Top 6 Headphone Splitters Available Now

If you are in need of splitting up your laptop or stereo audio into two or more pairs of headphones or additional speakers, you may want to consider picking up a quality headphone splitter.

There are a wide variety of headphone splitters available on the market today. A headphone splitter is handy for family members who share headphones and want to listen to music or movies on different volume levels, making this a great way to watch movies together.

What exactly is a headphone splitter and why do you need one? Keep reading to get the answers to these questions and to learn about the top 7 headphone splitters available now! 

What Is a Headphone Splitter?

A headphone splitter is a handy device for people who enjoy watching movies or sharing music with others.

Each headphone or speaker has an audio jack that plugs into the single output connector of your device. The headphone splitter takes that individual output and splits it into two or more separate outputs. This means that you can plug into your device, two or more sets of headphones or speakers for your listening pleasure.

The audio cable is made of durable and long-lasting materials, such as a gold-plated connector and an aluminum shell. It also features oxygen-free copper wire to avoid noise and ensure high-quality transmission and which helps to prevent corrosion. In addition, the wires are nickel-plated for additional protection.

When choosing a headphone splitter, choose one compatible with the audio source you wish to connect to. For example, many people use dual headphone splitters. But some models support mics. Ultimately, you should choose one based on the specific needs of your household. This way, you can listen to music on two separate sets of headphones without worrying about losing any audio quality.

While a headphone splitter is not explicitly designed to be a mixer, some of them do have this capability.

Why Do You Need a Headphone Splitter?

A headphone splitter is an essential gadget of equipment with multiple audio outputs. It allows multiple users to listen to music and videos at different volumes. In addition, you can connect your phone or laptop to the splitter simultaneously, which means everyone can listen to their music or video at the same volume.

Besides broadcasting and music production, the headphone splitter is also helpful for musicians. Many people use them during live band rehearsals and performances, and while tracking recording sessions. They are also beneficial for those who record videos, providing any number of people to listen to the video at the volume level they prefer.

Does a Headphone Splitter Affect Sound Quality?

If you are a music lover, you might wonder if the audio quality will suffer when you use a headphone splitter? To avoid this, you must get a headphone splitter that supports high-quality sound. A good quality splitter will not only make your music enjoyable to listen to, but the high-end construction will mean that your purchase will last for years.

How to Use a Headphone Splitter

A headphone splitter is a device that allows you to connect multiple headphones or microphones to a single audio output. These devices can be purchased at most electronics stores and will provide the same sound quality as if you were listening through a single audio jack. 

When choosing a headphone splitter, you should consider what audio device you use. Generally, you can use a splitter for any audio device with a headphone jack. Most headphone splitters feature dual-headphone support, allowing you to connect two pairs of headphones simultaneously. 

The quality of the wires and the connectors used to make splitters will have an affect the quality of the sound. Usually, gold-plated connectors are preferred since they resist corrosion. Also, the double-shielded cables minimize interference and ensure top-notch audio quality. If you want a high-quality splitter, choose the SoundLink brand.

Next, consider the kind of headphones you use. Many headphone splitters will work with 3.5mm headphone connector or a 6.35mm headphone connector. You will want one that supports both to get a good quality audio experience. Look for one that has an aluminum shell and is made of military-grade fibers for extra protection.

The next step is to consider the price. Some models are less expensive than others. However, if you are unsure, shop around and compare prices online. Also, make sure to consider your brand loyalty. Are you a fan of Sony, Toshiba or AKG? There are many great brands out there that make quality headphone splitters, so you may just be able to get a headphone splitter made by your favorite brand! With that said, always make sure to research all the different brands before buying.

Another important consideration is the number of ports. A headphone splitter is an ideal way to share audio with multiple people. Having two or three ports is fine if you’re just hanging out with a friend or two, but if you want to play music with many people at once, you should choose a model with five or more ports.

Check reviews of headphone splitters to see what others are saying about them. And remember to ask around! It’s better to ask someone who’s used them before you purchase. If possible, you might up getting even more information than you thought possible.

Top 6 Headphone Splitters Available Now

Here are the top 6 headphone splitters available now for wired headphones!

