Take Your Gaming to the Next Level: The Most Innovative Gaming Gear of 2023

Key Points

  • There’s good gaming gear, and then there’s bad gear — you know the difference when you see it.

  • Next-generation gaming accessories hit the shelves regularly, but it’s difficult to keep up.

  • Most Halo Infinite professionals play on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

  • Gaming accessibility has never been better and improves constantly.

  • Immersive headphones are a must-have for any player, whether they have a mic built-in or not.

There’s good gaming gear, and then there’s bad gear. It doesn’t take much to spot the difference, but just in case, this is a comprehensive rundown. Bad gear feels cheap and quickly deteriorates without reaching comfortable performance. There’s a difference, however, between comfortable and great performance.

Take it from tech journalist at The Guardian Keith Stuart: “[S]pecialised hardware can make a difference to your gaming prowess but you need not buy the most expensive 'pro' equipment.”

The market has mandated wide ranges in quality, and while buying cheap gets players in the door, higher quality is often what top players choose for durability, accessibility, and even customization. It’s all about managing preferences, and what that means for you takes time and understanding of what’s out there. 

Curious about what top-of-the-line gaming products look like? Perhaps you’re doing some shopping of your own in gaming gear innovations. You’re in the right place to discuss where these next-generation gaming accessories go next. Read on to learn what peak performance looks like.

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Razer Project Brooklyn

Have you ever wanted an all-in-one battle station for complete immersion? The folks over at Razer have rolled out this concept gaming chair, titling it the Razer Project Brooklyn.

This chair features a 60” built-in surround OLED display, placing you as much into the action as possible. Modular and ergonomic armrests provide players comfort for lengthy sessions, aiming to mitigate even the most obscure discomfort. It also has patented HyperSense technology with haptic feedback for full-blown immersion that a standard monitor and headset can't achieve. 

Why consider this chair? This setup runs smooth as hell and is worth trying at least once, should you have the chance. The Brooklyn is next level if you can handle it. 


This 32” 4K ASUS ROG Swift gaming monitor is top-of-the-line. To start, it has HDR and G-Sync support, Eye Care features, and Quantum Dot technology. It also has a built-in webcam and blue light filter, meaning it’s usable for streaming and work meetings, all while mitigating long-term eye damage. It’s not cheap, but the quality is unmistakable. 

A great gaming monitor should complement your space, too. Some players like the bright, rainbow lights flowing everywhere, but some appreciate the simplicity and a monitor that complements it. The monitor offers a true 10-bit color display at 120 Ghz but also passes as a work monitor, meaning its applications in a workspace is better than most. The ASUS ROG Swift is an easy buy for the highest quality, hardcore player or not. If you’re a player, it's close to impossible to buy better. 

ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQ Photo source: Amazon.com

Sony PSVR 2 

The Sony PSVR 2, with improved resolution and a wireless design, is comfortable and sleek, offering the best VR for the console at an affordable price. Its field-of-view, tracking, and comfort while playing means the PSVR 2 leaves other headsets in the dust, especially as major games push into the VR market. This headset is one to keep an eye on if you’re curious about VR gaming gear innovations. 

Sony PSVR 2  Photo source: Amazon.com

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller has proven popular among serious players, offering comfort, customization, and compatibility for the most competitive game lobbies. Playing on a controller gives some major advantages in Halo Infinite, especially in higher aim assist to overcome tight firefights for the highest stakes.

The Series 2 is a go-to for professional Halo players, even before third-party modding, because of its additional four paddles to map commands for quick access. Advanced tech mapped to a paddle, whether that’s equipment, grenade, or crouch, will likely save your life and give you the upper hand, establishing a consistent skill gap and ranked wins. This controller is a must-have for any Halo console player! 

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Photo source: Amazon.com

Alienware Concept UFO 

The Nintendo Switch remains the king of hybrid consoles. The Steam Deck has emerged as a contender for players who want a little knick-knack away from their mouse and keyboard, but the Deck has yet to become the “go-to” handheld. This level of uncertainty means there’s competition.

The official team showcased the Alienware Concept UFO at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. This handheld gaming device concept runs Windows 10 and features detachable controllers, just like Nintendo’s Joy-Cons. The issue is that this bad boy has yet to be released or even get a release date. The Steam Deck has been out for a few years and is selling steadily.

True gamers root for healthy competition among consoles and hardware developers because it means that higher-quality products release for all players’ enjoyment. Keep an eye out for what Alienware releases in the next few months, but if you’re looking to buy, the Steam Deck is ready now.  

Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit

Accessibility for gamers of all types is a cause everyone can get behind. Game award circuits have celebrated developers for designing accessibility features for players who experience eye or ear impairment, reduced motor function, impaired cognition and even learning retention. Games made accessible are essential for enjoyment and inclusivity in the future.

If there’s anything to celebrate in the industry over the last few years, it’s the heightened development of accessibility features for gamers of all types. The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit allows for customized button mapping and control options. Take Zack Collie, for instance, who is quadriplegic following an accident in 2010. This kit allows Collie to shred in games like Call of Duty, giving him a level of enjoyment that playing on a standard setup couldn’t offer.

Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit Photo source: Amazon.com

Audeze Mobius 3D

The Audeze Mobius 3D is the first premium, fully immersive headset for gaming and even office needs. Audeze is very reputable not only in the gaming industry but in the audio industry, too. The Audeze brand is a go-to for musicians, sound designers, and audio directors. This headset takes you a step further into audio connectivity and comfort, usable with your phone, TV sets with Bluetooth, and your gaming setup. Expect more iterations down the road to add even more immersive features.

The Audeze Mobius 3D headset is also digitally configurable, meaning you can set a personalization profile for what sounds are coming from where, comfort levels, pitch, base, and much more. The level of detail here is off the charts.  

Audeze Mobius 3D headset Photo source: Amazon.com

Corsair K100 RGB 

If you’re playing on a PC, a high-end gaming keyboard with customizable RGB lighting and optical-mechanical switches is absolutely required. If you have ever seen a competitive StarCraft player, they get a lot of use out of the keyboard quickly. Even when playing Halo Infinite, you move all over the keyboard as well, so you need something reliable, sturdy, and comfortable.

The Corsair K100 RGB has comfortable and sturdy keys, a wrist rest, and extra configurations for the highly detailed to dot their I’s and cross their T’s. It would be hard to do any better than Corsair, especially at this price. 

Bringing It All Together

Getting into the flow of things is sometimes hard as a player. Playing with older or poorly maintained gear is a nightmare — and not the fun killstreak of 25+ in Halo Infinite kind. Stay up-to-date with quality gaming gear and keep an eye on where the industry product trends are heading. If you don’t feel like doing that kind of legwork, you’re in luck.

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