Pay or Pass: Is the Halo Battle Pass Worth the Money?

Key Points

  • Halo players can choose to unlock the Premium Battle Pass for an additional fee.

  • Unlike many passes offered by competitors, the Halo Infinite Premium Battle Pass never expires.

  • There are other free ways to unlock in-game cosmetics.

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Customizations are the perfect way to make playable characters stand out but also offer the opportunity to earn rewards for frequent gaming. Due to this, most multiplayer games feature a Battle Pass to convert experience points (XP) into rewards. Halo Infinite goes one step further by offering the Premium Battle Pass which offers players a wide variety of new weapons, vehicles, and armor customizations to unlock as they earn XP by completing challenges and playing matches.

With all of the new options, it may be tempting to snatch up the Premium Battle Pass. Before you join the craze and spend your cold hard cash on this special pass, pause and consider whether it is worth the money. Will this upgrade truly enhance your gameplay and overall experience in Halo Infinite?   

Find out more before making your final decision.

What is the Premium Battle Pass?

The Premium Battle Pass is a way for multiplayer games to allow players to earn rewards instead of just buying customizations in the game store. Having a goal incentivizes players to complete challenges, invite friends, and play longer. Due to these advantages, the concept of owning a Battle Pass quickly became popular in multiplayer games.

Free-to-play games disbanded old methods of rewarding players such as Overwatch’s Loot Boxes since having players pay for a Battle Pass was an opportunity most gaming companies couldn’t resist. Players start at level one and use XP gained by playing the game, winning matches, and completing challenges to level up. With each new tier that is unlocked, players are granted the corresponding reward.

Some of these rewards are free for all players to earn, but select rewards require the purchase of an upgraded premium version of the Battle Pass that is added to the player’s account. It has now become the norm to see a Battle Pass in multiplayer games, and most of them aren’t free.

How Much is the Battle Pass?

Halo Infinite allows players to purchase items through in-game credits; this currency is used to buy all customization items and boosts as well as upgrade the Battle Pass to the Premium Battle Pass.

The Premium Battle Pass is 1,000 credits, or $10, and it allows players to unlock all available items. Unlike the Battle Pass in other games, Halo’s Battle Pass does not expire. This allows players to continue to work toward earning items in an older season even after new updates change the Battle Pass.

With the Premium Battle Pass, you can play at your own pace without the stress of racing against the clock to finish unlocking the tiers before the season ends. For $10, you are guaranteed that putting in the work and earning enough XP unlocks all the customizations in the Premium Battle Pass.

What Comes With the Battle Pass?

There are currently three Battle Passes available in Halo Infinite. These were released in Seasons 1 and 2 and with the Winter Update.

Season 1 released 100 “Heroes of Reach” rewards that set the bar for future unlockables within the game. Season 1 boasted backdrops, consumables, armor customizations, and gear all with the signature Halo: Reach style. 

Season 2’s “Lone Wolves” update made major improvements to Halo’s first season by providing more total customizations. Players discovered that each of the 100 tiers was filled with a more impressive selection of cosmetics including items such as the Lone Wolf Weapon Charm, the Fireteam Hellhound Weapon Emblem, and the Fireteam Jorogumo Vehicle Emblem. Players can also unlock 1,000 credits within this Battle Pass, meaning fans cover the season’s cost by completing all 100 tiers. 

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The Winter Update brought players 30 tiers in a completely free Battle Pass. Just like the previous seasons, the Winter Update does not expire and allows players to unlock 30 cosmetics inspired by Halo: Reach even after the release of the third season on March 7, 2023.

Here is the complete list of the Winter Update Battle Pass:

Tier 1. Mark V [B] Armor Core

Tier 2. Armor Emblem: Brooch

Tier 3. Mark V [B] Chest: UA/TAAP

Tier 4. Mark V [B] Left Shoulder Pad: SAP/SEC

Tier 5. Mark V [B] Right Shoulder Pad: SAP/SEC

Tier 6. Consumable: XP Boost

Tier 7. Vehicle Emblem: Brooch

Tier 8. Visor: Sardonic

Tier 9. Mark V [B] Utility: UA/Type CHOBHAM

Tier 10. Mark V [B] Helmet: CQB

Tier 11. Consumable: XP Boost

Tier 12. Weapon Emblem: Brooch

Tier 13. Mark V [B] Knee Pads: UA/Type GR

Tier 14. Mark V [B] Left Shoulder Pad: SAP/GND

Tier 15. Mark V [B] Right Shoulder Pad: SAP/GND

Tier 16. Consumable: XP Boost

Tier 17. Nameplate: Brooch

Tier 18. Mark V [B] Left Shoulder Pad: SAP CQC

Tier 19. Mark V [B] Right Shoulder Pad: SAP CQC

Tier 20. Mark V [B] Helmet: CQC

Tier 21. Consumable: XP Boost

Tier 22. Visor: Bullfrog

Tier 23. Mark V [B] Armor Coating: Moa Assault

Tier 24. Mark V [B] Chest: UA/SIMA

Tier 25. Mark V [B] Helmet Attachment: UA/Type C1

Tier 26. Consumable: XP Boost

Tier 27. Mark V [B] Left Shoulder Pad: SAP/SEC [K]

