The Best High Back Chairs for Gaming Comfortably

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Your Gaming Chair Could Be Hurting Your Back

People often think of back pain as a problem that only arises from strenuous activity, such as lifting heavy objects. Unfortunately, back pain comes from all kinds of sources. 

Sitting for long periods is bound to cause issues in just about anyone. As one orthopedic surgeon puts it;

“Sitting for long periods creates a perfect storm of strain that includes joint misalignment and muscle weakness. It starts with the constant relaxation and weakening of the hip flexors, the connecting muscles from the top of the thighs to the hips, which in turn control the pelvis and the lumbar spine, therefore putting your back under constant strain. Which then causes the hamstring muscles to reach up and compensate, and that weakens the gluteal muscles that are meant to stabilize the back and pelvis. Sitting is just a whole recipe for back pain-period.” – Scott A. Rushton, MD

When we sit for long periods, our spines constantly flex, leading to muscle fatigue and stiffness. Additionally, the discs between our vertebrae may not get the blood supply they need, leading to dehydration and potential damage. Some common back issues from sitting include back pain, stiffness, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, difficulty standing up straight, and fatigue.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you must see a doctor and get treatment. However, switching your standard gaming desk chair for a high-back chair can also be beneficial and provide your body with the support it needs. 

What Is a High Back Gaming Chair? 

A high-back is one of the best gaming chair options out there. These chairs are designed to support the lower back and are often recommended for people who experience discomfort or pain in this area. A high-back chair typically has a taller backrest than a standard task chair and may also feature contoured padding that provides adjustable lumbar support. Many high-back gaming chairs are adjustable, allowing users to customize the fit and feel of the chair. 

What Is the Difference Between a Low-Back and High-Back Gaming Chair? 

When shopping for a new desk chair, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of back support the chair provides. Gaming chairs come with either low backs or high backs, but types of chairs have their benefits and drawbacks, so it is crucial to understand the difference between them before making a purchase.

A low-back gaming chair has a smaller backrest that does not extend as high as the backrest on a high-back office chair. This makes the low-back chair ideal for people who want more flexibility or need to move around more often. Low-back chairs are also generally less expensive than high-back chairs. If you are short or have a slight build, you may find a regular-height chair more comfortable. 

However, because the low backrest does not extend as high as on high back ergonomic chairs, it may not be as comfortable or supportive for taller individuals or those with longer torsos. 

If you’re a serious gamer, you know that playing for hours can be uncomfortable. It can be tempting to buy the cheapest chair, but that could cost you in the long run. A high-back gaming chair can provide much-needed support for your back and neck, which can help to prevent pain and improve your productivity. 

Who Should Use a High Back Gaming Chair? 

High-back gaming chairs are essential for anyone who spends multiple hours a day sitting in front of a gaming system. They are available in various styles and colors, so you can find one that matches your decor. High-back office chairs are also available with multiple features, such as headrests and adjustable lumbar support, to make them more comfortable. 

If you spend much of your free time gaming, you should consider using a high-back gaming chair. It will help keep your spine aligned and reduce the risk of pain or injury. 

Are High-Back Gaming Chairs Suitable for Long-Term Use? 

While many different chairs are available, there are several reasons why high-back office chairs are an excellent choice for long-term use:

  • They provide superior lumbar support, which is vital for preventing back pain.
  • They have higher backs than other chairs, which helps keep the spine aligned.
  • They usually come with adjustable features that allow users to customize the fit and feel of the ergonomic chair.
  • They are often more comfortable than other types of chairs, making them a good choice for people who spend long hours gaming.

How High Back Chairs Support Your Back 

Now that you’ve heard high-back gaming chairs can offer you more support than a standard chair, it’s time to look at why these chairs can provide superior support. The higher elevation of the chair’s backrest helps keep your spine in alignment, which is especially beneficial if you suffer back pain. Additionally, the added adjustable height allows you to recline farther back without worrying about slouching or putting unnecessary strain on your spine. 

The Importance of Back Support 

Furniture not offering proper back support can lead to long-term health problems, including back pain.

