The Top 7 Mini Keyboards for Gaming

Have you ever thought about the way your keyboard affects your gameplay? Does it seem bulky and big? Does it feel like it is not giving you the fast response you want? 

You may be right; your keyboard might not give you the efficiency you need for good gameplay. You may need a gaming keyboard instead of a standard one, and you should opt for a compact keyboard. A smaller keyboard can give you more mobility and a quicker reaction time when you play your favorite games or work on your PC. With the compact keyboard, you can sit or stand anywhere while using your keyboard without it wobbling or falling from your lap. In addition, a mini gaming keyboard could also improve your wrist and shoulder position when you use it at your desk. Using a smaller keyboard brings your mouse closer to your body, preventing shoulder or wrist strain.  

Differences Between a Standard Keyboard and a Gaming Keyboard

Notwithstanding the size of your keyboard, there is a difference between gaming keyboards and standard keyboards. It is important to understand the differences, so you know each type’s functionality before you choose the best keyboard for your needs. 

Gaming keyboards are not built the same as their standard office version. Gamers use mechanical keyboards with a more expensive key tapping technology called mechanical key technology. As a result, they are higher priced. Standard keyboards have a less expensive membrane technology that does not respond as well. The best mechanical keyboard is made specifically for gamers’ needs. These gaming keyboards offer a softer tap and a faster processing time. Let’s explain the differences a bit further. mini keyboard

Membrane Technology

Standard keyboards have an interior membrane, sometimes referred to as a dome switch. It is a cheaper material and allows for a quiet key press, but not a key press that is as fast as the mechanical keyboard. 

Mechanical Technology

Most gaming keyboards equipped with mechanical key technology are higher priced because the keys have individual key switches, also known as switch technology. They offer faster and more accurate typing while giving you more finger comfort. Competitive gamers need more precise input and rapid tapping responses, and because each key has a switch-type component on gaming keyboards, they cost more.

What Is a Mini Keyboard?

There are different types of small keyboards. They vary slightly in size, but generally, they are like a standard keyboard, smaller in width with all the letters and numbers but without the 10-key numeric pad. They are classified as 60%, 40%, and 30% keyboards, which refers to their size compared to the standard keyboard. So, for example, a 60% keyboard will be 40% smaller than the standard keyboard. Most people prefer the 60% keyboard as smaller keyboards feel a little strange, especially when switching from full-size ones.

Mini Keyboard Characteristics

Mini keyboards come in various sizes, but the most preferred are the 60% keyboards. Because of their size, the keys will be smaller and lack the 10-key number pad and, in some cases, the arrow keys. Players often compensate for the lack of arrow keys using programmable function layers. Even so, these keyboards compensate for their lacking keys by offering convenience. They are effortless to carry. Some mini keyboards can connect to devices like your SmartTV, making them convenient as you no longer have to use the on-screen keyboard. Another benefit is that you have easier maneuverability with a mini keyboard, so you can easily hold and work with it. 

A Mini Keyboard Improves the Ergonomics of Your Gaming Setup

You know that sitting for long hours in front of the computer or gaming system can strain your back, cause posture problems, and even cause future health issues. So besides your ergonomic chair and adjusting your screen, you should also have the right-sized keyboard, as it can also affect your sitting position, posture, gameplay, and health. 

According to Cale Hunt, senior editor at Windows Central, “Investing in a 60% keyboard can save you a lot of space on your desk, it can improve your game thanks to high-end switches, and it can make moving around a lot easier, thanks to its lightweight, compact design.”  Even when your new mini keyboard sits on your desk,  it is more comfortable to use as you move your mouse closer to your body. This action offers better ergonomics and comfort, preventing shoulder, wrist, arm, and back strain. Home office experts suggest that the best place to keep your keyboard and mouse is three inches above your knees, just far enough apart to allow your elbows to bend at a 90-degree angle. Leaving just a four to the six-inch gap between you and the keyboard while your wrists stay in a neutral position gives you a better wrist rest position.

Gaming Keyboards Are More Expensive

You can expect a gaming keyboard to be slightly more expensive than regular keyboards, whether standard-sized or smaller. Buyers pay more for gaming keyboards because of their build. They are designed more ergonomically, making them more comfortable for people who spend many hours in front of the computer. In addition, their durability is better, and they offer a faster key response time. 

Which Keyboard Is Right for Me? 

