Is The Halo Infinite Battle Pass Worth It?

Key Points

  • The Halo Infinite Battle Pass rewards are identified.

  • Compared to other game battle passes, the Halo Infinite Battle Pass is superior.

  • The Halo Infinite Battle Pass is worth it–and you’ll see why.

Whether you’re playing Call of Duty or Marvel Snap, in 2022, every game has a Battle Pass. Some games might call it a season pass since it’s tied to the period of time new content is released. Halo Infinite is the first installment in the franchise to offer a Battle Pass, and the developers are pulling out all the stops. However, you might ask yourself: Is the Halo Infinite Battle Pass worth it?

What would make the Battle Pass worth it to you? Is it free content? Do you want exclusive equipment and skins? Do you prefer multiplayer over the campaign? Are you sick of having to buy a season pass the day it launches in order to get all of the rewards? The Halo Infinite Battle Pass is worth it if you answered yes to all of these questions.

A Battle Pass offers players something to strive for in Halo Infinite. It offers weekly and daily challenges, which is a big deal because completing them is the difference between having a complete armor set or rocking those outdated shoulder pads you’ve had for the past month.

Halo Infinite is playable in two different modes: campaign mode and multiplayer. Unlike previous Halo iterations, the multiplayer for Halo Infinite is downloaded separately and entirely free to play. The only cost to the multiplayer mode, and it’s not mandatory, is the Halo Infinite Battle Pass.

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What Is The Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass only benefits those who play the multiplayer game modes. If multiplayer isn’t your cup of tea, the Battle Pass won’t be either. It’s a feature that accelerates the rate at which you receive rewards that let you customize your Spartan.

As you complete in-game challenges, you receive experience points toward the Battle Pass. Experience points allow you to level up through tiers on the Battle Pass, unlocking a reward with each new tier.

If you’re curious about your Battle Pass progress, check on it whenever you like through the Challenges tab on the main menu.

Don’t get confused by seasons and the Battle Pass; while the two work hand-in-hand, they are not the same. A season in Halo Infinite happens free of charge. It brings new in-game challenges, events, and customizations. Each season has its own Battle Pass, but the Battle Pass is like a ladder that must be climbed, and each tier is a new rung on the ladder.  

Battle Pass Rewards

Simply playing multiplayer matches lets you consistently climb through the tiers of the Battle Pass and receive rewards at each new tier. The burning question you’re probably asking is, “What are the rewards?”

There are two paths to rewards with the Battle Pass. It all comes down to whether you bought the premium pass or you’re stuck with the free one. 343 Industries is a generous developer, so they offer free rewards with their Battle Pass.

You’ll receive rewards at a much faster pace if you paid for the premium track along with exclusive items. These rewards range anywhere from armor pieces, armor coatings, and weapon and vehicle skins to consumable in-game items that can accelerate the rate at which you accumulate experience points.

If you choose to pay for the Battle Pass, you’ll receive rewards at every single tier the pass offers. However, there are sufficient rewards no matter how much you invest in the Battle Pass. 

In order to maximize the amount of experience you gain to level up through the tiers, it’s best to complete the daily and weekly challenges. Some of these challenges resemble the following:

  • (Daily) Practice Makes Perfection: Play any match 0/1 100XP

  • (Weekly) Full Commando: Kill enemy Spartans with the Commando rifle 0/20 200XP

If there is a challenge that you’re not certain you can accomplish or simply doesn’t fit your playstyle, you’re able to swap it out with the Challenge Swap tokens.

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Challenge Swap Tokens

These consumables allow you to switch out a currently active challenge for a random new one. But buyer beware: If you made progress on a challenge you choose to swap, all progress will be lost.

XP Grants

This consumable grants an XP award toward Battle Pass progress. XP grants are rewarded for purchasing the premium Battle Pass bundle.

XP Boosts

These consumables double the number of experience points gained through challenges and matches played in the multiplayer mode. Boosts last for 60 minutes.

How Much Is The Halo Infinite Battle Pass?

The best things in life are never free. After all, video game developers run a business, and a business only survives if it makes money. Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass costs 1,000 Halo credits: That’s equivalent to $10. Halo credits are in-game currency purchased with a credit card that can be exchanged for in-game items from the game store.

Battle Passes for other games typically cost between $5 and $15, so Halo Infinite is priced right down the middle of the road. Do the rewards with the Battle Pass give bang for your buck? You decide.

Premium Battle Pass Versus Free Battle Pass

Whether or not you purchase the premium Battle Pass, you will receive items. However, the kind of item unlocked varies, as follows:

Free Battle Pass:

  • Tier 1: FUI – Epic Backdrop

  • Tier 3: Challenge Swap

  • Tier 5: Challenge Swap

Premium Battle Pass:

  • Tier 1: Mark V [B] – Epic Amor Kit

  • Tier 2: UA/Type B1 – Rare Helmet

  • Tier 3: UA/DO-01-CCR Breaching Kit – Epic Chest

Everything with the free Battle Pass can be obtained by everyone — whether or not you pay for it. If you begin with the free pass and decide to purchase the premium pass later, all previous tiers on the premium track are unlocked for you.

Beyond the premium Battle Pass, you have the Premium Battle Pass bundle.

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Premium Battle Pass Bundle

This bundle comes with everything you get with the premium Battle Pass plus 100 XP Grants. That’s enough XP Grants to boost you through 25 levels of the Battle Pass! If you forego buying the bundle but purchase the premium Battle Pass, the bundle will no longer be available for purchase.

