The Top Melee Weapons In Halo You Should Be Using

Melee Weapon


Whether you're playing Halo Infinite or Combat Evolved, one thing is for certain – there are constant enemies to battle, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique weapon. To be successful in the game, players are going to want to learn how to fight with a variety of weapons ranging from the Plasma Rifle and Sniper Rifle to the Plasma Grenade, Beam Rifle, and Energy Sword. As you can see, there are many guns to be found within the Halo universe. But what about melee weapons? If you're familiar with Halo, then you're aware of how combat works. While you have many opportunities to strike down your enemy from a distance, some battles happen in more closed quarters. And in these circumstances, a good melee weapon can be a whole lot more effective and safer for you than any gun or projectile.

Gaming Intel says with the right melee weapons, players can afflict more damage on enemies in close combat at record speed. And because you won't be needing ammo as you would with the Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle, you'll find fighting with a melee weapon allows you to get more attacks in where you'd otherwise be reloading. However, Game Pressure says just as guns use ammo, melee weapons use energy. You'll want to be mindful of this fact when fighting.

But which melee weapons are worth the time? And which ones prove most effective against a variety of enemies? According to Fandom, there are a total of 23 melee weapons in the Halo series. Depending on which Halo game you're playing, you're going to find different weapons of all kinds, from the Stalker Rifle to the Combat Knife and Bloodblade. Depending on your mission and the type of enemies you're facing, you'll want to make sure you're using the best weapon for the occasion. That's why we took the time to review the top melee weapons in Halo, with information on why and when to use them. 

Here Are The Top Melee Weapons in Halo You Should Be Using

When you're ready to dole out a deadly melee attack, it's crucial that you know you've got a powerful weapon at your side. Luckily, any of the following weapons can be used to inflict heavy damage to an enemy player in melee combat.

Energy Sword

From Halo Reach to Halo Infinite, the Energy Sword has been a fan favorite since the inception of the Halo series. According to Gamerant, the Energy Sword can be a great source of either strength or frustration. Often difficult to master, this weapon can destroy multiple enemies at a time when wielded appropriately. Naturally, it is super effective in close combat, providing a one-shot melee kill that is otherwise unmatched by other melee weapons. While this weapon is incredibly powerful, the game makes you work for it.

To gain access to an Energy Sword, players must visit selected weapons dispensers, according to IGN. But because this high-power weapon happens to be the strongest melee weapon in the game, it's well worth the hunt to find one. Traditionally a Sangheili weapon, the Energy Sword has many different variants, each with its own benefits and abilities. For instance, the Ravening Silver is much faster than other Energy Swords, while the Prophet's Bane has active camouflage. No matter what your combat needs, Energy Swords are extremely powerful and devastating melee weapons that are practically unstoppable in most instances of combat – especially the Halo Infinite Energy Sword.

Gravity Hammer

According to Neoseeker, the Gravity Hammer is similar to that of the Tartarus. In turn, just one good swing can send your opponent into complete and utter annihilation. Not only do Gravity Hammers make excellent melee weapons, but they also work as shields, deflecting rockets from the rocket launcher. During the campaign, many Brutes can be seen in possession of this weapon, making them quite the formidable opponent. Because the Gravity Hammer is heavy and considerably slow, it is the perfect weapon for use against Hunters and other larger, slower enemies.

Whether you choose it as a primary or secondary weapon, the Gravity Hammer delivers heavy damage to enemies. Because it requires various defense tactics and a certain level of finesse, this weapon can be used to the player's benefit in everything from Halo Infinite multiplayer to campaign play. No matter which weapon type you prefer, the Gravity Hammer is a power weapon that works best when you plan your attacks. And because you're sacrificing speed for power, you always want to make sure you're a step ahead of the competition, whether it is an AI or Halo Infinite player. All in all, we recommend this melee weapon to anyone skilled in stealth.

