Top Video Game Controllers You Should Consider Buying

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Video game controllers are here to stay, and as video games evolve, so do their controllers.

If you’re the type of gamer who plays for hours on end, or you’re serious about gaming, then you probably know how vital a suitable controller is. A lousy controller can cause hand cramps, slow down your gameplay and simply make you feel uncomfortable.

There’s a certain comfort to the feel of your old, familiar controller. It’s been with you for so long that you know how to use it without looking. When you’re playing your favorite game and get into a groove, you feel like it’s almost an extension of yourself-your hands and fingers have as much reflexive control over the buttons as they do with your limbs. But then you start to notice that other controllers feel differently, work differently, and maybe even give you some new features to enjoy.

Video games are a big part of our lives, and the controllers we use to play them are just as big of a piece. But, when it comes to video game controllers, not all of them are created equal. Some controllers have more features than others, while some are more durable than others. That’s why it’s essential to do your research before you buy one. And, we have researched for you!

If considering upgrading your video game controller, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover why you should upgrade your controller and what to watch out for. And, you can even read reviews on different products to meet your needs.

What Is a Video Game Controller?

Game controllers are devices that emulate the buttons on a keyboard. They often have an analog stick and a piece of metal on the bottom.

The technology behind controllers is based on a similar model to the saxophone. In the mid-19th century, Adolf Sax developed an instrument that resembled a small keyboard piece. Older tools inspired its vital layout, but Sax aimed to create a device that was both effective and versatile. Subsequently, other makers improved upon Sax’s initial design, and the video game controller has followed a similar trajectory.

The circuitry in a game controller sends data to the CPU. The CPUcompares that data to the data in the program or game and interprets it accordingly. While the game controllers vary in shape and material, the primary function is the same. They translate a button press into a specific action, such as jumping or firing.

Video game controllers have changed dramatically over the years. Early versions were blocky and simplistic, while modern versions are futuristic. The first commercial console used a gamepad that featured a plastic knob on top. You could move the control surface horizontally or vertically. These controllers were perfect for games like Table Tennis. As a result, they became known as the first joysticks. Modern game controllers are primarily variations on a standard gamepad.

A game controller can be any input device that works with a video game. The most common game controllers are game consoles, but some gamepads mimic the actions of a gun. Most game controllers allow players to press buttons on a gaming console or a smartphone. Regardless of its type, a game controller is crucial for a game. A game with a lousy controller will be less fun.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Video Game Controllers?

There are several reasons to upgrade your video game controller (whether it’s an Xbox one controller, a steam controller, or even your Nintendo switch pro controller).

Most importantly, video game controllers affect in-game performance and the overall gaming experience. To create a better experience, investing in upgrading your video game controller is essential!

7 Top Video Game Controllers You Should Consider Buying

You have a few options when shopping for video game controllers. From the Xbox core wireless controller to the Voyee PC controller, these controllers will make playing video games a whole lot easier! So we’ve got you covered if you’re looking to upgrade your old controller or want a new, more innovative design. Check out the reviews below before you buy!

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02/18/2024 08:24 pm GMT

1. Xbox Core Wireless Controller – Deep Pink

The Xbox core wireless control in deep pink is everything you want it to be.

Its color scheme is deep pink, and the buttons are a berry color. The d-pad features four colored dots, which match the buttons on the top of the device. In addition to being wireless, this controller is compatible with older Xbox consoles and PC games. The controller is also compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

The Xbox Deep Pink controller is the latest addition to the already rainbow of color options available for the controller. While its looks are more feminine, the controller maintains the same quality as other Core Xbox controllers.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 07:17 pm GMT

2. Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One

If you are looking for an excellent third-party controller for your Xbox One console, the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is worth the money.

This controller functions almost exactly like a standard Xbox Series X controller, with a few exceptions. For instance, it does not have a power button, which is necessary for turning on the console. While this is not a significant drawback, it doesn’t provide the same comfortable feeling as many other controllers. However, it has a 10-foot cord and programmable buttons, making it an excellent choice for gamers.

The Enhanced Wireless Controller is easy to connect and works without any problems. It has a plug-and-play design, so you don’t need to install a driver. Once you plug it in, the device will automatically recognize it as an Xbox controller in your control panel. First, you’ll need to run some software to configure the Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One. Then, it’s time to get started gaming.

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02/20/2024 10:33 am GMT

3. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Black

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Black is the successor to the popular Elite wireless controller released in 2015.

