The Most Underrated Weapons in Halo Infinite

In the dynamic and intense battleground of Halo Infinite, weapon selection plays a substantive role in deciding the victor. While many gravitate towards well-known and frequently celebrated weapons, there lies a distinct advantage in discovering the underrated gems within the game’s extensive arsenal. Such subtle powerhouses like the fully automatic Commando Rifle and the devastatingly powerful Mangler often get overlooked but hold enormous potential to turn the tide in any combat scenario. The versatility and varied strengths these weapons carry need understanding and mastery for optimal exploitation.

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  1. Commando Rifle
  2. Mangler

Commando Rifle

As tech enthusiasts, we’re always on the cutting-edge of the latest trends. We dig into the nuts and bolts of new releases, intrigued by the nuances that the average user might overlook. One such overlooked powerhouse is the Commando Rifle in Halo Infinite – a sleek specimen that combines versatility with lethal precision.

Enter the Arena, running along the battlefield with a pistol, and you might find this species of weaponry in a quiet corner. With its low pickup rate, you’d be forgiven for missing the Commando Rifle in the heat of battle. But bypassing this weapon could be an oversight you wouldn’t want to perpetuate.

What is it that sets the Commando Rifle apart?

First off, its damage output. Now, this is not your classic one-hit-kill tool. Yet, what it lacks in immediate lethality, it makes up for in relentless efficiency. A few swift pulls of the trigger and your opponent’s shield will shatter, exposing them to certain annihilation.

Flexibility is another ace up the Commando Rifle’s sleeve. It’s the Swiss army knife of Halo Infinite’s firearms- useful in an array of scenarios. Face-to-face with an opponent? The rapid-fire capability of this weapon will give you the upper hand. Spotted an enemy from a distance? It doubles up as a pseudo-sniper rifle, giving you a lethal accuracy over long-ranges, rarely found in other automatic rifles.

Then comes the firing rate. The Commando Rifle might not spit out bullets like some machine guns. But the firing rate is still commendable, especially when you consider the damage each bullet can inflict. It’s a delicate balance that 343 Industries has struck perfectly.

Consider the recoil too. Sure, there’s some kick, but it’s manageable. This is a weapon that rewards those who’ve honed their skills and can handle its rhythm. With a bit of practice, the Commando Rifle’s recoil becomes a thing of beauty, enabling you to land consistent headshots on your foes.

Finally, let us not forget the aesthetic appeal. Nothing screams ‘futuristic space warrior’ like holding a Commando Rifle. Functional yet beautifully intimidating, it silently yells dominance to anyone unfortunate enough to be in its sight.

In the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping landscape of Halo Infinite, the Commando Rifle, despite its ranking in the weapon hierarchy, is a true powerhouse. Master it, harness it, and it might just be your ticket to claiming victory on the battlefield.

An image of the Commando Rifle in Halo Infinite, a sleek and versatile weapon that combines lethal precision.


While the Commando Rifle is something to marvel about in Halo Infinite, there’s an underappreciated gem hidden within the vast arsenal of the game – the Mangler. Here’s why this brutal piece of hardware deserves a deeper look and more recognition in the world of Halo Infinite.

First off, the potency of the Mangler should not be underestimated. Despite its rugged appearance, the Mangler delivers a nerve-wracking punch. With its rapid-fire rate and three-round burst capability, it can quickly decimate an enemy’s shield, leaving them defenseless in just seconds.

Then, of course, there’s the Mangler’s unique ability to disrupt opponents’ movements. Thanks to its concussive blast, enemies hit hard by the Mangler find themselves disoriented, which disrupts their game strategy. This stealth quality of the Mangler is a clear demonstration of its inherent value in the intense battlefield of Halo Infinite.

Next, from a tactical perspective, the Mangler is a counter-intuitive weapon. While most players would naturally gravitate towards ranged weapons, the Mangler’s efficiency within close-quarters combats gives it an unexpected edge. This stealthy close-combat potential widens the strategic options for players and adds some unexpected flavor to Halo’s weapons roster.

Additionally, the Mangler’s raw, mechanical design fits perfectly within the Halo universe. It embodies the brutal and raw nature of the game’s environment. It’s easy to overlook its aesthetic appeal amid the shiny high-tech fjord of Halo’s weaponry, but a true tech enthusiast would appreciate the unique industrial design of the Mangler.

Finally, consider the Mangler’s limitless potential–and the fun-factor when used in smart, innovative ways within the game. Bounces shots off walls, sneak attacks, last-gasp wins – they are all possibilities with the Mangler. This marrying of functionality and entertainment value makes the Mangler not just a unique asset, but one which is undoubtedly entertaining.

In conclusion, despite being under the shadow of options like the Commando Rifle, the Mangler holds its unique and irreplaceable slot in Halo Infinite. Its potential as a concise, hard-hitting tool of destruction is yet to be fully explored and recognized. And perhaps that’s where you, the tech enthusiasts, come in brimming with strategies to unleash its potential. Proving, once and for all, why the Mangler truly is a much-deserved weapon in Halo Infinite’s vast arsenal of mayhem.

Image showing the Mangler, a powerful weapon in Halo Infinite

Mastering the art of war in Halo Infinite isn’t just about choosing the most popular or flashiest weapon. It’s about finding the perfect balance in your arsenal that suits your style of play, and giving a chance to weapons that are often overlooked. Both the Commando Rifle and the Mangler, despite being potentially underrated, provide a multitude of benefits in gameplay. While they may not have the notorious reputation of some other weapons in the game, their charm lies in their unique characteristics that, when correctly harnessed, can prove decisive in the heat of the battle.

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