How To Unlock The Halo Warthog


How To Unlock The Halo Warthog

Originally released under the name Combat Evolved, the Halo series is widely appreciated by gamers around the world – not only because of its in-depth, unique science-fiction story, but for its array of characters, space-age weapons, vehicles, modes, maps, and everything in-between. From the coveted hero Master Chief to Halo Infinite multiplayer, many aspects of the Halo franchise have led to its overwhelming success throughout the years. According to Game Gavel, the Halo series has been so successful because it has given players moments to remember for life in addition to impeccable story-telling and a classic linear campaign that features aesthetically pleasing and intelligent landscapes from beginning to end.

Today, the success of the Halo franchise can be seen across multiple media channels, with the recent release of Halo Infinite and even a Halo television series that has been met with quite a warm reception. In terms of Halo Infinite, as the latest Halo game to enter the series, Sportskeeda says it's a great game, both critically and commercially. Furthermore, the main part of the game is free to play – offering players a regularly updated multiplayer platform that is similar to the style of games like Fortnite. And according to Windows Central, Infinite is a 'platform for the future' releasing new Halo content on Infinite rather than with new games as it did in the past – providing players an all-new way to play.

Naturally, with regularly scheduled updates coming to Infinite, Halo fans can look forward to the addition of more weapons, modes, maps, and vehicles. In terms of things like vehicles, the Halo games from Combat Evolved to Halo Wars and Halo Infinite multiplayer, have an array of interesting vehicles from which to choose. When you consider the fact that Halo is an open world game, the need for these vehicles becomes easily apparent. But what are some of the best vehicles in the franchise? Below we cover the five main types of vehicles found in the Halo universe. Take a look.

What are The Five Main Halo Vehicle Types?

If you're a longtime Halo fan, you're likely aware of the universe's different civilizations and sects. From the humans to the Forerunners, each of these different communities has its own weapons, armor, vehicles, and the like. To discover the five different types of vehicles in the Halo series, according to Halopedia, read below.

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1. Light Vehicles

Usable in every game from the Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition to Halo Infinite, light vehicles are used most often by players looking to travel short distances alongside light infantry units. explains light vehicles like the M274 Mongoose are ultra-light, all-terrain vehicles that quickly became multiplayer staples after their inception. Often fitted with things like light armor and small types of weaponry, light vehicles in the Halo series are equipped to provide light combat defense and reliable transportation for up to four people. Because they are not fitted with heavy armor, these smaller vehicles are vulnerable to heavy weaponry.

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2. Medium Vehicles

As a midway point between the agility and recon prowess of the lighter vehicles and the heavy-hitting power of the heavy and giant vehicles, medium vehicles are ideal for anyone seeking a vehicle that can take a lot of damage while still putting up a fight. IGN says medium Halo vehicles like the Reaver are really good for fighting an array of aerial vehicles, making it easy to pick off enemy airships with swift convenience. While they don't match the firing power of tanks, medium vehicles are larger than light vehicles and are often carrying heavy support weaponry.

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3. Heavy Vehicles

Designed to completely devastate enemies by crushing them underneath their treads, heavy vehicles like the Anti-Aircraft Wraith, Locust, and M850 Grizzly are great for combat. Whether you have Xbox Game Pass or not, vehicles like these are easy to access simply by gaining Valor and XP. Not only does the size of these vehicles make them formidable, but they are also fitted with powerful weapons to attack from a distance while plowing through nearby enemies. Furthermore, because they are also used in close-quarter combat as well as long-range, they also have heavy armor for destroying other vehicles and protecting themselves from rocky terrain.

M850 Grizzly

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4. Giant Vehicles

As the name implies, Halo's giant vehicles are the heaviest vehicles in the Halo series. Halo Fandom says giant vehicles like the Mammoth are actually capable of transporting and deploying smaller vehicles like the Warthog or Mongoose. However, keep in mind that their large size and unimpressive speeds do not make them ideal for combat situations. But whether you're playing Halo on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X, these vehicles are still highly useful for carrying things like defensive gun emplacements, turrets, and more. Ultimately, the largest giant vehicle in the Halo franchise is the M510 Mammoth, weighing in at 484 tonnes.

