The Best Leather Chairs That Never Go Out of Style

brown classic leather chair in a warehouse space

Leather Chairs Are Always in Style

Leather chairs are classic pieces of furniture that can be used in various settings. They are often associated with luxury and comfort, making them a popular choice for home and office spaces. Many different types of leather furniture are available, so it’s essential to consider your individual needs before making a purchase. Some factors to consider are the type of chair, the color and style, and the size.

Leather chairs come in various shapes and sizes, so choosing one that will fit comfortably in your space is essential. A leather recliner might be the perfect option if you’re looking for a luxurious, comfortable chair for your home office. On the other hand, if you need a chair for a formal setting, like a boardroom or meeting room, you may want to choose something with more traditional styling. 

Types of Leather Chairs 

Leather chairs come in various types, each with unique features. The most common type is the standard leather chair, which is usually made from cowhide and has a stiffer feel than other leather chairs.

Another type is the club chair, which is larger than a standard leather chair and has more cushioning. Club chairs are often used in living rooms or dens. 

Another type of leather chair is the recliner, which allows the user to recline back and relax. An oversized recliner can be used as a sleeping surface when necessary. Recliners come in both standard and large versions. 

A less common type of leather chair is the wingback chair. Wingback chairs have large, protruding wings on either side of the backrest, providing support and comfort. 

Finally, there is the barrel chair. Barrel chairs are among the most comfortable types of leather chairs. Barrel chairs have armrests on the sides of the chair that provide additional support and comfort.

Leather Chair Features

Leather chairs are famous for their luxurious feel and appearance. Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of features. They can be expensive, but there are many affordable options available. Some key features to look for when purchasing a leather chair include: 

-Type of leather: There are many different types of leather, so it’s crucial to select one that is appropriate for your needs. If you plan to use the chair often, it’s best to choose a durable type of leather like cowhide. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, pigskin or lambskin may be a better option. 

-Style: Leather chairs come in many different styles, so it’s essential to find one that fits your taste. You can choose between traditional and contemporary styles or choose a unique design. 

Different Types of Leather 

Real leather is a natural material that comes from the skin of animals. Leather consists of the skin of many animals, including cows, pigs, goats, and sheep. It is used to make furniture, clothing, and other accessories

There are several different types of leather, each with its unique characteristics. The most common types of real leather are cowhide, pig, and goat. Cowhide is the thickest and most durable type of leather. Pig hide is softer than cowhide but still relatively stable. Goat hide is the most delicate and most flexible type of leather. 

Leather comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. It can be treated with oils or waxes to make it more resistant to water and dirt. 

Faux Leather 

Leather has been used for centuries to make furniture, clothing, and other items. It is a durable, natural material known for its rich appearance and feels. However, leather can be expensive, so many people look for alternatives. One option is faux leather. Faux leather is made from synthetic materials, so it is not as durable as genuine leather. However, it is much cheaper and still looks good. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between real and faux leather. 

What Is Leather Conditioner?

A leather conditioner is a product that keeps leather surfaces looking good and performing well. Conditioner helps to protect the leather from drying out, fading, cracking, and other damage. It is typically applied using a cloth, sponge, or spray bottle and then allowed to dry. 

Why Choose a Leather Chair? 

When it comes to office chairs, there are a lot of different materials to choose from. But why should you choose leather? Here are a few reasons: 

Leather is durable and long-lasting. It can withstand years of wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for an office chair. 

Leather is also comfortable. It forms to your body over time, creating a custom fit you can enjoy for hours at a time. 

Leather looks great. It has a luxurious appearance that can add sophistication to any office setting. 

Now that you’ve learned why leather chairs are supreme, take a look at this list of the best leather chairs that will never go out of style. 

Rivet Leather Armchair

First on the list is a modern leather armchair from Rivet. This armchair is sophisticated, high-quality, and has a minimal design that will pair well in high-end spaces. The square shape gives Rivet’s chair a unique design with the perfect accent piece. The back and seat cushion is plush and thick, giving this leather chair a comfortable feel. You could easily use this in a living room to enjoy your favorite show, use it for a reading chair, or in an office space. 

