The Top 7 Gaming Setup Accessories You Need

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Having the right gaming accessories to accompany your PC can make all the difference between a good gaming experience and an exceptional one.

You will need a high-quality monitor and great computer components, but that’s not enough. You also want a good desk and a great gaming chair. 

What if you have the above items covered? Good for you! But it doesn’t end there. You may also want to add a few inexpensive gaming accessories that can tie it all together and make gameplay smoother, easier, cleaner, and more enjoyable.

Be careful, though! There are always new products coming out on the gaming market, and you don’t want to spend your money on just anything. When you do buy new accessories, make sure whatever you purchase actually improves your gaming experience. Some of these things could be a good keyboard, a microphone, mouse, mousepad, media keyboard, surge protector, headphone hanger, and cable organizer.

How do you know what accessories are right for you? Let’s explore what goes into an ideal gaming setup.

Get the Basics First

Way too many gamers sit hunched over their gaming desk because they don’t have a good monitor, desk, and gaming chair. Jamie Cliff at Geoscience, says, “Sedentary behavior coupled with poor sitting positions puts people, especially gamers, at a higher risk of overuse injuries—exacerbating the high number already commonly reported within the community.” It’s important to attend to these issues before you think about any other gaming accessory. 

Ensure you have the basic gaming desk setup taken care of before considering any other accessories. A quality computer, a gaming monitor, a desk, and a gaming chair are essential. A dedicated desk area will make a huge difference in how you play. It will set you in the right seating position, improve your posture, and prevent fatigue. It will also prevent or reduce back and shoulder pain. 

When you use a good gamer chair, you will be sitting at the correct height in the right posture and thus, will be able to play for longer periods of time.

Other Basic Gaming Accesories

Once you have the basics taken care of, you can buy a few other things to improve your gaming experience and make your gaming desk a little neater and more functional. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same needs, so what makes for the best gaming accessories for you may not be the best gaming item for someone else. 

Still, some good PC gaming items to think about might be: a good microphone, headset, mouse, mousepad, keyboard, power strip, headphone hook, hot key deck, and wire organizer. You might even want to throw in a few RGB lights to make your gaming setup look extra-cool. 

The Microphone

According to Best Buy, a good microphone is important if you require other people to hear your voice as in multiplayer gaming, voice or video calls, podcasting, or recording music. 

Players who use multiplayer games will need to add this accessory to their gaming equipment. Plus, you can use a good microphone for both the PC and the gaming console.

The Gaming Headset

When gaming first began, there was no need for a gaming headset. Headphones were hard to come by for two reasons. First, games weren’t played online. Second, gamers didn’t communicate with each other. Gaming headphones only came into existence in the mid 1990s.

In the old days, players would plug in standard aux-connected business headphones or earbuds if they wanted a better sound quality. 

Now, there are dedicated gaming headphones that increase the sound quality of the game. The headphones add rich bass sounds that surround and immerse you in the gameplay. You can find both the wired and wireless gaming headset in today’s market. The type you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Keyboard & Mouse

When you set up a gaming computer, you need a few basic gaming desk accessory options. Your first need will be a keyboard and mouse to perform the computer tasks. 

This need is less obvious when you use a gaming laptop because you have the laptop’s trackpad. Unfortunately, this feature is virtually unusable when gaming. Let’s just say it drastically slows down your gaming responses. 

You need to be able to make quick movements and clneicks, and you can only do that with an external keyboard and mouse. These gaming accessories make gaming easier. 

The RGB Color Lights

In the world of gaming, RGB lighting is a common accessory. The kaleidoscope of colors and glows is now integrated into keyboards, tables, desks, chairs, and PCs. 

Why do gamers want these RGB color lights? It is unclear as to why these lights are so popular, but the trend started in the 1990s

The RGB colored lights are born out of practicality for manufacturers, letting gamers see keyboards and work areas in dimly lit gaming rooms. But gamers also find the lights attractive and now like to use them to decorate their game room. You can customize RGB lights using the application that comes with the lights. 

Power Strip 

Do you need a power strip with a surge protector? Do you want to keep your gaming equipment safe and secure from power surges or during storms or bad weather? 

