The Top Sources for the Latest Halo Infinite News


The Top Sources for the Latest Halo Infinite News

Halo Infinite launched on Windows, the Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and this latest addition to the Halo Franchise was well received by audiences around the globe. According to Steam, Infinite has the most expansive Master Chief campaign to date, making it a must-have for those that have experience with the Halo series. Set in 2560, Windows Central explains that Halo Infinite follows the story of Halo 5: Guardians, with the same open-world style campaign seen in every other Halo game. During these events, the human AI known as Cortana and the allied AIs are found rebelling against their creators – the UNSC or United Nations Space Command. Using ancient Forerunner weapons known to fans as Guardians, Cortana works to subjugate the galaxy.

But what makes Halo Infinite so special? And what sets it apart from the other games in the Halo series? First and foremost, it was designed as more of a platform and less of a game. Similar to how Fortnite operates, Halo Infinite players can expect regular updates to the game, providing fresh and consistent content to players for the next ten years. That means whether you have Battle Pass or not, you can still advance in the campaign and Halo Infinite multiplayer at no cost to you. However, the Battle Pass does also provide some impressive perks including different cosmetics for your Spartan, according to Gamesradar.

Whether you prefer the PC, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S, every Halo Infinite player will want to keep up on the latest news to ensure they're gaining access to everything for each Halo Infinite season. Tech Radar says Infinite recently got a new update after approximately six months of season 1. If this trend continues, players can expect new content twice a year. From Combat Evolved to Infinite, Halo has come a long way. And with an all-new way to play – Xbox Game Studios expects the franchise to continue expanding its lasting impact on the game world. So, what are the top sources for the latest Halo Infinite news? Before we dive into that, read on below to discover what you can expect out of a Halo Infinite update.

What Does a Halo Infinite Update Look Like?

As we mentioned before, Halo Infinite is slated to be a continuous platform that releases new content for players across all platforms, despite the possession of a Game Pass or Battle Pass. As of now, small updates are being released throughout the season, with large updates only being released WITH the release of each new season. In turn, because we are only on season 2, Halo Infinite players have only been witness to one major update that included various new maps, modes, and more.

Continuing on, Comicbook says Halo Infinite updates make changes and additions to both multiplayer and campaign modes. Since its November 2021 release, the platform has continued to roll out update after update on a regular basis. And because you do not require Game Pass or Battle Pass to remain up-to-date, players enjoy free perks on a regular basis. Halo Infinite updates include:


Dot Esports says although Halo Infinite has only been around for a short amount of time, the game has a lot to offer in the way of maps. In fact, today, Infinite has a total of 12 maps. Additionally, the game allows players to come up with player-voted maps, as well as various other creations that are likely to come in the future. To date, these are the maps you can find in Halo Infinite multiplayer's 12v12 Big Team Battle, 4v4 Arena, and 12-player Last Spartan Standing.

  • Breaker

  • Catalyst

  • Aquarius

  • Bazaar

  • Behemoth

  • Deadlock

  • Fragmentation

  • Highpower

  • Launch Site

  • Live Fire

  • Recharge

  • Streets

From Arena maps with symmetrical spawns and side passages to desert-themed Big Team Battle maps and more, Halo Infinite currently boasts a library of impressive and diverse maps. And because the release of season 2 brought several different maps, we can only imagine what is yet to come with Season 3 and beyond.

Sidewinder Map screenshot

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At Digital Trends, they explain that while they expect many new and exciting modes with each Halo Infinite update, many of the modes currently found in the game are classics from previous Halo games. In the beginning, Halo Infinite launched as a free-to-play multiplayer experience – this was before the campaign was even released! However, unlike the story with many multiplayer capable games, Infinite was already packed with different, exciting modes, each tailored to a different type of player. That's why long-time players recommend choosing your mode carefully to ensure longevity. Below are the modes currently available in Halo Infinite.

  • Slayer

  • Capture The Flag

  • Oddball

  • Strongholds

  • Stockpile

  • Total Control

  • King of The Hill

  • Land Grab

  • Last Spartan Standing

  • Various Time-Limited Modes (Fiesta, Tactical Slayer, and more)

Much like the addition of maps in Season 2, Halo Infinite's most recent update also delivered a variety of new modes like the aforementioned King of The Hill, according to Gamerant. Likely to continue this trend, Season 3 will certainly bring a fresh take on various modes in the Infinite universe.