1. UGREEN Headphone Splitter 3.5mm Audio Stereo Y Splitter Extension

If you own two different mobile devices with stereo jacks, you may want to invest in a 3.5mm audio splitter. This device is designed to split one 3.5mm audio jack into two, allowing you to share your music. In addition, its slim metal connector will enable you to plug it in without removing your phone case. You may also consider the UGREEN 3.5mm audio stereo Y splitter cable.

The UGREEN headphone splitter enables you to use dual headphones and speakers while playing your music or playing games. Its high-quality construction makes it durable, with an aluminum casing and gold-plated connectors. In addition, it has strain-relieving rings and a durable shield to prevent damage to your device. This product is also compatible with a variety of instruments. It is an excellent choice for those who want to share their music with friends and family.

The UGREEN headphone splitter 3.5 MM audio splitter has a tangle-free double-braided nylon cable to increase its durability and reduce the risk of tangling. It also features an intelligent step-down design to provide a secure fit with a phone with virtually any type of case. This splitter is also lightweight, making it convenient to carry around and store. 

UGREEN Headphone Splitter 3.5mm Audio Stereo Y Splitter Extension
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2. UGREEN Headphone Splitter for Computer 3.5mm Female to 2 Dual 3.5mm Male Braided Audio Splitter Cable Microphone Stereo Jack

The UGREEN headphone splitter for PC is a handy tool for connecting a stereo headset to your PC audio or mic port. The product also adds a mono microphone input and stereo output. Compatible with all PC applications, you can use it in many scenarios. Its 3.5mm audio port is a common connection point for computer audio headsets. It works on PCs of all shapes and sizes, including USB ports.

This headset adapter has two 3.5mm female connectors on either end. The splitter lets you simultaneously use a single mic or stereo headphone port. It also solves the problem of headsets not working with your new laptop. The wire in this device ensures high-fidelity sound transmission. It eliminates the current noise and ensures you get a clear sound when chatting on the phone.

The UGREEN headphone splitter for computers can connect to most devices with 3.5mm audio inputs. Its compact design and gold-plated plugs are durable and will not bend easily. It’s compatible with most TRRS headphones and earbuds. It also features a 3.5mm headphone jack to allow users to listen to music through their earphones. The UGREEN headphone splitter for computers is a convenient way to share music with friends and family without compromising sound quality.

UGREEN Headphone Splitter for Computer
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3. KINGTOP 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable 

This 3.5mm audio adapter cable is designed for various audio needs. Its dual plugs are standard and connect two different types of headphones and mic sets. It is also great for transferring music from your computer to your headphones or vice-versa. In addition, you can use it with any audio device that uses a 3.5mm connector, from your laptop to your iPhone.

The audio splitter is compatible with any headphone/mic setup and has a 3.5mm jack. It will fix the problem of a desktop gaming headset that isn’t compatible with Apple devices.

Most new laptops have one 3.5mm 4-position (4-pin) audio port.

The 3.5mm combo audio adapter has a dual 3-position jack, making it perfect for connecting two headsets to a single audio source. It has connectors and a wire core for maximum conductivity and durability. In addition, its compact design makes it easy to carry around. The Kingtop 3.5mm combo audio adapter cable for headphones comes in different colors, which is an excellent option if you have many headphones and want to listen to music on the go.

This cable also includes a warranty. If you have any issues with your purchase, contact KING TOP Great Support for fast and friendly customer service. 

KINGTOP 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable 
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4. Belkin F8V234 Speaker and Headphone 3.5 mm AUX Audio Cable Splitter, Black

With this headset adapter, you can use two headsets with one phone. Its simple design and premium materials make it an excellent choice. It works with both 3.5 mm AUX audio devices. It is easy to use and makes using two headsets a breeze. Its price is reasonable, too!

Besides connecting two headphones and speakers to a single jack, this speaker and headphone splitter allows you to join one secondary line to external recording devices and speakers. This adapter features dual 1/8″ stereo female and male connections and is compatible with most 3.5 mm audio devices. It is available in white and black and will work with both male and female jacks.