We know that most gamers prefer the 60% keyboard, which gives them a 40% reduction in size, but mini keyboards can also have different features, be made of other materials, and come in different styles. Below, we list a few styles so you can visualize the differences.  

Standard Mini Keyboard – Smaller in width but with full-size keys. It lacks the numeric ten keypad, although some smaller keyboards have a hidden ten keypad activated through the function keys. 

Mini Split Keyboards – A keyboard that splits in the middle so you can easily fold it. The keyboard does not have a numeric pad, but it is smaller and easy to transport. Plus, its smaller size allows you to set your mouse closer to your keyboard and prevent strain. 

Keyboard and Track Pad – A small keyboard with a trackpad built in. It feels like a laptop keyboard. Some of these keyboards have the trackpad to the right of the keys and others in front.  

Flexible Keyboards – Another type of mini keyboard that features a complete set of keys but can roll up easily for travel. You can literally squeeze this keyboard into a bag.

Handheld Keyboards – One of the newer keyboards is the handheld keyboard. They are characterized by their smaller design, much like a video game controller. They are connected via Bluetooth or USB. These keyboards can have small layout changes for keys and sometimes fewer keys.

Other Reasons to Use a Mini Keyboard

There are also other advantages to using a small gaming keyboard. These reasons may not improve your game, but they can make it much more interesting, comfortable, fun, and portable.

Comfort – A mini keyboard gives you more comfort as you play. Under a standard computer setup, the user must sit at a desk to work on the computer. Sitting in one place for several hours of gameplay is tiring. By using a mini keyboard, you can easily move about without having to perch a large keyboard on your lap. Smaller keyboards do not wobble or tilt when you perch them on your lap, allowing you to change your sitting position.

Portable – As digital users, we are becoming a mobile society. As such, we need to be able to transport computer equipment easily in backpacks and luggage. The compact keyboard is small and can fit almost anywhere, so it easily fits in a computer carrying case or bag. 

Fun – A portable keyboard lets you be more adventurous and get into the excitement of the gameplay. 


Ready to find an excellent mini keyboard and improve your gameplay? Here are our top 7 mini keyboards chosen for their style and build. 

1. Gaming Keyboard 60 Percent | 61 RGB Rainbow LED Backlit

This 60% blue mini keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboard options. It has a full backlight with different lighting effects, making it easier for gamers to play in dark conditions. It is a wired keyboard, so there are no worries about battery replacement and charge times. The keyboard connects via USB but doesn’t require any installation of drivers. 

An important feature of this gaming keyboard is the optical switches, which provide fast response times and give gamers a better advantage. The optical switches used in the keys allow for a 100 million keystroke lifespan. Because of its small size, gamers can easily use the macro functions to program repeated needed actions and keystroke sequencing. 

The layout is 61 keys, all of which have a changing color backlight effect. In addition, this fantastic keyboard is resistant to spills and dust. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers and all operating systems. You can find this keyboard on Amazon for $79.99.

Gaming Keyboard 60 Percent
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2. Razer Huntsman Mini Gaming Keyboard

The Razer Huntsman is one of the best compact gaming keyboard options. It has the fast mechanical switches gamers want and a nice RGB backlight to see the keyboard in the dark. The Razer stands out for its onboard memory, allowing gamers to program key sequencing codes easily. The keys press super fast with a 30% faster actuation distance than other gaming keyboards. 

The Razer Huntsman also has a sync function that allows it to connect and sequence important key press functionality for the most popular games. The construction is aluminum with a matte aluminum top frame that gives the keyboard more integrity and durability.

The razer has dust and dirt-resistant keys with a slightly textured finish, less prone to grimy build-up. Find the Razer Huntsman keyboard on Amazon for $98.74.

Razer Huntsman Mini Gaming Keyboard
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3. DIERYA DK61E Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The black DIERYA DK61E model is a 60% keyboard that offers a lot for a budget price. It is a gaming keyboard with backlight functionality but also has the needed mechanical gaming function, allowing gamers to make precise commands. It also has a cool colored backlight to help you see the keys in dark conditions, and the 61 compact keys are fully programmable. The keyboard is wired and connects via USB, which gives it a faster response time, and connecting it does not require any driver downloads.