Is The Halo Infinite Battle Pass Permanent?

343 Industries decided to approach Halo Infinite differently than other games that implement a Battle Pass system. Their plan for the Battle Pass is more consumer-friendly because it gives long-term value. This means that the Battle Pass never expires.

Once you purchase the Halo Infinite Battle Pass, you can take as long as you need to acquire everything the pass has to offer. This differs from other triple-A video games that offer a limited time to work through the tiers of its Battle Pass. You’re simply out of luck if you’re unable to reach the level you wanted in the time allowed.

Furthermore, you don’t have to purchase the Halo Infinite Battle Pass the day it launches. 343 Industries allows players to buy the Battle Pass long after its original release date. This is another new benefit. Other games restrict you from buying a Season Pass during a different season.

Battle Pass Seasons

Halo Infinite has been through two seasons, with a third one estimated to launch on March 7, 2023. The duration of a season in Halo Infinite is drastically different from other games. While the majority of triple-A video games complete a season after a month or two, 343 Industries intends for Halo Infinite’s season to last three months.

However, 343 Industries’ road map has seen changes each season. The first and second seasons were stretched to last six months instead of the projected three. The third season is also projected to last for three months, but many predict that it will also get extended.

Each season encompasses a specific theme portrayed through the unlocked items:

Season 1: Heroes Of Reach

Halo Infinite’s first season was active when the game’s multiplayer mode was released on November 15, 2021. There were 160 items spread across 100 tiers for Heroes of Reach. Three months may not seem like a lot of time to acquire 160 rewards, so the season was extended to six months.

Heroes of Reach focused on the Spartans that fought on the planet Reach before its fall. Each armor piece acquired from this season’s Battle Pass is related to the fall of Reach in one way or another.

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Season 2: Lone Wolves

The second season of Halo Infinite launched on May 3, 2022, with its second Battle Pass. Lone Wolves offered 180 unlocks across its 100 tiers, including the new Rakshasa armor core, armor coatings, and pieces to apply to it.

The noticeable improvement from Heroes of Reach was the 1,000 Halo Credit reward, which can be used on a future Battle Pass or an item from the game store.

This season focused on the elite Lone Wolf Spartans who hunt, track, and “improvise deep in enemy territory without resupply or support.”

Season 3: Echoes Within

March 7, 2023, marks the day Halo Infinite players can jump into a new season. Echoes Within is slated to run through June 27, 2023, when the fourth season is supposed to launch. However, fans are skeptical due to the duration of previous seasons. 

Echoes Within comes with a new weapon and some new equipment. The weapon is called the M392 Bandit and it’s a DMR-style weapon. Along with the Bandit, players will receive a Shroud Screen.

The Shroud Screen obfuscates Spartans from enemy radar whether they are shooting or moving. 

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Battle Passes In Other Games

As previously stated, Halo Infinite isn’t the first video game with a Battle Pass and it won’t be the last. It’s a common subscription service in the industry that’s proven popular amongst players.

Call of Duty

Similar to Halo Infinite, Call of Duty offers a free and premium track. The Call of Duty Battle Pass offers 20 items for its free-to-play users while those who purchase the premium pass can acquire over 100 unlocks. The Call of Duty Battle Pass used to be more similar to Halo Infinite’s, but Activision decided to roll out a new system with their Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare II.

Call of Duty is trying out a new system with Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II in which players can pick and choose the first item they unlock on each tier. This allows players to tailor the unlocks to their play style.

Activision calls this non-linear approach the Area of Operations (AO) where the Battle Pass grid is replaced with a large-scale map commonly seen when military officers are strategizing a plan of attack in specific regions. The AO is divided into 21 different “combat sectors” that range from A0 to A20. Players choose their path along these combat sectors.


Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter that offers players different “agents” to choose from. Each agent has a specific specialty that offers something different to their team. These specialties require different play styles. It’s a different kind of game from Halo Infinite, but its Battle Pass is more similar.

Valorant’s Battle Pass lasts for two months before a new one has to be purchased. Each season brings a new map or agent along with all the unlockables from the Battle Pass. Players progress through the tiers of the Battle Pass by accumulating experience points earned from missions and playing games. Missions are equivalent to challenges in Halo Infinite.

Just as with Halo Infinite and Call of Duty, players can remain free-to-play or purchase the premium Battle Pass.

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All In All

Yes, the Halo Infinite Battle Pass is worth your hard-earned money. Each season comes with over 100 unlockable items that add to the customization of your Spartan. The best aspect of Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass system is its lack of pressure.

There’s no need to finish all the tiers in a Battle Pass before the season ends. Not everyone who plays video games is a child or teenager. Some are adults with full-time jobs and families, but they like to escape from reality when time allows. 343 Industries has developed a winning idea by allowing its players to progress through a Battle Pass at their own pace even if that means the season has expired.

While you can purchase various cosmetics and items from the Halo in-game store (some of which are acquired from the Battle Pass), paying a one-time $10 fee is an excellent deal and nets you over 100 different items.

Since each season is themed around a certain aspect of Halo lore, players who enjoy storylines (specifically the Halo storyline) have something to look forward to along with those who simply want free items. Eventually, the Battle Pass may tie more into the main campaign and offer more content with Master Chief. That would give multiplayer grinders and storyline enthusiasts something to look forward to.

Grab those Battle Passes for some bonus content and don’t worry if you can’t play for an entire week. Once you buy it, that Battle Pass isn’t going anywhere.

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