New Generation of Gaming: Best Gaming Consoles of 2022

Key Points

  • The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X utilize new technology, making them the most powerful gaming consoles of 2022.

  • The Nintendo Switch is the most accessible gaming console of 2022, thanks to its price.

  • Popular video games play a role in the popularity of modern consoles.

As the world celebrates 50 years since the first video game console — the Magnavox Oddessy — it's fun to reminisce about the evolution of gaming technology. The new generation of gaming is here, bringing a new era of video game enthusiasts, never before seen technology, and fantastic gameplay. The best gaming consoles of 2022 continue to push the limits of innovation and keep the gaming community excited for the future.

The titans of the gaming industry continued to go head-to-head, competing to be the best gaming console of 2022. Platforms battle for the attention and loyalty of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Gaming companies such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo are top sellers in the gaming market, and their newest consoles have reached record sales.

So what is the best gaming console of 2022? Taking sales into consideration is one way to determine the most popular console. It is also worth considering compatible games to determine which console is best for you.

Performance of the PlayStation 5

Released in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) quickly became the most sought-after device on the market. After selling 4.2 million units in 2020, the PS5 became a thing of fiction when a shortage swept the world.

Due to the global scarcity of necessary semiconductor chips, waitlists for the PS5 last for months; many buyers resort to purchasing consoles from scalpers who increase the price exponentially. Lifelong PlayStation fans know the wait is worth it because the specs of this new Sony console are seriously next-level.

Video gaming on PlayStation 5

With 16 GB of RAM, the PS5 is Sony's most powerful console. The PS5’s futuristic body boasts new technology that wasn’t present in previous generations. With a maximum frame rate output of 120fps, this model makes games look smoother and more realistic. PS5 players enjoy faster loading times, clear 4K images, and more game storage than those still using its predecessor, the PS4.

The PS5 holds all its next-gen technology within a unique body. The futuristic, wave-like design makes it the most visually appealing console in 2022. Its curves, however, do not draw attention away from the fact that this console is massive. Towering over its competition with a height of 15.4", the PS5 demands a pretty tall TV stand if you want to tuck it away.

Another great feature of the PS5 is the DuelSense controller. With haptic feedback built into the triggers and a microphone that allows players to talk without using headphones, this next-gen controller gives games more depth for an immersive gaming experience.

Overall the PS5 is worth the hype. With the newest advancements in technology and thoughtful innovations that excite consumers, the PlayStation 5 is a top contender for the best gaming console of 2022.

PlayStation 5 console and controller

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Saving a Dollar on the Digital Edition

Sony's release of the PS5 Digital Edition is a cheaper way for gamers to get their hands on PlayStation technology. The only significant difference between these two consoles is the Digital Edition's lack of a disk port, meaning players can only play digital versions of the games.

For $100 less, those not interested in the 4K Blu-ray disc players don't see this as a loss at all. As we slowly move towards a disc-less world, the original PS5 is attractive to players who like to swap games with friends and movie-buffs who need a console that doubles as an entertainment station.

With 825GB of storage on both versions of the PS5, there is plenty of space for players to enjoy all their favorite games without compromising quality.

The Extraordinary Xbox Series X

With the most powerful hardware on the market, the Xbox Series X is a colossal success. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Microsoft listens to fans and makes improvements instead of changes. With a whopping one TB of storage and its backward compatibility, Xbox ensures that players have space to play all their favorite games, from both old consoles to the newest titles on the market.

Xbox Series X

The games run on 4K with the same fps as the PS5. With minimal gameplay differences, fans compare the types of games available to decide between Xbox and PlayStation. PlayStation boasts new titles while Xbox continues to develop old ones. With a library complete with virtually every Xbox360 game released and new games building on old stories such as Halo Infinite, nostalgic gamers flock to the Xbox Series X to get their video game fix.

Xbox also doesn't mess around with console design. The powerful hardware fits right at home in a simple black box, and the console has a sleek vertical and horizontal layout, fitting easily on every TV stand. Without the bells and whistles of other consoles on the market, the Series X relies on a traditional design, familiar gameplay, and upgraded technology to boost Microsoft into the newest era of video games.

Improvements with the Xbox Series X leads experts such as Marshall Honorof to say "with more powerful hardware, a better design, a more comprehensive game subscription service, and a delightful controller, the Xbox Series X has the early lead in the next generation of consoles."

Xbox Series X console and controller

New in Nintendo

Taking a completely different approach, the Nintendo Switch is a popular console for cozy gamers, families, and those seeking an escape from competitive online gaming. The Switch costs $300 and features a detachable docking station, motion-sensor controllers, and 64GB of storage. It boasts simplicity and a beginner-friendly UI within a sleek, manageable body.

With competitive prices and a broad target audience that ranges from beginner gamers to die-hard fans, it's no wonder that the Nintendo Switch has the top console sales of 2022. Nintendo's reign of highest-selling consoles is nothing to bat an eye at as its family-friendly marketing strategy continues to be the most attractive for new gamers worldwide.

Nintendo Switch

Where To Find the Most Popular Games of the Year

Many players believe that the console is much less important than the list of available games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the top-selling game of 2022 and is available on both PlayStation and Xbox. As for other best-selling games, popular 2022 titles include God of War: Ragnarök and Horizon II: Forbidden West; both are exclusive to Sony and only available on the PS5.

While Xbox and PlayStation split sales of popular games – such as Elden Ring – in 2022, Nintendo boasts exclusive new content developed and released solely for the Switch. Pokémon Scarlet/Violet hit #6 in 2022's top-selling video games.

For gamers who prefer accessible titles, the Xbox Series X is the best console of 2022. With an extensive library of old and new games, Xbox allows fans to play games from generations past on a state-of-the-art console. Many of the most popular games of 2022 are not exclusive to any device, allowing Xbox players to enjoy cross-platform gameplay of the most reputable titles.

As for the gamers who favor popularity, the PS5 and Nintendo Switch boast exclusive content that continually tops the charts for best video games of the year. Both consoles are constantly pushing the barriers of what is possible in the gaming community, and players enjoy new releases that are frequently changing and continuously evolving.

New titles always excite gamers, and with the PS5 and Switch, there is no shortage of new games to try!

Welcome to the New Era, Gamers!

The gaming community is bigger and more lively than ever. No matter where you turn, the gaming world is full of excitement. With the newest technology and the most detailed gameplay, the battle for the best gaming console rages on.

But which is the best gaming console of 2022? The answer is ultimately up to you.

Nintendo Switch gaming

Forward-looking fans who love games that push the limits claim the PS5 as the only way to go. Even with shortages worldwide, nothing will stop fans from getting their hands on Sony's newest technology.

Players with a gaming history know that the Xbox Series X is the most powerful console. With the ability to play every Xbox title since the 360, reliving Xbox's most famous titles has never been easier. Sharper images and smoother gameplay make the Xbox Series X a futuristic option.

The Nintendo Switch pushes the barriers of family-friendly gaming by making games that are both inclusive and budget-friendly. The Switch — the most affordable option — is found in the homes of gamers all over the world.

No matter your playing style, there is a console on the market that fits your every need. Which one of the top-selling consoles of 2022 is your favorite?

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