The 5 Best Gaming PCs under $1,000

If you are just now walking into the gaming world, your number one question might be, “What PC do I buy?” It’s a deep question to ponder over, especially if you want your gaming experience to be stress and glitch-free. If you ask the expert gamer, he will run off a list of needs and tell you to buy something like the Alienware Aurora r13, a prebuilt PC with a lineup of high-priced components you’ll love. But you’ll end up spending at least $4,000 for one of these Intel Core best gaming PCs. 

On the other hand, if you are a casual gamer and many of the games you play are a tad on the older side, you don’t need a fancy setup. Games like Overwatch, X Com: Ufo Defense or Alpha Centauri don’t require much processing time, a lot of RAM, or a big graphics card. So if you buy a high-powered gaming PC for this type of gaming, it would be like buying a Harley Davidson for puttering around town. 

If you want to dive into video-intensive games like Halo Infinite or Final Fantasy, a better option is to find a strong gaming PC at a price you can afford. Figure out what you want to play and how much play time you have in order to know what kind of new computer you need. Once you’ve thought about it, look at the specs, take note, and move on to your final decision. Here are a few considerations to make before choosing the best gaming PC for your needs.

You need the best gaming PC you can afford, one that meets your goals. But how will you get the prebuilt gaming PC you want when you don’t know what that is? Instead of wandering around like a chicken with your head cut off, decide on what your goals are. Ask yourself, “Why am I buying this prebuilt gaming PC? What PC games do I like? Are they graphically demanding?” The answers to these questions will help you filter through all the excess information and find the perfect PC for whatever you need.

“Can’t I just use my regular computer?” you ask. The components in a prebuilt gaming PC are more powerful than in a standard PC, so it is best to have a gaming PC for gaming. These machines have higher-end graphic cards like the Nvidia Geforce GTX or Nvidia RTX, a more powerful CPU like an Intel Core with higher clock speeds, more DDR4, and a high-quality hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD) storage. These are the parts that help games look  and perform better. Gamers can see higher resolutions and get a smoother flow of graphics when they use this type of PC gaming machine, even if it is a budget-friendly gaming computer.

A good gaming computer ensures that you don’t have to fiddle your thumbs and wait around for your favorite games to start. You can focus instead on becoming a great gaming master. gaming pc

Buying a gaming rig is like buying a bicycle. A person who wants to bike in the park daily will not need a fancy sports bike. He will only buy the more expensive sports bike after gaining cycling experience. The same is true for the gamer, so if you are a novice or casual gamer, you only need a basic gaming PC to start. Later, as you become more involved and gain more experience, you can upgrade to better gaming gear.

If your budget were limitless, you would want the best gaming machine on the market. You would pick the best desktop with all your favorite hardware components, something from a top manufacturer, and not a cheap gaming PC. It would have a slick design and custom liquid cooling, and it may come at a $10,000 or more price tag, but it wouldn’t matter because, in the end, it is the gaming experience that matters, right?

Like that high-end bicycle, a top-of-the-line gaming machine can run into the tens of thousand. Taylor Clemons, Staff Writer at ZD Net, says, “The most expensive gaming computer sits at about $44,000. That’s more than a Corvette.” If you want a future-proofed PC that can handle big games like Halo Infinite, you can make it happen without breaking the bank and get what you want for under $1,000. 

The Basic Hardware

The next thing to consider is your new prebuilt gaming PC’s hardware. There are many choices, so you should first decide what parts you want your next gaming computer to have based on the gaming experience you want. The best way to determine your PC build needs is to look on your games’ packaging to find the recommended computer specs. This information can help you narrow down your gaming gear requirements. For example, if you play a game like Halo Infinite, you could do well with a mid-range PC with an Intel i5 or an AMD Ryzen gaming PC setup. 

Of course, if you want to run several games at once or use super demanding games, then you might want an Intel 9 CPU and maybe a cool Nvidia 2080 Super GPU graphics card with as much as 32GB of RAM. However, in this case, you can expect to deplete your savings by an additional $1,000. Instead, a good Nvidia GTX graphics card will do just as well, giving you the gaming performance you want at a more affordable price.