When shopping for furniture, it is important to find pieces that offer adjustable features to customize the support to your body type. Paying attention to the quality of the materials used to construct the furniture is also essential. Cheap materials may not be able to withstand daily use, which can lead to further health problems down the road.

Investing in high-quality furniture that offers proper back support is a wise decision to help you avoid long-term health problems. When choosing furniture, consider your body type and the amount of use the furniture will receive. 

Choosing a High-Back Chair That’s Right For You 

A high-back chair is an excellent investment for anyone who spends a lot of time gaming. Not only do they provide support for the upper back, but they can also help improve posture. When choosing a high-back chair, it’s essential to consider your individual needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Make sure to choose an ergonomic chair that’s the right size for you. It should be comfortable and provide enough support without being too tight or loose. You may also want a chair that comes with a height adjustment feature.


Chairs come in various materials, such as bonded leather, fabric, or mesh. Find a chair that fits your aesthetic and blends in well with your other furniture. Consider your preferences and the environment you’ll use the chair in before deciding. 


Some chairs have extra features that may be important to you, such as adjustable seat height or lumbar support. If you tend to keep your arms at your side, you may also want a chair with adjustable armrests. The features should pair well with your individual needs to ensure you are comfortable and supported. 

Here are some of the best high-back office chairs to help you work comfortably.

Flash Furniture High-Back Mesh Chair

Flash Furniture’s high-back chair is the perfect chair for your gaming space. It offers support for your entire back and neck and comes in a breathable mesh design that will look great in any space. The mesh backing is thin but strong and offers comfort without too much cushion to ensure your back stays straight. You can even flip up the adjustable armrest if you need extra wiggle room. 

The giant statue of this comfortable chair makes it an excellent choice for a gaming room, business meeting room, or home office. The adjustable headrest is also a great addition that can support your neck and head to your liking. Flash Furniture’s chair conforms to ANSI/BIFMA standards to ensure its support capabilities. Flash Furniture also offers this chair a variety of different color options. You can choose between color fabrics and other color metal frames to give your chair a personalized look. 

Price: $177.77

Flash Furniture High-Back Black Mesh Swivel Chair
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Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Gabrylly’s ergonomic mesh chair has a high-quality look. Almost every aspect of the chair is adjustable. You will have an adjustable seat height, headrest, arms, and backrest to tailor it to your body and needs. Each of these functions is quick and easy to do so that you can change your tasks throughout the day. The chair’s height range is about 5’5″ to 6’2″, making this an excellent chair for just about anyone. 

Sometimes, chairs don’t always fit under desks because of the armrests. Gabrylly’s chair comes with adjustable armrests, allowing you to adjust them to whatever length is necessary to easily fit them under your desk. The breathable mesh backing will help prevent sweatiness from prolonged sitting. The chair’s wheels are also quiet, so you can freely move around without creating unpleasant noises. Gabrylly’s ergonomic gaming chair comes with a two-year warranty to ensure that your chair stays top quality. 

Price: $289.50

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
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SIHOO Gaming Chair

The Sihoo ergonomic office chair comes in a sleek black design. Sihoo’s comfortable chair has more than one ergonomic feature, making this the perfect chair for anyone that experiences back or neck pain or plans to spend long hours gaming or at the office. You can adjust the back support and headrest, depending on your height. For added flexibility, this chair allows you to adjust the height of the chair with a pull level. With its tilt adjustment function, you can also allow the chair to tilt to stay in place. 

Sitting in a chair all day can get exhausting and even cause excess sweating if you aren’t able to get up and move around. Luckily, SIHOO’s chair has a breathable mesh backing that allows you to sit back and relax without trapping excess warmth and allowing your back to breathe easily. Feeling comfortable in your chair makes long hours at a desk easier.

Another great function is the w-shaped seat depth design. The w-shape allows you to sit in the center of the seat and keeps you positioned. Being centered helps promote good posture and overall comfort. The high-density sponge cushion is soft and will hold its body throughout extended use. The SIHOO mesh office chair also passes the static pressure test. You’ll receive a three-year warranty with this ergonomic chair, and SIHOO will provide you with zero-profit product accessories within that timeframe. 