Gravity Hammer

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According to Amino Apps, the Bloodblade is an alternative form of the Energy Sword, often spotted in a shade of crimson. Available in Halo 2, Halo Wars, and Halo Infinite, this Energy Sword variant is most often wielded by Covenant Special Operations. Now, you're probably wondering what makes the Bloodblade different from the type-1 Energy Sword. Firstly, the blade itself glows an intense red color rather than the signature blue. Second, its attack speed is much higher, making it the ideal weapon for speedy attacks against one or multiple enemies. Finally, this weapon does more damage and increases your movement speed!

Are you looking to create the perfect melee combo? When paired with a heavy-duty weapon like the Gravity Hammer, Halo players who have mastered such weapons are almost guaranteed a win. Using 100 battery units, this weapon is more powerful than weapons like the Duelist and much easier to wield. And unlike weapons like the Halo Infinite Shock Rifle, S7 Sniper, or VK78 Commando, you don't have to be a wiz with precision to completely eviscerate the competition in any Halo game. Our advice? Once you have successfully obtained the Bloodblade, never let it go.

Energy Dagger

Primarily used by the Sangheili – especially those in the Zealot class – the Energy Dagger is an energy melee weapon that was used heavily in the Human-Covenant war. Within the Halo series, this weapon is most often employed with the goal of defeating player-controlled Elites (like the Sniper Elite), in addition to door hacking and hostage killing. Not only is it a powerful weapon, but it is also quite sleek in appearance. Similar in its looks to the half-sized Energy Sword, the Energy Dagger is different, as it ends in a single point rather than in dual prongs.

The Energy Dagger is unique in that it is on a device that goes around the wrist. It is made of superheated plasma and formed through the use of a magnetic field generator. This weapon unfortunately has a battery with a limited power supply, so make sure you try to use the Energy Dagger when its really needed. Designed during the Third Age of Conversion, this weapon actually proved itself as the perfect tool to use against the Kig-Yar and their specially designed melee weapons. In the end, this is a great option for assassination, execution, and even brawling.

Energy Dagger

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According to Pro Game Guides, some enemies can be killed in one hit when you melee them from behind. Luckily, this type-2 Gravity Hammer has this capability and more. Halopedia says the Grinder first appeared in Halo 5: Guardians and quickly made quite an impact on players. It works by spawning an impressively powerful gravimetric vortex when swung, ultimately producing a an EMP effect that lasts 3.45 seconds with a kill radius of 9.9 meters. Historically speaking, the Grinder was first used for training purposes with Spartan IV-s who were serving aboard the UNSC Infinity at the time.

Today, the Grinder can be used in Warzone to take out multiple enemies at a time with ease. Much like the standard Gravity Hammer, the Grinder unleashes heavy damage, however, it is considerably slow. So, when fighting with this weapon, you will want to make sure that you take your time and plan your attacks. Otherwise, you might find yourself missing your opponent(s) and taking mass amount of damage all before you have even had a chance to strike. This ultra-rare REQ weapon consumes a total of 5 energy and can even be used against vehicles with impressive results.


Here, we have the first human-made weapon on the list – the Halo Katana. Most often found on the back of the HAYABUSA armor, this melee weapon is unique in that it is actually a special unlock available in Halo 3. Technically an armor permutation, the manmade Katana is made up of a normal Hayabusa body that features a Katana sword that is affixed to the back using a potentially magnetic attachment. The sheath – also known as a saya – is grey, and the handle features an attractive reddish-brown shade. GameFAQs says Halo fans should obtain the Katana for a number of reasons- most notably, however, because the journey to unlock it is rewarding in itself.

There are many unique aspects when it comes to the Katana. One of the more interesting is the fact that to use the weapon effectively, the player must first make it an extension of their body to gain the understanding needed by those seeking to be warriors. In Halo 3, the Katana can be used separately from the rest of the Hayabusa armor, allowing the player to pair it with any helmet and shoulder equipment. In the Master Chief Collection, there is actually a red HAYABUSA-clad Spartan that can be used, which employs the Katana.


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Gravity Axe

According to Sportskeeda, this weapon type is great for wreaking havoc without the use of additional boosters. This melee weapon is mostly employed by the Banished and is similar in principle to the Gravity Hammer and Gravity Mace. Later on, the Gravity Axe was used by the Escharum during Operation: WOLFE and the Battle for Zeta Halo. First appearing in Halo: Shadows of Reach, the Gravity Axe would also pop up in the latest release as a Halo Infinite weapon. It wasn't long after Halo Infinite was released before the Gravity Axe quickly became a fan-favorite – and it's easy to see why.