This versatile splitter is ideal for various applications, including the AUX port in your car. So, whether you’re trying to share a movie with your partner or simply want to listen to music, this adapter will make the process a breeze. The dual 3.5 mm AUX splitter also comes with a double earphone adapter so that you can enjoy stereo on both headphones.

Belkin F8V234 Speaker and Headphone 3.5 mm AUX Audio Cable Splitter, Black
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5. Belkin RockStar 5-Jack Multi Headphone Audio Splitter (Light Green)

With the Belkin RockStar 5-jack multi headphone splitter, sharing audio with friends is now easy and fun. Connect up to five headphones to the splitter and enjoy music from different sources. With its convenient 3.5 millimeters auxiliary port, you can connect as many as five devices simultaneously. The splitter maintains audio quality no matter what devices are connected to it. You can even use the splitter to mix songs.

The RockStar is compact and lightweight, making it a convenient tool for traveling. It is the perfect solution for long plane rides or road trips. Parents can enjoy uninterrupted music or movies while driving, while kids can listen to audiobooks.

5. Belkin RockStar 5-Jack Multi Headphone Audio Splitter (Light Green)
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6. JSAUX Headphone Splitter, Audio Splitter 3.5mm Male TRS to 2 Dual 3.5mm Female Adapter Nylon-Braided Stereo Y Aux Cable Splitter 

The JSAUX Headphone Splitter is a versatile adapter that lets you connect stereo headsets to your PC audio or mic port. It enables you to share audio between two different devices, and its dual shielding gold-plated connector offers pristine stereo sound from both outputs. The JSAUX headphone splitter is designed with a fast-charging function so that it won’t drain the battery on your mobile device. 

It also features a 3-in-1 function for simultaneous connection of dual 3.5mm earphones. And since it has a high-quality design, you can use it with any device with an auxiliary port.

While shopping for an audio splitter, it’s best to read user reviews before deciding. You can also ask friends or family who have already used the product and have a general idea of what to expect from it. If someone has a good experience with it, it might be worth buying. This may even help to avoid buyer’s remorse!

JSAUX Headphone Splitter
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Benefits of a Headphone Splitter

A headphone splitter is an audio device that allows multiple users to listen to the same audio source. The cord is made with a nylon cover and military-grade fibers to create extra protection. A 36-month manufacturer’s warranty ensures its high quality. Its dual shielding provides stability and eliminates interference. This cord can accommodate the constant weight of multiple users without a degradation of sound or overall performance.

Consumers should choose a headphone splitter that satisfies their needs. This type of device helps people get more enjoyment with their listening experience which in turn may help them to improve the quality of their daily lives. 

One of the most important benefits of a headphone splitter is that it allows multiple users to use different headphones, or speakers, simultaneously. Typically, you’ll need two 3.5mm audio connectors to connect two other audio devices. It’s possible to connect as many headphones as you want, but the quality of each one will be affected by the splitter you use. Whether you need to connect two different audio devices or just one, make sure you buy a headphone splitter that offers both options.

Using a headphone splitter is extremely useful in a variety of settings. Podcasters, radio broadcasters, and video content creators all benefit from using a headphone splitter. And of course musicians who are working in a recording studio will benefit from this accessory as they will be able to hear the same feed as their fellow musicians.

Final Thoughts on a Headphone Splitter

When looking for a headphone splitter, you should choose a model that is made from high-quality materials. Generally, a high-quality splitter constructed from high-end materials will not break down resulting in poor sound quality.

A good headphone splitter will have individual ports for multiple people, allowing you to listen to your favorite music with the person sitting next to you. These devices are compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Playstations, and they are also convenient for traveling. They are built with a gold-plated connector and an aluminum shell. They eliminate noise and ensure high-quality transmission. The audio quality is also excellent. 

You should also look for a warranty period. You can ask a store associate for more information if you do not find a guarantee period.

Before purchasing a headphone splitter, ensure you have an idea of the features that best fit your individual needs. Read user reviews to ensure your chosen splitter is suitable for you. Then, select a model that matches your specific needs. If you are unsure what type to get, you should consult an expert and ask for advice. Those with years of experience are often the best people to answer any questions you might have!


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