Tier 28. Mark V [B] Right Shoulder Pad: SAP/SEC [K]

Tier 29. Mark V [B] Chest: TAC/Kukri Machete

Tier 30. Mark V [B] Helmet: Mark V

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What Are Cosmetic Items?

Armor customizations (known in-game as Sockets) are different pieces of wearable items you unlock through the Battle Pass. Many of the Battle Pass tiers offer you cosmetic items to customize your Spartan within each of these armor customization categories:

  • Core: Basic armor that everything attaches to during gameplay

  • Kits: Themed armor sets that apply to your armor in a single, multi-piece unit

  • Coatings: Changes the color of your armor

  • Helmets: The head covering for your Spartan

  • Helmet Attachments: Non-essential cosmetic pieces that you can add to the helmet for further customization

  • Visors: Shields your Spartan’s eyes 

  • Chests: Not a chest plate and are added for visual appeal

  • Left Shoulder Pads: A required individually-equipped shoulder covering

  • Right Shoulder Pads: A required individually-equipped shoulder covering

  • Gloves: Covers your Spartan’s hands

  • Wrists: Purely cosmetic, non-essential tech for your wrists 

  • Utility: Formerly known as Hips, this non-essential accessory is for your Spartan’s waist

  • Knee Pads: Required protection for your Spartan’s knee joints

Other cosmetic items equip non-essential customizations such as charms and emblems to weapons and vehicles.

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Premium Versus Free Battle Pass

Out of the 100 tiers in Season 2’s Battle Pass, 78 are free to earn for all players. Fans enjoying the multiplayer gameplay of Halo Infinite have the opportunity to earn plenty of perks without upgrading their Battle Pass.

However, the items available to unlock exclusively through the Premium Battle Pass are often the most desirable and exclusive. Such items can sometimes be purchased in the shop using credits but are listed at higher rates than the cost of the Premium Battle Pass itself. Players can unlock kits, charms, and emblems from any of the previous seasons that are unavailable to those who have not purchased the Premium Battle Pass. This grants these Spartans impressive and unique customization options in the game.

Credits can also be frequently unlocked with the Premium Battle Pass, allowing players to purchase more items in the shop. If players love to use the Battle Pass to earn rewards and track their progress, the free Battle Pass does the job. Players with the Premium Battle Pass, however, are rewarded with coveted cosmetics that impress all Halo fans. 

Other Free Cosmetics

There are other ways players can unlock cosmetics for their Spartans both in Campaign Mode and in Multiplayer Mode. These perks can be unlocked for free and at any time when a player discovers a Mjolnir Armory.

Mjolnir Armories are UNSC lockers that include one or more MKVII Armor Coating, SNKr Coating, Armor Emblem, Weapon Emblem, Bulldog Coating, Ridgeback Coating, Nameplate, Weapon Charm, Stance, Battle Rifle Coating, Warthog Coating, Mongoose Coating, Assault Rifle Coating, Gungoose Coating, Rockethog Coating, Scorpion Coating, and Commando Rifle Coating.  

All Mjolnir Armories look like small yellow lockers with green UNSC logos floating above them. All 32 Armor Lockers are scattered and hidden across Zeta Halo and can be used to customize Spartans in Multiplayer Mode.

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Here is a list of all Halo Infinite cosmetics rewards:

  • Crimson Vettel: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Warmaster’s Prize: SNKr Coating

  • Banished Deception: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Banished: Armor Emblem

  • Dogfight Makovich: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Banished: Weapon Emblem

  • Warmaster’s Prize: Bulldog Coating

  • Banished Deception: Ridgeback Coating

  • Infinity: Nameplate

  • Banished: Weapon Charm

  • Blood Shadow: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Wild Kovan: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Shadow Sorel: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Obelisk Stone: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Windfall: Armor Emblem

  • Midnight Griffin: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Scorpion Horvath: MKVII Armor Coating

