How To Find the Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series

Key Points

  • In 2023, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful console on the planet.

  • The best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X isn’t always the priciest. 

  • Curved monitors are more expensive but both cause less eye strain and provide more immersion.

  • What determines the best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X depends on the player.

If you’re here, it’s pretty safe to assume you own an Xbox Series X. At the very minimum, you’re doing some research into Microsoft’s latest iteration of their console. Naturally, this includes researching the best gear to surround this flagship box. Controllers, games, headsets, and, of course, the best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X sometimes prove difficult to find, especially in an oversaturated market

The best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X remains subjective to the player. Frames per second (FPS), refresh rate, resolution, screen size, and curvature all play into what takes a monitor to the next level. You as the player determine what you can and can’t live without, though.

This article runs through everything you need to know as you start shopping for your Series X monitor. 

What’s in the Box? The Series X Capabilities

The Series X is the mainline console for Xbox, which you mustn’t confuse with the Series S. Check out HaloHype’s full rundown on the differences between the two, but to summarize: 

  • The Xbox Series S is a digital-only console meant as an affordable entry point into next-gen play or as a secondary console.

  • The Xbox Series X is the premium option, with a 4K UHD Blu-Ray disk drive, a TB of internal storage, and up to 8K HDR resolution.

  • The Series X starts at $500, the Series S starts at $300. 

The Xbox Series X is considerably more powerful than the PlayStation 5. Its GPU runs 12 teraflops compared to 10.3 on Sony’s box and faster CPU at 3.8GHz to the PS5’s 3.5GHz. The Series X has 135 GB of usable storage, despite the physical console being smaller than the PS5. The stats don’t lie: The Series X is a significant win for Microsoft with a larger SSD, more 120 FPS games available, and just the weight you’d expect from the powerhouse that made the PC the monster machine that it is. 

The Series X also grants you access to the Xbox Game Pass through a subscription, with hundreds of games and more added regularly. Among the most notable games to Xbox Series X are Halo Infinite and The Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 5, Elden Ring, and surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush. Xbox’s catalog is competitive as hell, and no console plays them better than the Series X.

Features To Look for in a Gaming Monitor

The best monitors for a Series X have a high refresh rate of 120GHz or so. Your games on a Series X run best with a monitor that hits that 120GHz of power, but anything higher than that won’t hurt. For instance, a frameless monitor maximizes screen space with a micro-thin bezel – the border surrounding the monitor’s screen. A frameless monitor provides fuller immersion according to player tastes, regardless of resolution, and typically runs GHz north of 100. 

The Xbox Series X supports both 1440p and 4K, as 1440p is much more accessible during the current generation. This doesn’t mean that anything under 1440p, like 1080p, won’t run immaculately on your monitor, but that 1080p resolution only does so much to show off the game’s graphical potential. If your goal is to get the most out of your console and the visual fidelity of your monitor, a 4K monitor is the way to go. 

Xbox Series X gaming

An Aside on Curved Monitors

Something else to consider is monitor curvature.

Curved monitors are great for displays, especially if the screen is larger than 20”. Measured in “R” for “radius,” curvature is always calculated in millimeters. Every curved monitor has the dimensions of the curve measured out in labels like “1000R” or “1800R,” and remember: The lower the number, the higher the curvature.

Curvature aids in eye strain — an irritation every player knows firsthand. Your eyes struggle to take in all the information presented on the screen because it’s larger than the normal human field of view (FOV). Your eyes must compensate by darting back and forth from your peripheral and center vision. 

Now imagine you get your eyeballs on a large monitor often paired with a Series X. Your eyes are now working overtime just to take in all the glory of 4K. Pretty, but also, ouch!

Using a curved monitor leads to reduced eye strain. Not only are you getting your setup to resemble the USS Enterprise, but you’re also saving your eyes a lot of work. According to the voice of Halo multiplayer Jeff Steitzer, that’s a double kill. 

Curved monitors are best when you’re viewing them straight on, in the center of the screen’s radius. Due to this, setting yours up on a desktop is ideal. Curved monitors aren't a replacement for a TV screen because of this center radial view. Any other viewer might be a little uncomfortable, so if you decide to go with a curved monitor for multiple viewers, consider an additional mount for everyone's eye and neck comfort. 

It might go without saying, but manufacturers usually mark up a monitor when they have curvature. If you find a cheaper curved monitor, you might have a reduced refresh rate and resolution. Be sure to check your specs when you shop! 

The Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X

Consider the following monitor recommendations that provide the most visual appeal for your Series X with higher refresh rates and resolution. These monitors are among the best bang for your buck, with features already discussed in this guide.

Note: The prices of these monitors are subject to change and are accurate at the time of writing in March 2023.

Samsung Odyssey G7

Touting “maximum immersion and minimal eye strain,” Samsung’s Odyssey G7  is a curved monitor that provides considerable flexibility for the most serious of players. With an adjustable screen from flat to 1000R with WQHD resolution, this monitor is a great mid-major for crisp imagery for the Xbox Series X. 

Find it on Amazon for $649.90.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Photo source:

Gigabyte M32Q

This Gigabyte monitor is a one-way ticket to Running Riots, or a pin-sharp display while you look at the death screen. With a razor-sharp response time, clearer motion, and little motion blur behind blazing Warthogs and Plasma Grenades, the Gigabyte M32Q supports variable refresh rates and 165Hz for precision Xbox Series X play.

All of it can be yours for $462.40 on Amazon. If you're a prime member, it could be on your doorstep in as little as a day.

Gigabyte M32Q Photo source:

ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q 

Touting a powerful UHD 4K resolution, the Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q monitor flexes a higher dynamic range for color, brightness, and contrast for those dark Forerunner caves and Banished fortresses. It also has built-in Flicker-Free tech, meaning less eye strain when you’re grinding the Halo Infinite battle pass.

This monitor sells on Amazon for $309 a pop.   

ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q  Photo source:

You Break It, You Buy It

The following are options for the best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X under $300. The staff at HaloHype knows that some compromises arise eventually, and a budget monitor isn’t totally out of line for a quality experience. 

Acer Nitro XV272U VBMIIPRX

The Acer Nitro XV272U VBMIIPRX has a very long and wordy name that belies its incredible viability for a budget monitor. It outclasses even the priciest monitors in terms of balancing size, price, and HDR. With a resolution up to 1440p, the minimum you need for a Series X, this 27-incher gets you a dynamic FOV, adjustable stand, and mount you need to turn any old desk into a battle station.

At the price of $249.99 on Amazon, Acer makes it hard to say no.

Acer Nitro XV272U VBMIIPRX Photo source:

AOC 24G2

If you need a 1080p monitor with a heavy refresh rate for performance, the 24G2 frameless is your ticket there. A lower resolution like 1080p means significantly less power usage on your Series X, and frameless immerses you to a whole other level. The combination of these two features makes the 24G2 a fantastic fit for either the Xbox Series S or X.  

This monitor clocks in at $249.98 on Amazon.

AOC 24G2 Photo source:

Monitor Drop Pod Deployed

The Xbox Series X is the most powerful console on the market, and a quality monitor takes the great games on Game Pass to the next level. When you choose the right gaming monitor, you maximize graphics, games, and, most importantly, fun.

As you shop around for the right gaming monitor, this article serves as a mini-guide for what to look out for in upgrading your setup to take on the Banished. 

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