Price: $225.24

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair
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Nouhaus Rolling Desk Chair

Not all rolling desk chairs are created equal. Nouhaus’ desk chair reigns supreme with roller blade wheel design. These wheels are great for hard surfaces and home gaming spaces. If you like to move around while you game without standing up to walk around, you’ll be able to glide across the room with a kick of your feet. You’ll be skating through your gaming room with ease. The chair comes with 4D adjustable ergonomic functions. You can adjust the armrest and lumbar system to change how you sit in the chair and how it supports your back. 

Nouhaus offers this fantastic chair in black, blue, burgundy, and grey. In this chair, you can adjust the angle to up to 135 degrees, letting you tilt into the perfect position. The chair comes in an elastomesh breathable material for optimal airflow to avoid excess sweating. 

Price: $369.99

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair
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FDW Gaming Chair

This ergonomic chair is for you if you prefer a more standard-looking gaming chair. FDW offers an ergonomic desk chair that holds the same traditional design of office chairs that many still like today. The high-back design gives you excellent support for your lumbar and offers comfort and stability. FDW’s gaming chair is also one of the most affordable while offering outstanding ergonomic support. Right away, this chair is straightforward to install. You’ll receive all of the necessary hardware you’ll need to put each of the components together. You won’t have to spend more than 15 – 20 minutes assembling the chair before it’s complete. 

FDW’s gaming chair is perfect for offices, meeting rooms, gaming rooms, and living rooms. The chair’s material is made of PU fabric. If you’re prone to spilling or eating while you game, this chair is made of water-proof and stain-proof material that will make it easy to clean in a pinch. The back and seat are made of high-density padding to offer your legs, back, and neck as much comfort as you need to sit at your desk for long hours. The five-star feet give this chair a strong load capacity making it great for just about anyone. They also offer this chair in black, brown, and white options. 

Price: $94.99+

FDW High Back Office Chair
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OFM Racing Style High Back Chair

OFM was inspired by traditional race car seats when creating this chair. The overall look of this chair has a high-quality appearance and unique design that make it an excellent choice for any space. Adding this chair to your gaming room, office, or home will add a touch of style that you’re sure to appreciate. You will experience superior comfort throughout your long days at the office or hours spent gaming.

The chair has contoured, segmented padding, giving it a versatile comfort you’ll love. Outside the padding is a breathable leather that will help you stay relaxed and refreshed even after prolonged use. Along the bottom of the high-back is a lumbar cushion. The cushion will provide support and comfort, allowing you to work without back pain and discomfort. When you need a break, you can recline back. The recline function is structured so that you won’t recline too fast, preventing you from falling. OFM offers this chair in black, white, and blue variations. 

Price: $189.99+

OFM ESS Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair
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Homall High Back Chair

Homall is known for its fantastic selection of high-quality chairs. Our last chair is no exception to their famous reputation for creating great chairs. Homall’s high-back office chair is made of 100% leather, giving it a top-tier feel and sophistication that other chairs don’t offer. The unique design is similar to most ergonomic office chairs, but you can see the difference in comfort just by looking at it. The seat depth is sunken and surrounded by soft plush, giving you a comfortable feel and support around your outer legs. 

Homall offers this fantastic chair in white, black, and brown. The padded armrests have extra-long padding that supports your arms, wrists, and hands. On the back of the chair, Homall includes a streamlined design that provides extreme comfort for the spine by allowing you to sit in a natural position. The back has a layered cushion that offers next-level comfort. If you prefer the freedom to move while sitting, the chair allows you to rock between 90 and 110 degrees. The seat tilt adjuster is customizable and can lock at will. 

Price: $89.00+

Homall Office Chair
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Everyone Needs a High Back Gaming Chair

You need proper support for your back and neck if you spend hours a day sitting at a desk or gaming on the computer. Sitting all day can be bad for your back and spine, and choosing an ergonomic high-back chair can help prevent issues from forming. High-back chairs are great because they provide top-quality support, keep you feeling great throughout the day, and can be customized to fit your needs. From this list, you now know the best high-back office chairs to help you work comfortably; which one will you choose?

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