  • Olympic: Stance

  • Warmaster’s Prize: Battle Rifle Coating

  • Banished Deception: Warthog Coating

  • Banished Deception: Mongoose Coating

  • Infinity: Armor Emblem

  • Warmaster’s Prize: Assault Ride Coating

  • Windfall: Nameplate

  • Banished Deception: Gungoose Coating

  • Banished Deception: Rockethog Coating

  • Banished Deception: Scorpion Coating

  • Griffin: Weapon Emblem

  • Griffin: Armor Emblem

  • Warmaster’s Prize: Commando Rifle Coating

  • Dog Tags: Weapon Charm

  • Griffin: Nameplate

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The Battle Pass in Halo Versus Other Games

For $10 and 100 unlockable tiers, the Premium Battle Pass for Halo Infinite is on par with other popular video games such as Call Of Duty: Warzone and Valorant. Unlike other games, Halo Infinite allows players to continue unlocking cosmetics after the season ends and the current Battle Pass changes. Games such as Call Of Duty: Warzone update seasons frequently, giving players a limited amount of time to unlock all available tiers. This strategy forces players to grind out long hours of playtime just to receive all the tiers they paid for during the game.

Halo Infinite changes the way Battle Passes are used by allowing you to play at your own pace, continue your progress, and finish the Battle Pass whenever you’re ready. The perk of Infinite’s Battle Pass in comparison to its competitors is that players of all skill levels can finish the season without a time limit.    

However, some fans are frustrated with the length of time it took to complete the Battle Pass in Halo Infinite in comparison to similar multiplayer games. With the vast majority of XP coming from completing challenges, players found that challenges became significantly harder to complete as the tiers progressed, making their XP bar frustratingly stagnant.

Even some of the most skilled players looking to unlock all achievements in the Battle Pass from the first two seasons struggled to complete all the challenges required; many felt as though they were getting a better deal buying the Premium Battle Pass in other games. 

Thankfully these notes were heard by 313 Industries, and the implementation and updates made to multiplayer matchmaking have allowed players to earn XP in other ways. Match XP helps players climb through the Battle Pass by rewarding XP for achieving accomplishments such as Winning Team, Match MVP, Big Team Battle Match Complete, and the end-of-match placement. This way fans gain XP not only by completing challenges but also by playing more frequently. Fans are rewarded for trying new game types, playing online with friends, and even turning on the game once a day. 

In addition to Match XP, updates to challenges also offer players more opportunities to earn points toward the Battle Pass. Weekly Challenges have also been given a makeover in the Winter Update as players are now only required to complete 10 challenges instead of 20 to unlock the Ultimate Challenge. Challenges are now more general overall, and all Weekly Challenges can be completed in any multiplayer playlist. 

Fans of Halo Infinite can now play through the Battle Pass of Seasons 1 and 2 with more opportunities to earn rewards that look and feel very similar to competing games. These updates streamline Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass and make it a far more enjoyable experience for all players. Not only do the new updates improve gameplay for the previous seasons, but they also spark excitement for upcoming seasons!

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Is the Premium Battle Pass Worth It?

If you simply love the way your Spartan looks and take great pride in adding cosmetics to your armor, then the Premium Battle Pass is a must. You’ll be able to tweak and modify your character as you progress, level up, and hit new tiers.

The wide variety of unlockable items makes the Premium Battle Pass worth the upgrade. If you are a vintage Halo fan, you’ll enjoy unlocking classic armor cosmetics from Halo: Reach in both Season 1 and The Winter Update. This mixture of the old and new gear offers something for every Halo fan to look forward to in the Premium Battle Pass.

The Premium Battle Pass is best-suited for diehard Halo fans who can’t resist logging on and playing. If you are the type of player that commits a large portion of your time, effort, and energy to this game, you will reap the most benefits from purchasing the Premium Battle Pass. This upgrade is priced at a reasonable and comparable price point of only $10.

Owning the pass allows you to easily track your progress by winning fun and exciting prizes. If you relish the opportunity to show off your hard-earned rewards to your friends and competitors, then this pass is for you! You can play through the tiers at your own pace and collect all of the rare and ever-changing cosmetics.

If the Premium Battle Pass doesn’t feel worth it to you, don’t sweat it! Halo Infinite is still chock full of free fun for every player. Many of the rewards earned on the Premium Battle Pass are purely cosmetic and have zero effect on your gameplay.

However, if you’re a frequent player of the game, then you’ll love the addition of new customizations to your Spartan. Unlocking new cosmetics and equipment for your arsenal is a great way to keep any game fresh and exciting. Feel free to switch up your gear as it suits your mood. If you’re looking to purchase a Premium Battle Pass for your favorite multiplayer game, Halo Infinite has a stellar selection of new options and features for you to enjoy season after season. 

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