If you need help figuring out your hardware needs, check out “Can You Run It?” This website tells you what the minimum hardware specs are for any specific game. 

A good rule of thumb is to start with a good processor. Something like an Intel Core i5 will do well in a prebuilt PC for gaming. You also want a decent video card like the Nvidia GTX or the Geforce GT, both VR-ready and offering intensive multimedia streaming capabilities. Of course, if you love AMD, then the AMD Radeon RX is the way to go. After all, AMD now makes some of the most powerful video cards on the market. 

Using the notes you took down earlier, your PC gaming goals, and keeping your budget in mind, it’s time to look into your component options. 

CPU – A basic gaming machine has a central processing unit (CPU) which defines how fast your computer functions. On a gaming computer, you usually have at least an Intel i5 processor, which has enough speed to run most high-speed games. The equivalent of an Intel i5 is the AMD Ryzen. 

RAM – Gaming machines need at least 8GB RAM (random access memory). 32GB is usually better, but that would be more expensive. You can start with 8GB and upgrade later on.

HDD – The standard hard disk drive technology is used in most computers. Most gamers can do well with at least 1TB of HD space. 

SSD – The latest lightning-speed technology in hard drive technology is the solid-state drive (SSD). It is smaller than the standard hard drive (HDD) and works with hard drive memory chips on a small ruler-like component that fits into the computer case’s PCIe slot. Most budget-friendly PCs won’t have SSD because of their price tag, but they have the slots available to upgrade to this memory further down the line. 

Graphics – High-speed graphics cards are an important element of any gaming computer. Even budget-friendly ones have nice graphics cards to allow for fast frame-per-second processing. 

Best Budget-Friendly Gaming PCs on the Market

Where do you go from here? This information is great, but it still leaves you without an answer to “What is the best budget-friendly gaming PC I can buy?” To help you find the best computer for your needs, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 gaming PCs under $1,000 for you to consider. Whether it is a Skytech Shadow, an Allied Gaming machine or a Skytech Blaze, all of these basic gaming PCs have what it takes to give you the gaming performance you need to play your favorite video games.

1. Skytech Shadow Gaming PC Desktop

From Skytech, a reliable gaming computer manufacturer, comes the Skytech Shadow series. The nice thing about this gaming machine is that the company is committed to its customers, keeps their PCs updated, and helps users ensure that any desktop they purchase keeps up with the times. 

Because of this, Skytech has been able to stay on top of its game when making PCs and providing the technical customer service that users deserve. The Skytech Shadow gaming PC has an Intel Core i5 CPU processor and an SSD that gives players up to 30x hard drive retrieval times with 8G of DDR4. This might be a little low, but it is enough for the novice to mid-range gamer. 

One of the nicest things about this gaming machine is the “no bloatware” feature, which means there is no extra stuff. No ads or pretty offers come up as you start the PC, so there are no slow start-up times, no need to remove advert programs, and the processing time stays streamlined and lightning fast. 

This low-cost Skytech Shadow is powerful and fast enough to run all of your favorite games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, or League of Legends, mainly because it is fast, and the graphics card allows for more vibrant colors and quicker frames per second (FPS). For rich colors and videos, this PC has a full 1080p full HD and a smooth 60-plus FPS gameplay, an important feature for games. No slowdowns or freezing screens here. Find this budget-friendly gaming machine on Amazon for just $999. 

Skytech Shadow Gaming PC Desktop
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2. Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer Intel i5

Relax and game to your heart’s content with the Alargo Gaming Desktop. It has an innovative remote that lets you play, rotate, move, and run as much as you want, all from the comfort of your gaming chair. This PC can run Halo Infinite, Fortnight, and other high-powered games at 100 FPS, giving you full concentration on your game. 