M274 Mongoose

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5. Aerial Vehicles

Often designed for ground support services, Halo's aerial vehicles are equipped primarily to defend themselves against other vehicles. While highly capable of protecting players from enemies, the majority of these vehicles are usually only equipped with two weapons – one anti-infantry-based weapon and one heavier weapon (either missile or rocket-based). While this might seem daunting at first in terms of combat and defense, aerial vehicles in the Halo universe need to be both combat-ready and lightweight in order for them to remain in the air at all costs.

Now that you've had a minute to explore all that Xbox Game Studios has to offer in terms of vehicles, it's time to take a closer look at one of Halo's long-time fan favorites – the Halo Warthog CST. From where it originated to what it's best used for, we've got you covered with info on how to unlock the Halo warthog and use it to your full advantage.


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What is The Halo Warthog?

Motor1 says during the UNSC's battle with alien enemies, Halo's stock Warthogs were always there to provide support during some of Halo's most impactful moments. And according to The Gamer, there is a lot more to this vehicle than meets the eye. From its Warthog inspired design to its ability to filter water and its array of major variants – the M12s Warthog CST has even inspired real-life, functioning replicas. Furthermore, it can be found in games like Rocket League and Forza Horizon and as Halo memorabilia for your collection. If you're interested in learning more about the Halo M12s Warthog CST, check out its features below followed by how to unlock it.


At Autowise, they say the M12s Warthog CST is the reason Halo became an action game. Introduced in Halo Combat Evolved as a launch vehicle, developers could never have guessed how quickly it would become one of the most recognizable video game vehicles in the past 20 years. Known to the Halo universe officially as the AMG Transport Dynamics M12 Force Application Vehicle (M12-FAV), Halo game designer Jaime Griesemer credits the vehicle as the foundation for the rest of the game that was "created to drive the vehicle around in". As we mentioned earlier in this article, the Warthog quickly became a Halo fan favorite. In turn, there are many variations and customizations available today, with the recent release of Infinite returning the fan-favorite vehicle to the game platform.


First and foremost, the M12s Warthog CST is designed for on and off-road use, in all weather conditions. Therefore, players have the option to use either a 2-wheel or all-wheel driving system with a manual transmission and hydrogen-injected ICE. Depending on the variant of the Warthog in question, these vehicles have a maximum speed of up to 125 mph. Because Halo technology is as impressive as it is, the Warthog has a 'Slop' mode, allowing the player to render carbon-heavy matter into usable fuel for the power plant.

According to HypeBeast, this vehicle has over 1,000 horsepower and all-wheel steering, making it a dream on all kinds of terrain. The frame itself is designed to be both lightweight and bullet-proof, additionally featuring bullet-resistant glass and a strong, winch towing system on the front that's equipped with sturdy hooks to help players get out of any sticky situations.


First, one of the most impressive features of the Warthog is its ability to filter water. In case you're unaware, the M12s Warthog CST can often be found following Master Chief and his troops wherever they may go. Since the Halo universe is dangerous in nature, much like the missions of Master Chief, in particular, there's never any guarantee that anyone will return alive. That's why the Warthog, an army-inspired vehicle, was designed to support soldiers who could find themselves trapped in unforgiving landscapes for extended periods while awaiting rescue. Other useful features include solar-powered electrolysis and compression system.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Much like the other vehicles in Halo, Quora says the Halo Warthog has its advantages and disadvantages. Starting with the good, the Warthog is a dependable, practical vehicle that is adaptable to almost any situation. With the ability to maneuver quickly even around sharp turns, the M12s Warthog CST gives the shooter a major advantage over prospective targets. Featuring a mounted M41 Chain Gun, this vehicle allows players the ability to cut down even heavily armored enemies in the field – the same goes for shielded enemies as well. In fact, enough well-aimed, controlled fire can successfully shred through the armor of a Covenant Ghost, eventually annihilating the vehicle entirely. While the Warthog's armor is lightweight, it still remains strong enough to take a hit from a frag grenade and continue rolling without skipping a beat.