If you have a lot of sensitive gaming gear like multiple monitors, a gaming laptop like the Macbook Pro, and other equipment, you may consider a power strip with a surge protector. It keeps your device safe from unexpected power spikes. 

Every good PC gamer or even a console gamer has a good surge protecting power strip. It is an extension of your outlet, but it also protects your equipment from harmful electrical surges that come through the outlets. It is an essential accessory to safeguard your equipment.

A Hot Key Stream Deck

Another accessory you may want is a stream deck that gives you automatic keyboard shortcuts without your needing to set them in. 

The one-touch keys on these small decks let you launch media, switch scenes, adjust audio, and access gaming commands with the push of a button.


Once you start gaming and adding things to your setup, the gaming area might get cluttered. You can easily declutter this area with cable management organizers, headphone hangers, and more. These items help organize your desk and keep it looking clean so your PC area will be more inviting and efficient.

Recommended Accessories

Is choosing the right accessory still a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack? Here are our top seven gaming accessories that will fit your budget and be useful to your current gaming setup. 

1. HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone, for PC, PS4, PS5, and Mac, Anti-Vibration Shock Mount

Want more action when you are in a multiplayer game? The microphone sound can be a determining factor when playing multiplayer games. 

A good microphone makes the experience so much more vibrant, clear, and focused. You can make commands, speak to co-players, and offer tips without your teammates asking, “What did you say?” 

The HyperX QuadCast gives you the clear sound you want when speaking to other players. Plus, the HyperX suppresses exterior sounds and prevents those environmental sounds from going through. 

Need to mute yourself for a minute while you talk to someone in the room? It’s easy: Just tap the mute sensor indicator to keep unwanted sounds from entering into the gaming environment. 

Need to add some effects? No problem: With the four polar sound patterns, stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional sound this microphone emits, you are set.

This microphone is all about sound, and the features are easy to adjust with the microphone app that comes with the device. 

Those are the specs, but what makes this microphone fun is that it is cherry red and has an anti-vibration mount. When playing, you will feel like you’ve got it all under control, just like the sportscaster for any sports game. Find this microphone on Amazon for $89.99.

HyperX QuadCast - USB Condenser Gaming Microphone
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2. Gusodor Led Strip Lights 32.8 Feet Smart Led Lights for Bedroom Color Changing Led Light Strips 

Need to really feel the thrill of the game? This accessory is one you won’t want to miss: smart LED light strips for your room. What makes this accessory a bit different is that it syncs with your cool surround sound music. Using the app, you can link your lights to the music source from your PC speaker. The controller on the lights houses a small onboard microphone or audio chip that allows for linking to another powered audio source (your PC).

Play the thrills of the game and get into the mood with these app-controlled strip lights that are easy to use and easy to install. Just clean the surface, cut the light strip, and paste where you want it. 

The color-changing LED lights have multiple sequences and can work beautifully under your gaming desk, behind your TV, or on the walls of your gaming room. You can find these cool lights on Amazon for just $15.99.

GUSODOR Led Strip Lights 32.8 Feet Smart Led Lights
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3. PC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook Holder Hanger Mount

Do you have problems getting all your gear together? Are you always leaving your headphones somewhere other than at your gaming station? Solve these issues with a universal under-the-desk holder to hang your headphones. This is the perfect hanger even for small spaces because the arm rotates. Once you hang your headphones, you can simply rotate the arm so it pulls your headphones under the desk and out of the way. 

Another great feature is the soft rubber pads on the ends to protect the desk and table from being damaged when installing the device. It is convenient and easy to set up, and at just $12.99 on Amazon, there couldn’t be a more inexpensive way to store your gaming headset. 

PC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook
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4. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse pad and Gaming Headset, Wired LED RGB Backlight Bundle for PC Gamers and Xbox and PS4 Users

Think you are ready to sit down and start gaming? You suddenly realize you don’t have a headset, a keyboard, or a mouse. Whoops! Don’t worry: You can find all of these items in a kit. This kit offers you the gaming headset, mouse, mouse pad, and keyboard, which you can use for your PC or Xbox gaming console.

Looking for something fun in your accessories? Look no further, as the RGB lights offer the ultimate gaming experience. There are three rotating colors and four adjustable brightness levels. 

