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Key Points

  • Multiplayer video games are a fun way to connect with other gamers online.

  • Many multiplayer video games require skill, teamwork, and communication to win.

  • Some video games do not need to be competitive, and players enjoy multiplayer world-exploration games with their friends.

  • It is important to be kind and to work together to strengthen the gaming community and help it grow.

Gaming isn't always about striving for the highest score; oftentimes, gamers prefer battling it out with fellow players through online and in-person multiplayer video games. Playing multiplayer allows you to put your skills to the test, compete with other players at your level, and work together to complete missions.

Multiplayer video games are the best way to enjoy virtual battles, races, and exploration with friends. Finding like-minded individuals in the virtual world allows people to feel connected with others. The thrill of competing against a tough competitor or working together in a difficult co-op battle brings people together in the gaming community.

There are hundreds of multiplayer video games available on all your favorite consoles. Whether you are a fan of team battles, competing head-to-head with a single friend, or working together as a group, there is a multiplayer game for you!

Grab Your Battle Buddy

Some of the most popular video games in 2022 are 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Most MOBA games are free-to-play and consist of teams battling against other teams to complete an objective. There are many different objectives in these games, such as getting the most eliminations in an allotted amount of time, pushing payloads, or being the last team standing.

With many MOBA games being free-to-play, cross-platform, and fairly short, it is no wonder that this game type is the most popular for Twitch live streams. Players enjoy the 10-minute missions that rely on skill, teamwork, and strategy to beat the opposing team. Here are some popular free MOBA games to check out.

Halo Infinite Cloud Gaming

Halo Infinite

If you're looking for a good old-fashioned first-person shooter game, look no further than Xbox's newest Halo game, Halo Infinite. Although the campaign for this game is not free-to-play, you can download the multiplayer game mode at no cost. Players can choose between playing Arena style or Big Team Battle mode.

In Arena, up to eight teammates compete against another team to complete the objective. Big Team Battle allows up to 24 players to fight in larger maps and is great for players who prefer the open-world aspect of MOBA gaming. Halo Infinite offers players a variety of different game modes to choose from.

  • Slayer – This game requires that each team eliminates as many opponents from the other team as possible in an allotted amount of time. To end the game early, one team must reach the maximum number of points before time runs out. The maximum number of points is 50 eliminations for Arena games and 100 for Big Team Battle.

  • Capture the Flag – Teams must capture the flag in the opponent's base and carry it back to score. Teams work together to steal the opposing team's flag while simultaneously protecting their own.


Smite is a free online video game. This third-person MOBA allows players to fight as a team using famous mythical gods from around the world. Smite boasts a wide variety of game modes ranging from three to five players that rely heavily on both team composition and skill. Players choose the role of their character before the game begins, so every player on the team plays an important part in leading their team to victory.

Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

The release of the 2020 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II caused major waves in the gaming community. According to The Economic Times, it is the "fastest-selling entry in the series." Unfortunately, Modern Warfare II is not free-to-play as this sequel is a continuation of the campaign.

Luckily for fans of multiplayer games, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is famous for its Battle Royale-style gameplay. Teams of up to four battle against other competing teams to be the last man standing in the arena.

Warzone is available on most consoles, including the newest units from Xbox and PlayStation. This massively popular game is accessible from any smartphone, making Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 appealing to both adults who grew up playing Call of Duty games and the next generation of gamers.

Splatoon 3

If you are new to gaming, Splatoon 3 is a great game to introduce you to team battles! This third-person action shooter has players covering the map with "squid ink" in fun multiplayer 4v4 games. Splatoon 3 is colorful, competitive fun for the whole family, and you can enjoy multiplayer gaming or compete locally with your friends through two-player modes. If you are new to video games or looking for a multiplayer video game safe for kids, Splatoon 3 is a unique introduction to online team gaming.

Competitive Gaming that Excites

Gaming isn't always about working as a team. Some gamers prefer to test their skills against their friends in a multiplayer battle for gold. Many exciting multiplayer games allow players to go head-to-head against their opponents both online and using split screens to play in the same room together. If you love playing with other people but aren't a fan of working as a team, here are a few fan-favorite competitive multiplayer games to try with your friends!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart

Holding the title for the most popular game on the Nintendo Switch with over 994 million copies sold, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a competitive, colorful, racing game that is fun for the whole family. Twelve racers go head-to-head running the same course for three laps while trying to sabotage their opponents and win. Mario Kart allows four players to split screen and race against each other. This game also allows online gaming for those who have a Nintendo Direct account.


This intense, crossover, free-to-play fighting game allows gamers to knock out their opponents by playing beloved Warner Bros. characters such as Batman and Bugs Bunny. The cartoon-like knockout effects and movements make for hilarious yet intense gameplay as players learn special combos, blocks, and counters to beat their opponents. MultiVersus offers both 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, so this game is great if you are looking for a two-player game to compete with friends!

Friends get together to play multiplayer game

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a "last man standing" game where players go through a set of arcade-style elimination rounds to become the champion. Players compete against 60 other people online in this ultimate knockout game. This cross-platform game is both adorable and easy to learn — making it a fun way to challenge your skills against friends and family. The best part? This game is free!

Working Together

If competition isn't your forte, there are plenty of multiplayer games that make teamwork fun! Many open-world games allow players to join each other's worlds to help one another in their adventures. Defeat enemies, complete missions, and level up together with your friends!

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

The most popular game of 2022, Elden Ring is an expansive role-playing game that allows friends and strangers to play together and complete missions. Up to three people are allowed in one co-op mission, and everyone shares the world's progress, meaning difficult boss fights and exploration achievements are shared with every player. Gamers can place a "summon sign" on the ground to allow players to join their world online for a more community-based style of gameplay. This game is both single and multiplayer, meaning it is the perfect game for those who want to begin online gaming but want the option to play solo whenever they need a break.

Genshin Impact

After its release in 2020, this beautiful cross-platform game is open-world, full of color, and multiplayer-compatible. This free-to-play game allows gamers to play as the "Traveler" as they explore the expansive world of Teyvat. Much like Elden Ring, players online are invited to other players' worlds and can assist in missions, battles, and exploration. Genshin Impact also boasts world levels and adventure rank titles so that players can be matched with other players of similar skill levels.

Unfortunately, co-op missions are not available right away as players have to reach Adventure Rank 16 before unlocking multiplayer modes. Completing quests and understanding the mechanics of the game quickly help players rank up faster than those playing for leisure and world exploration, so if you are itching to play with friends right away, be sure to master the controls!

Gamer plays multiplayer video game online

Build a Gaming Community!

Gaming is more fun with friends. Multiplayer games allow players to connect online, meet like-minded individuals, and make new friends. Having online friends with similar interests creates a vibrant gaming community that makes room for kindness, communication, and bonds in a space that once felt isolating.

Multiplayer games are the perfect opportunity to build a strong team and encourage each other's skills to win a fight and level up. Whether you're teaming up with a skilled player in a MOBA game or helping a newbie complete a challenging task, remember to always think about the inclusive community you want to grow and always lead with kindness!

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