The Intel Core i5 runs at 3.10 GHz. In layman’s terms, that means FAST. The GTX 650 1GB graphics card with HDMI, DVI, and VGA outputs gives you versatility and allows you to connect your display and your TV with whatever connectors you have, new or old. The 8GB RAM may be the minimum requirement, but you can always upgrade later. 

Equipped with 3 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0, there is no accessory you can’t add here, from headset to mouse. There are enough slots to cover your needs. Another plus here is the 500W power supply which gives your gaming PC more power than the standard 400W standard. There are 3 RGB 120mm fans to keep airflow constant and cool the CPU from all that work it does from your gaming. 

Want to show off your modern tech tastes? The tempered glass side panel gives your PC that modern gaming look everyone likes. As far as HDD space, you’ve got it all here with as much as 1TB of space to store games, info, and all of your favorite stuff. At the affordable price of $499, you can get this great PC with all of its great components. 

Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer Intel i5
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3. Gaming PC Desktop Computer by Alarco with Remote

Here is another great basic gaming machine made by Alarco. This PC desktop also has a remote to turn power on or off and run the different RGB lights and cooling fans. It is a gaming machine that lets you run all of your favorite games without experiencing those frustrating stalls and freezes. Play Halo Infinite, Fortnight, and any other fast-playing game. The Intel i5 processor gives you the power you need, and the supporting components work to keep your gaming experience as fast and as fun as playing on the TV. 

Equipped with 3 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0, you can connect any accessory you want. The tempered glass side panel makes for a cool modern look, and the 3 RGB 120mm fans have remote control to adjust to your game playing needs. 8GB of DDR3 memory gives you enough memory to run intensive games, and the 1TB of hard drive space gives you years of storage. At just $499 on Amazon, this is the perfect starter gaming PC.

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4. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master Gaming PC

Want something that doesn’t have an Intel CPU but gives you just as much oomph for your money? Try this AMD Ryzen 3, 3.8 GHz 4-core processor. It is the newest in the line of AMD and is made especially for gaming. It has a more powerful SSD with 500GB of space. The PC is equipped with a powerful NVidia GeForce GT graphics card. This machine can give you those bright colors and an exciting gaming experience for any game you play. 

It is a white PC with a tempered glass side case that gives it a modern outer space look, and it also has a custom RGB lighting system, a USB gaming keyboard, and a mouse. This PC makes running Windows, playing Halo Infinite, and any other game a real treat, and at just $799 on Amazon, it is affordable. 

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master Gaming PC
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5. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

If you are looking for a well-known brand in the PC industry, an HP Pavilion is a great choice. Here is a compact and customizable PC. It is sleek and space-saving, but you can also expand the components and upgrade the LED lights. It gives you the ultimate immersive multimedia experience. It has new 4K visuals that make the graphics stunning, and the fast-performing Nvidia GeForce GTX1650 makes playing Halo Infinite a pleasure. The 8GB of DDR4 RAM may not seem enough for gaming, but it is enough to start. Remember, you can always upgrade the RAM the more experienced you get. Storage hasn’t been forgotten, either. It is a standard black color but has a modern minimalistic design with just a touch of the cool gaming RGB color on the lower side of the PC. 

This HP is full of the good stuff. It is 4K ready, providing immersive multimedia entertainment with fabulous visuals. The graphics are nothing short of amazing. It has an I3 CPU and plenty of storage with a 256GB SSD module for lots of storage and about 10x the performance. The gaming connectivity is rock solid, and the PC comes with 4 USB Type A and Type C ports. At just over $600 on Amazon, you can’t beat this gaming PC for the price.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop
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Your Final Decision

PC gaming requires more power, depth, and graphic capacity than standard PC use. In the gaming industry, there are various options, both on desktop and mobile devices. Each of these products is made for a particular type of gamer, like the students who are just learning to play and always seem to be hogging the home office or school computer to try out their skills. 

As a casual gamer, you may not see value in buying an expensive PC with many components. It might be better to buy a low-end gaming computer with enough bells and whistles to make the games you like work without spending a fortune. The gaming PCs we’ve reviewed today are each a solid choice for your casual gaming needs.

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