing out the gun skin helps you identify your favorite gun, but also lets other players identify your player in the multi-player game mode. It's the easiest way to distinguish yourself from others, especially if you haven’t found the customized armor pieces hidden in the armor lockers throughout the game.

What Is Halo? 

Halo is a series of extremely popular video games that has been one of the most exciting games for more than a generation. It is more than a fun shooting game set in a storyline-driven science fiction world. It is practically a way of life for the die-hard gamer.

With over 10 game releases, 343 Industries must be doing something right as it has remained a favorite for almost 30 years. Renowned writer Gabe Gurwin of Digital Trends lists Halo Infinite, the latest release, as the third best Halo game to play.

Halo Infinite gained recognition just a few months after its release. Gamers thought the backgrounds, graphics, and gameplay were more updated, fun, and interesting to play. Now Halo Infinite rivals other top games like Call of Duty with sales skyrocketing since its release in 2021.

There are over 8 million gamers playing Halo Infinite. Even gamers who haven't been avid Halo gamers have become fans, turning to the Halo Infinite gameplay simply because it is a fun video game to play.

This latest version has some great new features, graphics, and customization options. Among the most popular customization options is the ability to customize guns, player characters, and vehicles. This feature combines well with this game's superb graphics and background colors.

Halo Infinite Weapons

One of the areas where Halo Infinite has made extensive changes is in making a huge variety of weapons available to players. We have counted 12 different weapons. This writer's favorites are the sniper rifle and the shock rifle.

This Xbox series game not only gives you a nice variety of weapons, but also allows you to customize each of them to make them stand out from others, help you identify them quickly, and give your favorite weapon its very own badge of honor. 

How can they be customized? Players choose special colors, known as gun skins in Halo. These interesting colors or patterns make the weapons unique while giving it a totally rad look during gameplay.

What Is a Gun Skin? 

No, it doesn't look like real skin (although, that'd be pretty cool). A gun skin is a color, a patch, or a pattern you can use to change your firearm's appearance. The benefits are two fold.

Gun skins give your Spartan more depth and add character to his look. More importantly, these gun colors or customization options identify your character in the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. They allow other players in the Xbox game pass to identify your character and visually recognize the levels you've passed and the challenges you've played.  

Why Customize? 

Many people want to look different, individualize and be themselves. Halo Infinite caters to this need through its various customization options.

One of the simplest ways of giving the new players the most basic customization options is to allow them to add interesting gun skins or gun charms. These skins identify who a Spartan (the playing character) is and what the player has done to earn a certain badge or skin. 

Another big plus to the Halo Infinite game is the number of weapons available to players. Everything from the assault rifle to the Shock rifle to the rocket launcher. Once you start adding weapons to your Armor Hall, it's easier to distinguish one from another by the skins you place on them, so be sure to scan for these skins by pressing down the D-pad so the AI will reveal these hidden items. 

Customize Your Favorite Halo Infinite Weapon

Halo Infinite is all about customization, and players love it. Everyone wants to get in on the personalization movement. So, early on in the gameplay, one of the easiest and fastest ways of changing your Spartan's appearance is by adding a weapon coating or, at the very least, placing a unique charm on it. To find these Halo Infinite weapon coatings and charms, scan for them as you go through the battle pass. 

What Are The Special Gun Coatings? 

A color coat or shader changes the weapon's appearance. It makes the gun look more interesting by giving it a fresh coat of color, pattern, or texture.

For example, a player might choose to use a standard assault rifle, which is a flat black-grey rifle at the beginning of the game. After a while, the player may get bored with using that same black rifle every time. He can have some fun by adding a skin he found in the campaign battle pass.

These skins are in the armor lockers set throughout the different levels in the campaign. These skins could be olive green, red, or various colors or textures. All the coatings are different, and some may even offer the appearance of other materials like plastic or wood. It all depends on the skin you picked up, received, or bought. 

Where Are These Skins or Coatings? 

There are three ways to get skins and charms for your firearms. You can participate in an event or a promotion. You can find them as you move through the level and the campaign, or you can buy them from the Halo Store. 

How to Find Gun Skins in The Battle Pass

The cheapest way is to find gun skins. You can play either the single-player game on your Xbox or PC. The conventional game has the typical game cost, which many players have already made, so the gun skins you might find in the single-player Xbox game version come with no extra cost. You can pick up skins and charms here if you're playing Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Each method has a similar way of picking up skins, and you can use the ones you find in both the single-player and the multiplayer modes.  

How to Find Gun Coatings in The Single Player Mode? 

You can find these gun skins as you go through the campaign. Even so, it's helpful to know they're there so you'll know to open the armor boxes, capture FOBs, and level up to qualify for more cosmetic upgrades. 

How do you know where these coatings are in the level? You can ping or scan for the skin location on the world map to highlight the objects on the map. After that, it's just a matter of finding the armory cases and getting the firearm skins you want. 

Every level has lockers with rewards, weapons, or accessories to be used in the game. Not all the lockers have weapon skins, so you need to be on the lookout for them. There are also vehicle skins, emblems, charms, nameplates, etc. Use your scanner to see where the lockers are and what they contain.

Remember, in most cases any gun accessory, coating, skin, or charm found in the single-player mode can also be used in the multiplayer mode. 

Where to Find Coatings in the Multiplayer Game? 

There are several places to find gun skins to decorate and improve your gun's looks. A few locations are near the Obelisk Stone, the outpost Tremonius, the lake southeast of the Tremonious outpost, and the Banished Deception outpost.