IGN says there are a total of 22 weapons in Halo Infinite multiplayer. If you're familiar with the Halo franchise, then you're well aware of its collection of unique, space-age weaponry that ranges from hammers and swords to guns and projectiles. Infinite's collection of 22 weapons includes both classics and fan favorites like the S7 Sniper Rifle and Gravity Hammer. Otherwise, the following is the complete list of weapons you can find in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

  • Skewer

  • S7 Sniper Rifle

  • M41 SPNKR

  • Gravity Hammer

  • Energy Sword

  • Cindershot

  • Shock Rifle

  • Disruptor

  • Stalker Rifle

  • Ravager

  • Pulse Carbine

  • Plasma Rifle

  • Needler

  • Sentinel Beam

  • Heatwave

  • VK78 Commando

  • M50 Sidekick

  • MA40 AR

  • Mangler

  • Hydra

  • CQS48 Bulldog

  • BR75

Season 2 brought both the Disruptor and the Ravager to the game – two weapons that have proved to be highly useful. In turn, we look forward to seeing what season 3 brings.

mk50 sidekick game image

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Themed, Limited-Time Events

Twinfinite says that while Halo announced its upcoming limited-time events for season 2, we are not yet sure what they entail. However, we can imagine they may somewhat resemble Fortnite's live concert events and the like. Hopefully, there will be more information available soon.

All New Non-Expiring Battle Pass

Perhaps one of the best benefits of the Lone Wolves season 2 update is its inclusion of a never-expiring Battle Pass. According to VGC, this unlikely gift makes it easier to earn XP while providing 'Play 1 Game' challenges to help the player level up consistently while playing the game the way you want to. As is the case with many other elements of Halo Infinite, the Battle Pass itself is constantly receiving updates like unlockable items and a doubled duration of 2XP boosts.

Now that you know what can be expected from a Halo Infinite update, here are the top sources for the latest Halo Infinite news so that you're always up-to-date with the latest versions and info.

Here Are The Top Sources for the Latest Halo Infinite News

While social media is great for informing us about things we like, sometimes it's better to go a more specific route when seeking information. For games like Halo Infinite, there are many common gamer publications both in print and online that prove useful for keeping fans up to date. Below are the top sources for the latest Halo Infinite news.

Halo Waypoint

As the 'official' site for the Halo universe, Halo Waypoint is well-deserving of a spot on this list. With information on everything from Halo Wars to Combat Evolved, this website is rich in information about all game modes, bundles, Xbox Game Pass information, and much more. Simply visit their website at Halo Waypoint, and right away you will notice a sleek, straightforward interface that offers guests quick access to news, Esports, support, and a like-minded community of Halo fans with which to converse. In turn, even if Halo Waypoint can't answer your question, there is probably someone in the forum that can.

In terms of news content, this website shares new articles regularly – sometimes posting multiples in the span of one day. Covering everything from pro series online tournaments to character profiles and even the Halo tv series, Halo fans everywhere can trust Halo Waypoint to provide all the latest news and information regarding Halo Infinite and the fandom as a whole. So, in the interest of keeping up with Infinite over the next decade, we highly recommend checking out this site.

Game Informer

If you are a long-time video game fan, chances are, you're familiar with Game Informer. Gamer magazine and longtime Gamestop partner, this gaming publication has been around for almost 32 years and counting. Game Informer is a monthly video game magazine that goes out once every five weeks, alternatively publishing information on the Game Informer website. Whether you prefer the print or online version, this well-credited magazine is known worldwide as a premier provider of all things Halo, and video games in general. With a quick visit to their easy-to-navigate website, you can search specifically for Halo Infinite and go from there.

Upon first glance, you will notice that the Game Informer website has Halo Infinite information coming out regularly – at least once a week. From official, detailed reviews and game rankings to map details and general series news, there's a reason why Game Informer has been around for as long as it has – the magazine is packed full of well-written pieces created by industry experts. And while the website is the most convenient way to access this publication, the magazine is highly affordable and features plenty of fun and impressive imagery.

aquarius map

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While definitely a lesser-known source, Halo fans might be surprised to learn that Kotaku is a neat video game resource and blog featuring gaming reviews, news, tips, and more. Much like the other websites on this list, this one has a straightforward menu for simple navigation and the ability to search specifically for Halo Infinite. Whether you're looking to learn about a new mode, Zeta Halo, or a Halo Infinite update, Kotaku has players covered with up-to-date information regarding everything Halo – even regarding games like Flight Sim in which you can fly a Pelican Dropship, according to Kotaku.