Under the frame, the chair has tall tapered legs that left it off the ground. You don’t have to worry about this becoming easily damaged, and the high-quality, durable leather makes it great for everyday use and children. If you encounter a spill, you can easily wipe the leather clean with a cloth. Rivet offers a 30-day return policy. They also provide a 1-year warranty to ensure that your product stays up to your standards. Assembly is easy and can be completed in under 15 minutes. There’s nothing better than an easy-to-assemble piece of furniture! The leather armchair comes as a stand-alone piece, or you can also purchase a matching ottoman in a loveseat, sofa, or sectional. There are many different ranges of brown and bray leather options for you to choose from. 

Price: Varies

Rivet Revolve Modern Leather Armchair
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Edenbrook Lynwood Accent Chair

Another sophisticated accent chair is Edenbrook’s Lynwood living room chair. If you’re looking for an affordable chair without sacrificing style, this chair is for you. Edenbrook offers this chair in natural faux leather that looks genuine and feels like it too. Looking at this chair, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The back cushion has a high-class tufting design without buttons, which means it will be safe from tears or accidentally pulling buttons off, which can ruin the quality of the chair. Button damage is relatively common in pets and children. 

Edenbrook’s chair has a very comfortable feel, and both cushions are soft and plush, giving you deep but sturdy rest. Both pillows are removable, making it easy for you to clean or vacuum those hard-to-reach crevices. Internally, the cushions consist of a thick foam material that forms to your shape without collapsing after prolonged use. These are the perfect chairs for relaxing after a long day and watching a movie. Some chairs have cushions that slip around easily, but not with this chair. The cushions are attached to the base of the seat by heavy-duty velcro. Assembly is easy, and no tools are required to put Edenbrook’s Lynwood accent chair together. 

Price: $525.99+

Edenbrook Lynnwood Upholstered Accent Chair
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Rivet Tufted Leather Accent Chair

Rivet offers another incredible chair to make this list of the best leather chairs that never go out of style. The overall design of this chair is plush and inviting. All around, the chair looks comfortable, thick, and sturdy. A color favorite is the caramel leather option. The light brown, worn leather look gives this chair a sophisticated style that would look great in any modern home or office space. The chair’s seat is wide and long, allowing just about anyone to find comfort while sitting in it. Even though Rivet’s leather chair has a distinct design, it will surely fit in just about any home style and match any color scheme. 

The hand-tufted cushions support you, and don’t cave in when sitting on them. Beneath the chair, it’s held by beautiful dark wood tapered legs that add a rustic look to this piece of furniture. If leather isn’t your favorite, they offer this same chair style in different colors and fabrics. You can choose to form their two grey or blue denim options. Each hair has a 1-year warranty to ensure it stays in top shape. Also, if you are unhappy with your chair, you have a free 30-day return guarantee. 

Price: $700.99+

Rivet Cove Mid-Century Modern Tufted Leather Accent Chair
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BELLEZE Tub Barrel Accent Chair

BELLEZE’s tub barrel chair adds a touch of personality to any space. Made of faux leather upholstery, you can have a high-quality chair that looks just as great as genuine leather without paying for actual leather pricing. The fabric is well done and is indistinguishable from authentic leather. While the backing of this chair is lower than most accent chairs, it has a round, soft, comfortable shape. Relaxing in this chair is a breeze because the smooth, round backing allows you to rest your back, shoulders, and neck in positions that would otherwise be impossible with other chairs. Inside the armrests and backing are deep curve structures, creating the barrel profile that makes this chair stand out. 

The deep seat provides extraordinary comfort and makes it easy to sit back and relax for long periods without feeling sore or uncomfortable. Along the front of the chair’s base and armrests are gold nailheads that trim the outside of the chair. The contrast between the deep, rich brown faux leather and the gold nailheads gives this chair an antique, upper-scale look. If brown isn’t your color, you can get this chair in beige, black, white, red, and grey. If you have pets, faux leather is a great choice. Faux leather material is super easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear pets something cause. BELLEZE knows you’ll love this chair so much that they offer a 100-Day Return policy. 