So, as you fight the enemy, remember to scan for those weapons and the weapon cosmetics amidst the carnage of battle. 

While in playing mode and on whatever level you start, be sure to get into the habit of using your scanner. Every Spartan has an AI scanner to speak words of encouragement and give clues on how to find Master Chief and Cortana. Press down on the D-pad, and the AI will send a pulse revealing all the hidden items near you.

For new weapon finds, you don't need to scan as the power weapons are automatically shown to you. Weapon lockers with skins and charms or unique pistols aren't shown unless you do a D-pad scan just as you would in the single-player mode. 

A few of the skins you can win are the Adrenal, Watchdog, and Nerf gun skins. Of course, when you finish a Halo Infinite season, you'll get armor, weapon coatings, and vehicle coatings, so be on the lookout for those rewards.


Periodically, a large brand name, whether it's a clothing brand, sports brand, or beverage brand, will target gamers with promotions offering gun skin patches or coatings as a reward for a certain action or purchase. Companies that have already offered these rewards include Nerf Blaster and Monster Energy and Rockstar energy drinks. These special promotions offer codes to redeem unique charms and weapon coatings.

To get them, go to the Infinite Halo shop or the Halo Waypoint to look for these offers. There won't always be an offer or a giveaway, but the fact is that you won't find them if you don't look for them — so don't miss out on the fun!

Game Promotions

The developers of Halo Infinite and the promoters of special championship game challenges often offer promotions and game rewards for watching or participating in certain challenges. You can often see these promotions on the Infinite News website.

These special events often offer unique gun coating or charm, so you can demonstrate to other players that you've participated in these events or promotions. They're unique and only available for a limited time and as a reward for participating. Visit the Halo Store periodically to see what event is being promoted and what viewers/participants can gain.

Some past events with giveaways included the HCS Raleigh and the HCS Winter, where the promoters offered weapon skins and armor kits in exchange for watching special Halo Championship Series events. 

Special Combat Challenges

Find special combat challenges to win and earn additional cosmetic rewards, including Halo Infinite armor. The one thing to remember about these special combat challenges is that they only occur at certain times of the year, so you need to be on the lookout for them.

Searching for an event in the Halo Waypoint store is always a good idea as there are some great perks and rewards for playing them.

Just a few of the gun skins that have been available at these events include the Platinum anniversary gun core, the Pass Tense, and the Peppermint Laughter. 

Purchase Skins

The Halo store also has several armor coatings and armor kits with a few gun skins usually included in the armor coat package. When you purchase a kit, you can download it to your player Armor Hall.

Hundreds of armor and gun skins are in the Halo Waypoint store, but they usually come as a piece in an armor kit. A kit includes a set of armor pieces — helmet, visor, shoulder and knee pads — and gun and vehicle skins. These selections are always changing. Every Tuesday there will be new coatings while some will disappear.

These cosmetic items are available for purchase with Halo Credits. To purchase in the store, you'll first need to purchase a credit bundle and use the credits to buy the gun screen you want. Two popular gun skins in the Halo store include the Grand Play emblem and the Black Steel Katana. You can purchase credit bundles with a credit or debit card in sizes ranging from 500 credits for $4.99 to 11,500 credit for $99.99.

What Are The Halo Credit Bundles? You can purchase these credit bundle amounts with your credit or debit card. The costs vary depending on the credits you buy. However, you can purchase as few as 500 credits for as little as $4.99 or as many as 11,500 credits for $99.99.

How Much Do Gun Skins Cost? 

The simple and obvious answer to the above question is that it depends on the design, the gun coating, and whether there are other cosmetics included in the kit. If you decide to purchase an individual gun skin, the credit price will depend on the skin or the charm you want and whether it's an exclusive skin or a standard skin.

Some of the interesting gun skins you can buy in the store include Acid Burn, Arena Clash, Black Cat, Crimson Skyed, Glass Hound, and Maltese Mayhem.  

Why Do Players Like the Halo Gun Skins? 

One aspect that makes Halo Infinite so different and unique is how interesting and varied the weapons are. There's a huge variety of weapons to win and use.

The downside to this bounty is that when you have so many choices, it can be difficult to pick the one you want. It is just like the proverbial kid in the candy store.

Gun skins provide a quick visual identification of your favorite weapon so you can pull it out when it is needed for action. Of course, interesting gun coatings, colors, badges and skins also help others identify your playing character and letting them know more about your character and your gaming abilities. It's sort of like an award, badge or trophy for a sports, art, or business competition.

If you play in the multiplayer mode, you'll notice that other players use armor and gun cosmetics. The sooner you start collecting gun skins, the faster you can show other players that you are a Halo god to be reckoned with.

Final Thoughts

Most players enjoy the custom decorative pieces they can use to adorn their characters, weapons and vehicles. Such badges and skins allow your character to be easily identified, which is beneficial in multi-person games. They also show other players that you've completed certain challenges or have been a part of specific events.

While a gun skin is not critical to the gameplay, it's a nice feature to have and adds interest (and bragging rights) to your game character. If you want a special gun coating you've seen in the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode, look in the Halo store to see if it is available to purchase. If not, you will have to complete a certain level to find it. 

With this information on what they are, where they are and why you need them, your Spartan is now ready to go forth and conquer the game and earn cool ways to express yourself as you play! If you lack the patience for that quest, the buying them in the Halo store is always an option. 

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