Due primarily to the vehicle's speed capabilities, one of the more notable disadvantages of the Halo Warthog is its tendency to roll over. This presents challenges, especially when you consider the player's need to stay upright in the heat of battle. Furthermore, while the Warthog's armor is tough, a few direct hits from either grenades or a well-placed rocket can completely devastate the vehicle. If you decide you want to give the Halo Warthog a try, you need to consider the fact that it is most susceptible to attacks from Covenant energy weapons, fuel rod guns, and infantry plasma weapons.

Now that you've gained a greater insight into the Halo Warthog's history, origins, and practical applications, you're probably wondering how to get your hands on one, already! Well, luckily for you, it's a whole lot easier to gain access to the Warthog than you probably think. Read on below to learn more.

Here's Exactly How to Unlock The Halo Warthog

Throughout the Halo series, there are many customizations and unlockables available including everything from guns and other weapons to vehicles, characters, maps, and much, much more. From Combat Evolved to Infinite, while there have been many new additions, some fan-favorite items remain constant. This is especially true for the Halo M12s Warthog CST. Recently, Halo Infinite brought the world its play on a platform-style game, also bringing back the Warthog to happy Halo fans around the world. But how can you get it?

Players looking to unlock the Halo Warthog must first work to obtain 800 Valor. Across Zeta Halo exists an array of UNSC Marines in need of rescue. Whether they're being held hostage or are currently engaged in a firefight against the Banished, they're your key to earning Valor. So, find these Marines and either release them from their shackles or help them in their battle to rescue them – ultimately earning 30 Valor for each one you release. Sirus Gaming says this is by far one of the fastest ways to earn Valor, with over 20 squads spread across the map.

Otherwise, you can earn Valor by clearing banished outposts, capturing FOBs, completing story missions, and destroying propaganda towers. No matter how you do it, once you've achieved 800 Valor, you can look forward to unlocking the Warthog.

Unlocking the Warthog

Once you've got the necessary Valor required to obtain the Warthog, physically attaining it is easy. All the player needs to do is travel to a Forward Operating Base – many of which can easily be found scattered all around the map. Acting as fast travel points and a source for loadout changes, these bases also have consoles where you can scroll through an array of vehicles and more. Once you've found the console, all you need to do is search until you find the Warthog. Next, you'll want to confirm your selection, and before you know it, the vehicle will appear directly on the center platform.

There you have it. Getting the Halo Warthog in Halo's latest release – Halo Infinite – is easy if you don't mind putting in the work. Anyone who has used the Warthog will tell you it's more than worth the effort. Now that you know how to spawn the Warthog, we'll leave you with some fun, relative facts. Check them out.


The Reason It's Called a Warthog

Warthogs (the animal) are commonly seen with large, ivory color tusks protruding from their faces, making them quite the formidable opponent should it come down to it. As it turns out, the Halo Warthog is only named as such because of its two towing hooks located on the front of the vehicle. While the hooks themselves prove handy indeed, they don't much resemble tusks. Many fans agree with this fact, with one of the major questions being: has Master Chief ever seen a warthog before?

It Has a Maximum Speed of 78 MPH

With a max speed of 78 MPH, the Warthog certainly doesn't seem like a very quick mode of transportation considering its space-age technology. However, it's faster than most of us travel in vehicles in real-life and a heck of a lot faster than walking. In fact, many players have fond memories of breezing past enemies in Halo Warthogs, even taking on some kind of Warthog run to the finish. Because of this, the Warthog is both fun and practical in the Halo universe (minus Halo 2, unfortunately).

It Entered Service in 2319

Many of the characters and weaponry in Halo have a rich history. And when it comes to the Halo Warthog – the same can be said. Originally entering service years before the birth of Master Chief, players might be shocked to learn that this vehicle's origins go back a long way. Over the years, the vehicle went through many alterations, with several prototypes and variants still at play today.

It Has 10 Major Variants

As we mentioned previously, the Warthog vehicle features many variants – 10 to be exact. Thanks to its popularity in the UNSC, many different versions of the Warthog exist, each with its own intended purpose. For those that are familiar, these include vehicles like the 'Arctic Hog' that easily traverses the ice and snow of the civilian 'Hog', designed more exclusively for transportation purposes and less for battle. Our final example, the M914, was designed with recovery in mind, commonly being dispatched to move damaged Warthogs away from the field.

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