The gaming headset has stereo sound for clear sound quality and soft earpads, so you can comfortably play for longer. This headset also comes with a foldable microphone and a versatile 3.5mm audio jack. Find this bundled pack for just $39.99 on Amazon. 

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse pad and Gaming Headset
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5. Elgato Stream Deck – Live Content Creation Controller with 15 Customizable LCD Keys

Looking for a fast way to change scenes, launch media, and adjust the volume of your audio or mike? You don’t have to lug your keyboard around with you. The Elgato Stream Deck is portable and fully customizable for your games. It integrates with your games, YouTube, your mixer, and microphone.

Use this controller to easily live stream or switch between screens and cameras. You can even use it to create all of your most common key functions. It requires a USB port to connect and should be directly connected to your PC or device, not through a USB hub.  

It is easy to set up because all you have to do is drag and drop actions onto the app keys. Get complete control of your games with this controller that has 15 customizable keys. Find it on Amazon for just $114. 

Elgato Stream Deck - Live Content Creation Controller
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6. Power Strip, Alestorm Surge Protector with 12 Outlets and 4 USB Ports, 6 Feet Extension Cord (1875W/15A), 2700 Joules, ETL Listed, Black 

One of the biggest issues with today’s high-tech electronics is outlets. There are never enough of them—especially when gaming. You usually have to string cables clear across rooms to get your peripherals to work, but when you have a good power strip with surge protector functionality, you can easily connect all of your devices. 

This power strip offers convenience, but more importantly, it offers protection. The multi-function power strip is also a surge protector, so it protects your gaming PC, headset, screen, mouse and any other gaming equipment from those nasty electrical spikes and fluctuations that could zap them out and make them non-functional. 

This power strip comes with a six-foot heavy-duty cord, widely spaced outlets, and four USB outlets. It also has the ETL safety certificate, making it one of the most secure power strips you can buy. Find this power strip on Amazon for just $21.98.

Power Strip, ALESTOR Surge Protector with 12 Outlets and 4 USB Ports
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7. Cable Clips, 3 Packs Cord Management Organizer, Silicone Adhesive Hooks

When you get tired of cables sprawling everywhere, clean your gaming area up with this cable clip. Use it for cables that measure 6mm or less. Use it for speaker wires, headphones cords, mouse cords, microphone cords, and keyboard cords.  

The clip is made of durable silicon and sticks to all surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, and plastic. 

This cable clip system is easy to use and easily puts the cords and cables in the correct order, thus preventing them from getting mixed up. Find this item on Amazon for just $6.99. 

Baskiss Cable Clips, 3 Packs
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Best Gaming Accessories Buyer’s Guide

When you buy accessories for your gaming sessions, you want to consider all the aspects listed below.


Think about the type of accessory you want. It doesn’t have to be a high-ticket item like a best gaming monitor. Remember, gaming gear comes in all sizes and in all price ranges. 

However, you should ask yourself these questions before you buy any gaming gear. Do you need it? Is it a mouse? A wireless headset? A keyboard? Our top seven list of best gaming accessories covers most of the basics. They are inexpensive and make for a great little extra for yourself or a gift to a friend. 

Laptop, PC, or Console Functionality

Most gaming accessories are useful for all types of gaming, whether it is PC, console, or laptop. However, there are products that only work with one type of gaming device, or they may need some type of adapter to function well with your gaming PC or laptop. The two products that don’t work well with a console like the Playstation 4 are the mouse and keyboard. These devices are meant for PC or laptop gaming. 


Some accessories have additional functionalities. For example, some headphone stands can also be charging units with USB ports. Many of the headphones also have built-in microphones, and keyboards might also have USB devices so other devices can be connected for charging purposes. 

Final Thoughts

Many accessories are not essential for gaming, but they can add value to the gaming experience. Inexpensive accessories—like a surge protector—can protect your equipment offer a more fun and easy gaming experience.  

Organizers, RGB lights, clips, and headphone hangers keep a gaming station clear and help it look attractive, which makes it a place you want to more frequently enjoy. A cool new gaming accessory like the ones we’ve discussed could be a nice budget-friendly purchase for yourself or a gamer for whom you want to show appreciation.

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