Something else that makes Kotaku unique from some of the other sites on this list is its attention to detail. For instance, they make sure to publish articles about past, present, and future Halo info, with a focus on official news from E3, Xbox press conferences, and Microsoft. One other majorly convenient feature of the Kotaku website is its menu, featuring links to many other reliable gamer websites including A.V. Club, Deadspin, and The Root. As you can see, if you're looking for a dependable source from which to stay updated on Halo Infinite news, Kotaku is a great option.


Created by Pete Deemer, Vince Broady, and Jon Epstein, GameSpot is another familiar brand that provides the most recent gaming and entertainment coverage. This includes everything from news and reviews to guides, trailers, walkthroughs, and more. Known today as GameSpot Entertainment, this website supports not only knowledge, but affordable gaming for all with links to valuable deals on games, tech, and gifts. Finally, it provides coverage for games on a variety of consoles and platforms including Playstation, Xbox, PC, Mac, and even Amazon Free Games. Of course, if you're looking for Halo Infinite news, GameSpot happens to have that in spades.

With a quick visit to their website, you'll notice a similar layout to the others on this list, with categories, sub-categories, and a more direct search option so you can get right to the point. From Halo Reach and Master Chief to Halo 2 and Battle Pass rewards, GameSpot features Halo Infinite articles of all varieties so you're always prepared with the latest information. Better yet, their content includes much more than simple articles. A search for Halo Infinite returns everything from blogs and campaign videos to image galleries, trailers, and myth-busting. Check them out today to learn more.

fragmentations map image

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Digital Trends

Based in Portland, Oregon, Digital Trends is everything the name suggests – an up-to-date source for all things popular and digital. So, if you're a Halo fan looking for a reliable news source, you're in luck. With a focus on all things tech, Digital Trends offers the latest coverage in the form of videos, in-depth product reviews, news, and all of the best tech and gaming deals that are going on right now. This includes TVs, consoles, controllers, tablets, video games, accessories, and more. Whether you're seeking how-to guides, descriptive videos, podcasts, or other information about technology and consumer electronics products – Digital Trends has you covered.

When it comes to Halo Infinite news in particular, Halo fans can definitely appreciate Digital Trends' wealth of relative information. Because Digital Trends is a tech website in general, be sure to visit the gaming section before searching for Infinite news. Once there, you'll discover sections on everything from Safe Multiplayer and Spider-Chief to Our Take and At Least It's Halo, this source for Halo Infinite information has plenty of witty, well-written content including campaign overviews, buying guides, downloads, deals, detailed reviews and more. Ultimately, Digital Trends is a great source for everything related to tech and entertainment.

Washington Post

Unlike the other websites on this list, the Washington Post is an American daily newspaper focused on much more than just gaming and tech. More than that, the Washington Post is made up of all the typical newspaper sections, including sports, entertainment, business, politics, and more. Located in the technology section, this publication (available in both print and online) has a section dedicated to gaming, with all of the up-to-date information you could ever need regarding popular games like Modern Warfare, Apex legends, Forza Horizon, and more. So, if you're looking for a way to stay current on all things Xbox Live or Playstation – this is a highly reliable source.

A quick search for Halo Infinite on their internet database actually turns up 40+ results off the bat. This array of content includes everything from information on the tv series to the Halo Infinite campaign, Battle Pass, new maps, modes, weapons, and more. And it doesn't just cover in-game information – it also discusses Halo Infinite hardware like the Halo Infinite console, controller, and various other merch and accessories. Check out the Washington Post website's gaming section for a closer look at all the Halo Infinite content they have to offer. halo stock image

Halo Infinite and The Future

The Halo series has been around since 2001, making it a longstanding favorite with over 20 years of history. And with the well-received release of Halo Infinite and its newly found success with the release of season 2, the Halo franchise isn't likely to be going anywhere any time soon. If you have Halo Infinite and are looking forward to the next decade of Halo Infinite content, including maps, modes, weapons, limited-time themed events, armor, and more, this list of the top sources for the latest Halo Infinite news has you more than covered.

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