How to Get the MA40 Assault Rifle Halo Nerf Gun


If you've been on Halo Infinite Multiplayer any time recently, there's no doubt you might have noticed a neat new skin that many players are using on their guns. If you've taken a closer look, you'll realize that this gun is actually a NERF-themed MA40 Assult Rifle.

That's an incredibly sick option for any Halo gamer, and there's no doubt that you'll likely want to grab this skin for yourself. Because of this, you've most likely looked all over the place and tried to find the NERF Halo MA40 skin.

You might have tried to equip it in-game, but you'll quickly find that this assault rifle skin isn't any regular old skin. Instead, it seems that the MA40 Assult Rifle Halo Nerf guns aren't available in the shop or anywhere else you'd be able to find and collect skins to play with.

This being the case, of course, many gamers are wondering exactly where they can pick up this sick custom skin to add to their MA40 assault rifle.

There's no question that this skin provides a sick new look for any avid Halo gamer. After all, there's nothing quite as fun as blasting your friend with a NERF assault rifle in real life, and it doesn't change in the Halo game. There, you'll be able to use your nerf gun-style blaster and unload your clip into the enemies.

There's no doubt that this MA40 blaster skin is a fantastic addition to your gameplay, but before you figure out how to get it, why not take a closer look at the skin itself? Interestingly enough, this skin has far more details than you may give it credit for on the initial surface level.

MA40 Nerf Skin

What Is the MA40 Nerf Skin?

The MA40 Nerf skin is a Halo-themed skin that completely changes the look of your MA40 assault rifle. This skin is designed to look like a NERF gun, and it does a fantastic job of that. Honestly, this skin pays true tribute to the NERF brand and is without question recognizable in the game. Even if you just see it in passing (or when getting killed by the enemy team) there's no question that any NERF-lover will recognize the skin as being on brand with NERF. The skin is complete with an orange and white color scheme that is easily recognizable as a NERF gun.

This skin also changes the look of the MA40 assault rifle itself. The gun is designed to look far more like a NERF gun than it did before. This is yet another reason why many gamers are so interested in this skin. Although it's undoubtedly still a gun skin, it adds many more unique aspects to the design than you'd expect for a classic skin, and it's clear that the NERF and Halo marketing campaign has invested money into making this skin look really good. The body is designed to look like the body of a NERF gun, and the gun even has a NERF-themed trigger.

At a closer inspection, you can see that the magazine has actually been modeled in reference to the magazine that the actual NERF gun design offers. Because of this, the magazine is bright orange and styled in a similar color and texture to the MA40 Motorized Dart Blasting gun that has been released as an official NERF gun. But that's hardly the end to the incredible custom design that this skin offers.

This skin also comes with its own set of sights. These sights are designed to look like the sights you would find on a NERF gun. They're green and white and sit on top of the gun, making it easy for you to aim (while also looking stylish with a NERF aesthetic). This sight is like the cherry on top of this entire design. Although doing an entire gun reskin like this definitely takes more effort than doing a simple color or hue change, there's no doubt that NERF offers the required design to make your MA40 assault rifle aesthetically pleasing while also letting you rise in the ranks during your next Xbox game session.

The MA40 Nerf skin is a fantastic skin for any Halo gamer. If you're looking for a skin that will change the look of your gun and make it more like a NERF gun, this is the skin for you. This skin is sure to make you stand out in any Halo game, and it's a must-have for any fan of the NERF brand. Despite this, many gamers will give up when trying to acquire this skin. After all, how do you find it if it's not available in the shop?

This leaves many gamers wondering if the MA40 skin is available for purchase by itself as a standalone item somewhere.

MA40 Nerf gun

Is the MA40 Skin Available for Purchase?

Although there's no question that the MA40 skin is popular among players, whether it's available for purchase or not is another story entirely. No matter if you're on the Xbox Series X or just the Xbox One, purchasing this skin doesn't seem to be available.

In both the Halo store and on Xbox Live Gold, this skin seems to remain unpurchasable and not unlockable from this legendary video game franchise.

Because of this, a Halo fan may struggle to gain access to this skin. If it's not available for purchase in the video game, then where else can this digital asset be found? If you're unaware of this, it's good to know that you can't find it through battle, hidden achievements, or any other in-game aspect. For all intents and purposes, this skin is unlockable through the player interface.

So how have so many users unlocked this special edition skin? The answer, interestingly enough, lies in the actual real-life Nerf Ma40 Motorized Dart Blaster. This motorized blaster actually allows those who buy it to unlock this special edition skin. How exactly does it do that, though?

How to Get This Special Edition Skin

In order to get this skin, you must purchase the Nerf MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster. This is available on Hasbro's website for $59.99 or on Amazon for $78 and has several items that you receive for that price. The main item the package comes with is the NERF Halo MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster. This motorized dart blaster is the "bread and butter" of the kit and is the NERF gun that the Halo skin is actually modeled off of.

Nerf weapons come in all shapes and sizes, but this is the Nerf blaster that you need to buy – while making sure it comes in its original packaging.

Aside from the gun, the bundle comes with a removable 10 dart clip, allowing users to perfectly emulate the playstyle of the MA40 that is available in the game.

Beyond this, the kit comes with 10 NERF darts, allowing those who purchase it to begin playing with their NERF gun right away. Even if you're buying this kit exclusively to gain access to the special edition skin, there's no doubt that you'll be tempted to play with this awesome NERF gun. After all, this gun basically lets you play with the Halo MA40 assault rifle in real life. This is something that no avid Halo player should pass up.