Price: $229.99+

BELLEZE Modern Tub Barrel Accent Chair
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Newport Taupe Swivel Chair

Accent chairs can be fun, engaging, and break the boundaries of traditional design. So far, you’ve seen a lot of accent chairs with a heavy focus on style and aesthetics. Our next chair brings an entirely new look and design that sets it out from the rest. Newport’s swivel chair is for comfort. Unlike most living room chairs, you can easily adjust this leather swivel chair. The chair is made of durable faux leather fabric, giving this chair a comfortable feel and robust design. If you’re someone who enjoys laying back with their feet up with you, watching tv, playing video games, or reading a book, this is the perfect chair for you. 

Newport includes a matching ottoman that is the perfect size for your feet, allowing you to rest them up while you relax after a long day. Chairs like this one are also great for psychiatry and therapy offices. They’ll give your clients a relaxing place to get comfortable and enhance their overall experience. The solid walnut finish of the chair’s base adds to the general character, giving it a warm, bright, welcoming look. The taupe version of this chair is a favorite, but you can also choose between Newport’s black, brown, and white varieties. 

Price: $579.95+

Newport Taupe Swivel Faux Leather Recliner Chair
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Mcombo Recliner Chair

Comfort lovers, look no further. Mcombo knows what it takes to create the ultimate comfort chair. Mcombo’s recliner chair had thick padding around the entire chair, supporting your whole body. The chair comes with a thick, cozy pillow that can act as a lumbar support pillow, additional style accent, or just a pillow to hold on to while watching TV. You’ll also receive a matching ottoman that’ll allow you to sit back, kick your feet up, and relax fully. No matter your position, you’ll indeed feel comfortable and supported by this chair’s plushness. 

Mcombo’s chair comes with a swivel base, so you can turn and move around in this chair, unlike many other accent or living room furniture. You can also recline and choose an appropriate angle with their hand-level adjuster. One of the best features of this chair is its massage capabilities. You’ll receive a remote control that turns on the chair’s vibrating function to help relax your back, lumbar, and thighs. The massage strength of each position can be enhanced or decreased to your comfort level. Because this beautiful chair is made of faux leather, it’s simple and easy to clean. Simply wiping it down with a cloth and water will help keep it looking fresh and top quality. Mcombo offers a variety of color options in this chair for you to choose from. 

Price: $429.99+

Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman Chair
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Rivet Jamie Leather Chair

Rivet has a variety of accent chairs, and it’s no wonder they have one more to make this list. This chair is for you if you’re looking for a smaller-scale chair that takes up minimal space. The chair’s structure is condensed, and the armrests are much shorter than a traditional chair. The short armrests and high backing create a unique cone appearance that makes this chair look extraordinary. 

Chairs like Rivet’s Jamie leather chairs are genuine accent chairs. These chairs are to be kept in a corner or space that needs a touch of personality, which it undoubtedly has. The mid-century modern design will fit in with almost any area you choose. The distressed brown leather looks sophisticated and expensive, which can bring value to any room. Rivet also offers this chair in various color options, such as white, black, and grey. 

Price: 477.37

Rivet Jamie Leather Mid-Century Modern Low Arm Accent Chair
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Pulaski Leather Accent Chair

Lastly, Pulaski’s leather accent chair is compact and perfect for a small space area. Consider this chair if you live in a dorm room or need just an extra piece of furniture in your living room or office. The mid-century modern design is minimalist and simple, allowing it to blend perfectly with any environment. The chair’s cushions consist of plush foam padding that offers you comfort without sinking into the chair. The faux leather gives this chair a vintage but robust and high-quality feel.

The hardwood frame holds the chair’s structure well, allowing it to feel stable and sturdy. Wooden arms rest sit on both sides of the chair. They’re thin and short but add to the overall stylish feel of the chair. If brown isn’t your style, this chair comes in soft charcoal grey faux leather. Pulaski also offers you a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase long-term. 

Price: $190.00

Pulaski Leather Accent Chair
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Leather Chairs Are Timeless

A high-quality leather chair can brighten the tone of any room. Leather is always in style, making it an excellent choice for a chair or piece of furniture. Whether you’re looking to add style to your living room or need extra seating in your office, there’s undoubtedly a chair on this list!

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