The unique keycap design is perfect for comfort and reduces fatigue through special comfort pads. The keyboard designers have focused on finger comfort as the pad system allows for less key pressure and faster typing speeds with fewer typos. The DIERYA DK61E is an excellent budget mini keyboard on Amazon for $34.99

DIERYA DK61E Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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4. Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Gaming Keyboard

The black Razer Huntsman mini keyboard has a nice changing color backlight and linear optical switches for faster key action. The classic black style contrasts nicely with the backlighting. Gamers also have the option to use the onboard memory, allowing them to create sequencing commands for their favorite games. 

The mechanical switch technology on the Razer Huntsman is an optical beam-based actuator system allowing the keyboard to register a keypress at an incredible speed. It has a 15% to 30% shorter actuation, which means the key tap is faster. Another nice feature is that this keyboard allows you to customize the backlight colors, choosing specific colors for certain keys. 

It has a quality aluminum construction with a top matte finish. The keys have a slightly textured finish to prevent dirt build-up. It is a USB type C wired keyboard with a detachable cable for easy portability. It is a well-designed keyboard with mechanical action at just $69.99 on Amazon.  

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Gaming Keyboard
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5. Snpurdiri Wired Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Ultra-Compact Mini Keyboard 

Gamers with small budgets can’t go wrong with this mini compact keyboard. The Snpurdiri wired gaming keyboard has many features for a super low price. This 61-key keyboard is great for PC gamers, typists, or travelers. It is small and backlit but does not have the faster mechanical keyboard technology. Instead, it has a slower membrane keyboard. Other than that, it has everything you need to game easily.

It has a backlight RGB effect with eight different color effects. The keycaps are UV coated and laser printed, so the letters never fade, and they are manufactured with high-quality ABS material.  Indeed, this is as budget-friendly a mini keyboard as you can find it on Amazon for just $19.99.

Snpurdiri Wired Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Ultra-Compact Mini Keyboard 
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6. Anne Pro 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 

The Anne Pro is a higher-end white mini keyboard with a switch key functioning and a full set of programmable keys. It has the backlight feature that users love, and better yet, it can be customized to light specific keys or key sequences in different colors. This is a wired and wireless keyboard, so you can opt for a USB connection or go cordless. The 1900mAh rechargeable battery allows the keyboard to connect via Bluetooth, and gamers can connect it to up to 4 devices. 

The minimalistic design is attractive, but more importantly, it is ergonomic and is a linear mechanical keyboard with specialized, individualized key switch technology, requiring less hand movement while giving all of the normal keyboard functionalities. The programming feature comes with easy software setup and key programmable options. The Anne Pro is a reliable, quality-made mini keyboard for gamers, and at $89.00 on Amazon, you know you will have a keyboard that can take that quick finger action. 

Anne Pro 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 
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7. BOYI Wired 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This multi-colored cherry MX red BOYI 60% compact keyboard is made using different colors to allow gamers to identify keys and key sequences better. The cherry MX red is one of the most popular mechanical key systems for its silent and fast linear action, unlike the cherry MX blue switches, which are more tactile and have more resistance. This keyboard has a cool customizable lighting mode. Up to 10 different programmable backlight modes allow gamers to choose lights for specific keys and thereby identify them more easily. Once you set the different modes, you can easily switch between them by pressing the (Fn+Alt+T Key).

It has the mechanical key switch gaming technology and can support intense game action. It gives you every keystroke with precision. 

The keyboard has a type-C USB connection and a US layout keyboard. Overall the keyboard has an ergonomic design to help relieve wrist and finger fatigue. The BOYI mini keyboard is one of the finest on the market; you can’t go wrong with this one. Find it on Amazon at just $75.99.

BOYI Wired 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Give Yourself Time

Buying a mini gaming keyboard is often a matter of preference. So long as you get one of the mechanical keyboards needed for gaming, the other functionalities are purely a personal preference. 

Whatever mini mechanical keyboard you decide to buy, for your best gaming experience, be sure to practice with the new keyboard for at least two weeks to get used to it. It will take a while for your fingers to get accustomed to the new smaller layout. 

Final Thoughts

You can find many different-sized keyboards on the market today, from the standard size to the handheld mini keyboard. However, most gamers prefer the 60% wired mini keyboard as it offers better response times, more key sequencing programming options specific to gaming processes, and backlighting that allows gamers to play in all lighting conditions. Many gamers prefer the best of both worlds, opting for a wired connection with Bluetooth connectivity so it can also work as a wireless gaming keyboard for those moments when they want a portable option. You can’t go wrong with any of the top 7 mini keyboards for gaming we’ve just explored.

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