Aside from the already-mentioned features that the kit comes with, the gun also comes with an attachable Rail Riser, making it a very good NERF gun for the price. After buying this gun (and after you fire off some shots to test it out…because let's be honest, you will), you're now able to unlock the skin so long as you bought from a legitimate source and the rifle comes in its original packaging.

Keep in mind that if you want to ensure the quality of your purchase, you can also buy the NERF MA40 assault rifle in any toy stores that sell it, thus making sure the skin hasn't already been used.

MA40 Nerf gun

And that's the crux of how to unlock this custom skin. By buying a real-life version of the NERF MA40 Motorized Blaster, you will unlock a special "gift card" – an exclusive digital code that allows you to unlock the skin in your game of Halo Infinite Online. This special in-game addon is unlockable after all.

With that being said, it's only unlockable after purchasing the real-life NERF gun that features the exact same design as the in-game skin. Although this is a pretty cool idea, many gamers may be hesitant about buying the NERF gun bundle – especially if they aren't a NERF fan and don't have any reason to buy it.

With that being said, there's no reason to hesitate when buying the bundle.

This may come as a surprise to some who are unfamiliar with the product, but it's actually a pretty neat bundle for those who are fans of both the Halo franchise and NERF products. The gun itself is a lot of fun to use, and having an exclusive skin for one of your favorite video games is definitely a bonus. Plus, the overall price of this bundle isn't horrible when compared to the price of other NERF guns available.

Beyond this, it's important to realize that your NERF Halo MA40 Blaster is going to be more valuable as time goes on, especially if you keep the gun in good condition. After all, this special collab between Halo and NERF might never roll around again.

And if it doesn't, you'll own a rare NERF Halo Infinite MA40 skin, as well as a rare real-life NERF blaster. Because of this, it's easy to justify buying the bundle in order to unlock the skin in the online game. With this being said, it most likely won't be resellable for a while, considering that most purchasers are going to be looking for the exclusive code when they buy the NERF gun.

Therefore, you won't have the option to resell the gun unless you're willing to sell it at a fraction of the original price. This is definitely something to consider, because it may not be worth the purchase if you have no idea how to use NERF guns or you have no reason to own a NERF gun.

The Nerf MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster

So what cool features does the NERF MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster offer for those who are actually considering buying this gun? Interestingly enough, this blaster has some pretty neat design aspects even beyond its connection to the Halo game series.

The most obvious feature of the NERF MA40 is that it's characterized as a motorized dart blaster. This means that you can hold down the acceleration button in order to power up the motor, and then press the trigger in order to fire a dart. You can then press the trigger again in order to fire another dart. The cool thing about this is that it allows for rapid-fire shooting, which is great for Nerf wars and other such competitions.

In addition, the NERF MA40 comes with a rail riser that attaches to the blaster's tactical rail. This allows you to customize the blaster with different Nerf accessories (though none are included in the base package, which is something to consider). Overall, though, this design makes for excellent customizability offered by the NERF MA40, which is undoubtedly a benefit of the gun.

MA40 Nerf gun

All things considered, the NERF MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster is a great choice for those who are looking for a powerful and fun NERF gun. It's got some great features like rapid-fire shooting and customizability, and it also comes at a very reasonable price point of $78. Plus, if you look around enough, you may even be able to find the MA40 NERF package at a cheaper price, considering that the gun is sold in multiple locations and by multiple retailers. With that being said, there's a good chance that this NERF gun has actually sold out in many places.

For those wondering about the quality of the MA40 Motorized Dart Blaster, reviewers have given it an overwhelmingly positive response. Out of over 3,000 ratings on Amazon, the MA40 has a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating. This means that people who have purchased and used this product generally love it and would recommend it to others.

So if you're in the market for a great motorized NERF gun (beyond just getting that cool skin), the NERF MA40 is definitely worth checking out. It's got some great features, comes at a reasonable price, and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users.

Plus, it's always a good idea to remember that you're not just buying the NERF gun. You're also buying an extremely well-designed in-game skin to add to your cool aesthetic in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Because of this, the price isn't just for the gun – it's also to make you look cooler while you play.

And although the price is much more than a usual standalone skin would cost, it's still worth it when you consider the real-life items you acquire as well.

Redeeming Your Custom Code

Redeeming your custom code is simple. All you have to do is open up your Halo Infinite game on any playable console and proceed to redeem the code.

With this being said, it can't be stressed enough that you can only redeem your code if it hasn't been redeemed already. These are exclusive, one-time codes that can't just be reused by anybody who has them. Instead, each code is attached to one unlock – meaning that if somebody already used the code before you, your code will be invalid.

With this being said, it's never a good idea to buy a NERF MA40 Assault Rifle that doesn't come in its original packaging. If you do this, you'll most likely be cheated out of your code.

MA40 Nerf gun

Get To Gaming

Now that you know how to get the MA40 Assault Rifle Halo Nerf gun skin on your game, go ahead and get to gaming. After you order your NERF gun and unlock the cool new skin, you'll easily be able to show off the design of your MA40 rifle in-game while playing with the NERF gun in real life as well.

Ultimately, this package was a very unique collaboration between NERF and Halo and showcases a very good result in both skin and NERF gun. Although there's no doubt that it's a much more expensive investment than a simple in-game skin, there's also a certain exclusivity that comes with this purchase.

Because of this, it goes without question that many gamers are going to be searching for their own MA40 Nerf Blaster so they can unlock the skin and start shooting it up on the battlefield.

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