This two-handed power weapon has undeniable strength that turns enemies into a pile of bones and blood with little effort. While there are more benefits than drawbacks when discussing the Gravity Axe melee weapon, there are a few things to consider before dedicating yourself to its use. For instance, it is quite large and bright in its appearance, making it easy to spot and difficult to hide from enemies. Furthermore, it is a bit on the heavy side, making it a slower weapon that must be used with intent.


According to NME, Halo Infinite's melee system has seen a lot of improvements – especially with season 2. In turn, if you like to get close to your enemies in combat, you'll find it to be very rewarding in Halo's newest release. When it comes to fun melee weapons, the Chainbreaker is quite a powerful option that is actually made from parts of the type-2 Gravity Hammer. When the weapon is activated, it produces three red blade-like protrusions that can harm and even attract enemies. The chainbreaker is technically a gravity mace, also serving as the signature weapon of Atriox – a Jiralhanae warlord who also served as chief of the Banished.

Acting as Atriox's symbolic scepter, the Chainbreaker went on to serve as the symbol for his organization – the Mark of Atriox. This weapon made its initial debut in Halo 2, eventually reappearing in Halo: Rise of Atriox and now in Halo Infinite. Interestingly, this highly beloved power weapon can also be purchased in the Xbox Live store and equipped as a prop for your avatar. Keep in mind that thanks to the sheer size and weight of the Chainbreaker, it is a heavy weapon that doesn't strike quickly.


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7 Wood

Sadly, while there is a wide variety of weapons available in the Halo series, not all of them are found within each individual game. And when it comes to melee weapons, the same can be said – especially about the 7 Wood. With an appearance that is highly similar to a golf club, this weapon is only available in Halo 5: Guardians, Halo 3, and Halo Reach. In Halo 5: Guardians, it is still available in all maps. However, in Halo 3, it can only be used in the map Sandbox. Furthermore, the 7 Wood can only be placed in Forge World and Tempest while playing Halo Reach.

In its design, the 7 Wood is actually a redesign of the Gravity Hammer. Better yet, it has no noticeable changes in terms of speed or damage. While it is the same size of the Gravity Hammer, it has the same shape of a standard golf club. While the weapon's design might seem silly to players at first, it is likely that it was created by Bungie for novelty purposes. Should you opt to try the 7 Wood, you'll want to use the same tactics you would use with the Gravity Hammer.


Coming to our final selection on our list of the top melee weapons in Halo you should be using, the Lightblade – also known as a hardlight blade – is a melee weapon most commonly employed by Forerunners. Affixed to the arms of several Forerunner constructs, you will find the Lightblade more often being wielded by Promethean Knights. This weapon performs similarly to the Energy Sword, stripping away any energy shields and slicing through armor with ease. In terms of power, according to Space Battles, the Lightblade is actually more powerful than the well-known Star Wars weapon, the Lightsaber. So, if you're looking for an unstoppable melee weapon, this is it.

Within the Halo series, there are 9 different kinds of Lightblades or Hardlight Blades, each used by a different Promethean Knight. Interestingly enough, each of these variations has its own strengths and abilities. For instance, one can be affixed to a gun for use as a sort of bayonet while another takes on a whole other form and method of combat operation. This weapon has appeared in several games including Halo 4, Halo Escalation, Halo 5: Guardians, and Halo: Official Spartan Field Manual.


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Putting Halo Melee Weapons to Work for You

From the Halo Campaign to Big Team Battle, Halo is all about combat. And if you're unable to defend yourself against a variety of AI's and skilled players, you're not likely to get very far in the series. While being skilled with firepower is important considering the amount of powerful enemies and vehicles in the game, it's also important that players are adept in melee combat. From the Gravity Hammer to the Energy Sword and everything in between, melee weapons allow you to fight in close quarters whether or not you have ammo. With our list of the top melee weapons in Halo you should be using, you'll find yourself racking up wins in no time.

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