The Best Vehicles in Halo Infinite

The vehicles of Halo Infinite are more than just machines; they’re the titans of terrain and masters of the skies, each with their own unique abilities and firepower. Whether you’re taking on a horde of Covenant enemies or racing through the vast landscapes of Zeta Halo, choosing the right vehicle could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Let’s rev up our engines and take a closer look at these mechanical marvels that help you dominate the battlefield.

The M12 Warthog LRV

The M12 Warthog LRV isn’t just a vehicle; it’s the go-to companion for any squad looking to navigate treacherous terrain and come out on top. This beast is designed for teamwork, making it the ultimate ride for group missions. So, why should you and your crew roll out in a Warthog?

First up, let’s talk about versatility.

The Warthog is the Swiss Army knife of ground vehicles. Whether you’re cruising a dusty trail or tackling rough off-road challenges, this baby adapts. It’s essential for squads who need a ride that can handle whatever the landscape throws at them without breaking a sweat.

You can’t overlook the firepower.

The Warthog comes standard with a rear-mounted M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, which packs a punch against both ground and air targets. It’s like having your own personal bodyguard, ensuring that no one messes with your team while you’re completing objectives.

Space is a big deal too.

Cramped rides can mess with a squad’s flow. The Warthog is roomy, offering enough space for a driver, a gunner, and two passengers ready to leap into action. Team chemistry is vital, and a comfortable space helps keep cooperative spirits high.

Talking about durability, the Warthog takes hits like a champ.

Its titanium armor and bulletproof panels mean it can take rounds and keep rolling. Teams can focus on their mission, knowing their ride is tough enough to take a beating and not leave them stranded.

Speed is a game-changer.

The Warthog’s got it. When you need to hit the extraction point pronto, this LRV’s high-power engine gets your team out of dodge quickly. You’ll appreciate that burst of speed when it’s time to escape from a sticky situation.

Lastly, let’s not forget the cool factor.

Rolling up in a Warthog has its perks. It’s an iconic vehicle that instantly makes a statement about your squad’s readiness and style. It’s about making an entrance, and with a Warthog, every arrival is grand.

The M12 Warthog LRV is more than just a means to get from point A to point B for teams. It’s a faithful part of the group, a symbol of unity, and a fierce asset in any operation. When the stakes are high, and teamwork is the only way to win, the Warthog is the ultimate ride.

Image of a M12 Warthog LRV with a team of soldiers inside, ready for action

The Banshee FAV

The Banshee FAV, a long-standing fixture in the Halo universe, swoops into Halo Infinite with a fresh set of tweaks that enhance skyward strategies. Behold as this reimaged flyer brings fluidity to firefights and empowers Spartans with an aerial advantage:

  • Agile Maneuverability: The Banshee FAV takes nimbleness to new heights. Equipped with controls sensitive to the slightest touch, it darts through the air with a balletic grace that’s as practical as it is poetic. Tight turns, rapid elevation changes – it’s all a breeze, giving pilots the means to outmaneuver surface-to-air threats with the flick of a joystick.
  • Boost Function: Thrust into the thick of action or escape before a rocket seals your fate. The Banshee’s quick burst feature bridges vast distances and evades aggressive lock-ons. Engage the boost and within moments, the battlefield’s dynamic shifts in your favor – distance is no longer a safety blanket for your foes.
  • Banshee Bomb: Obliteration from above comes in the form of the Banshee Bomb. Not content with mere machine gun strafes, pilots can deploy these devastating explosives to rain ruin on enemy installations or clustered combatants, breaking through defenses and opening windows of opportunity for ground forces.
  • Aerial Dogfights: Though Halo’s skyscapes have long been the realm of singular supremacy, the Banshee reintroduces the thrill of high-altitude tactical skirmishes. With its sleek design and hefty firepower, engaging enemy aircraft no longer feels like a desperate gambit but a chance to showcase air superiority.
  • Intimidation Factor: Nothing demoralizes the opposition like the piercing wail and looming shadow of an inbound Banshee. This psychological edge can cause disarray and hesitation, allowing your team to capitalize on the moment’s weakness and assert dominance across the map.
  • Versatility in Multiplayer: The Banshee shines in team-based multiplayer scenarios. Support your crew from the sky, offer suppression fire, or swiftly ferry allies to crucial locations. It’s more than transportation; it’s an airborne platform for strategy and support that redefines the rhythm of team engagements.

Piloting the Banshee FAV in Halo Infinite is more than a mere joyride; it’s a masterclass in air power, altering the gravity of ground conflicts and introducing a vertical vantage that shifts the scales in every skirmish. Whether you’re dodging rockets or carving the skies in combat ballet, the Banshee ensures the skies remain an exhilarating frontier for fighters looking for a way to leave their mark on the battle’s canvas.

Image of a Banshee FAV flying in the sky with the sun shining behind it

The Scorpion MBT

Under the Hood: The Scorpion MBT packs a punch with a state-of-the-art power core that fuels its devastating might. Operating on robust engines, this tank is the embodiment of raw strength, giving it the upper hand in head-to-head confrontations against enemy armor.

Advanced Targeting Systems: Precision is key in battle, and the Scorpion doesn’t disappoint. Its advanced targeting systems ensure that each round fired is more than just a shot in the dark. These systems allow for pinpoint accuracy, making each trigger pull a potential game-changer.

Impenetrable Armor: One of the Scorpion’s defining traits is its near-impenetrable armor plating. This isn’t your average metal—it’s a composite capable of withstanding the harshest of blows. Enemy fire meets its match against this formidable defense, making the Scorpion a tough nut to crack under pressure.

Commanding Presence: Presence on the battlefield isn’t just about firepower. The Scorpion, with its daunting design, commands respect and can sway the tide of battle just by rolling onto the scene. Its mere appearance works as a psychological weapon, demoralizing foes who doubt their odds against this behemoth.

Upgrade Capable: Flexibility for future enhancements means the Scorpion MBT stays ahead of the curve. As warfare tech evolves, so too can the Scorpion, outfitted with ports and systems ready for upgrades that keep it on the cutting edge of military might.

All-terrain Dominance: Battlefields come in all shapes and sizes, and the Scorpion is designed to tackle them all. From desert dunes to muddy trenches, this metal beast traverses ground that would bog down lesser vehicles, ensuring that it can be the deciding factor in any land skirmish.

Seamless Team Integration: The Scorpion is more than just a solo act. It’s engineered to operate in concert with infantry, aerial support, and other vehicles. This cohesion amplifies its effectiveness, creating a symphony of destruction that orchestrates victory on the battlefield.

Infallible Track Record: History speaks volumes, and the Scorpion’s track record in battle is a tale of triumph. With countless engagements under its belt, the results are clear: when the dust settles, the Scorpion MBT consistently emerges as a pivotal player in the art of war.

Image of a Scorpion Main Battle Tank in action

From the rugged terrains tackled by the M12 Warthog LRV to the unrivaled dominance of the Scorpion MBT, these vehicles are the pulse of action in Halo Infinite. Each one brings a special flavor to the game, providing players with the tools to craft their own legendary tales of triumph and conquest. Mastering these behemoths of battle could very well be the key to your success, so buckle up, aim true, and let the power of these vehicles propel you to glory!

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