The Xbox Elite series 2 has improved upon the original in some ways. Its new features are Bluetooth connectivity, customizable thumbstick sensitivity, and a non-removable rechargeable battery. However, despite its improvements, the Elite Wireless Controller is still expensive. Weigh the pros and cons before you decide to purchase it.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is compatible with PC, Xbox One, and Series XS. It has an adjustable thumbstick tension and includes additional triggers on the rubberized grips for quick actions. For example, you can assign your favorite buttons to specific voice commands. It also includes up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life and a USB Type-C charging dock. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is lightweight yet robust. Using its included carrying case, you can easily transport it from one place to another.

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4. Xbox Wireless Controller – White

If you’re considering purchasing the new Xbox Wireless Controller, you’ve probably already heard about the great features of this sleek gaming accessory. In addition to its elegant design, the Xbox Wireless Controller in white has a customizable touchpad and hybrid D-pad. This controller also has a dedicated share button and supports Windows 10 PCs and Xbox Series XS consoles. It will also support Android devices and iOS in the future.

Microsoft is offering a two-year warranty on this product. The warranty covers normal wear and tear and accidental breaking. The controllers are built sturdily and are comfortable to use.

The Xbox Wireless Controller – White is compatible with all generations of Xbox One consoles, which means it will work with PCs with Bluetooth support. This controller is for multi-directional use, with redesigned buttons for fighting games. It is also designed for small hands, with textured bumpers and back for added grip. You can also use it with your PC and Xbox One X consoles. In addition, you can pair this controller with your Xbox One PC with a Bluetooth adaptor.

5. PowerA FUSION Pro Wired Controller for Xbox One – Black

If you’re looking for a gaming controller that’s not wireless, consider the PowerA FUSION Pro Wired Controller. This wired controller is designed for Xbox Series X/S consoles but is also compatible with Xbox One. Though it isn’t wireless, this controller has many impressive features. Read on to discover the key differences between the two models.

While pro controllers are nothing new, the concept isn’t. For years, gamers have customized their gear to fit their individual needs, but this is a process that usually costs serious cash. The PowerA Fusion controller, on the other hand, offers a relatively inexpensive alternative.

The FUSION Pro has excellent features and comes with an extra set of anti-friction rings and a magnetic impulse trigger. This boosts haptic feedback and the realism of trigger feel in games which is incredible for anyone holding the controller. This is the ultimate gaming controller for Xbox One! But if you’re not a serious gamer, this controller may not be the right choice for you.

6. Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming Controller for Xbox

The Razer Wolverine V2 wired controller for Xbox is a premium gamepad with a slanting “L-shaped” grip that fits comfortably in hand. Its updated grip allows pointer fingers and thumbs to reach all six top buttons. In addition, its sensitivity clutch feature makes it ideal for gamers who prefer to feel mechanical switches in their hands.

This controller is designed for Xbox Series X and XS and offers a multitude of upgrades over the original Xbox Elite Controller. Its remappable multi-function buttons and trigger stops allow players to customize their controls to their preferences. The controller also features a custom profile system that allows gamers to save their favorite settings and buttons. This will enable gamers to quickly change the controller’s layout to play their favorite games.

In terms of design, the Razer Wolverine V2 has many attractive features. The green piping on the sides of the controller’s face makes it stand out in an otherwise dull black space. The thick rubberized grips on the back of the controller make it easy to hold. Its slim design has a long face with short handles. This is a great option for any gamer!

7. VOYEE PC Controller, Wired Controller Compatible with Microsoft Xbox 360

The VOYEE PC Controller Wired Controller for Xbox 360, Windows 10, and 7 features an upgraded joystick for precise control and quick response. The 7.2-ft cord provides a greater distance for controlling the game. A textured grip adds comfort and improves the feel of the controller. The controller’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for long periods. It also comes with a user’s guide and a 12-month warranty.

The VOYEE PC Controller features an enhanced joystick and rumble control to give you the ultimate gaming experience. It also has six-axis technology and no interference with other devices or signals. In addition, a built-in motor provides real shock and vibration. This controller is compatible with both PCs and consoles and is highly customizable. VOYEE’s Wired PC Controller is an excellent choice for gamers of all levels.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Video Game Controllers

Besides the obvious advantages of a more advanced controller, there are other benefits to upgrading your controller.

In addition to providing a more comfortable play, a controller also allows for more delicate analog controls, which can come in handy when playing racing games. You can even plug in your controller for local co-op. A gamepad can be a secondary controller to a console or a laptop for local gaming.

What To Consider Before You Buy

A suitable controller has several features and can emulate the keys on a keyboard, allowing you to play the same way you would if you were using a keyboard. These devices typically contain analog sticks and a single eight-direction joystick. They are essential for any serious fighting game player and work well for classic arcade games. However, if you’re not a gamer, a keyboard will suffice.

PC gaming requires a high-quality controller. A durable, precise D-pad is essential. Many modern controllers feature unique features such as vibrational rumbles and turbo boost buttons. You can even record your input and automate repetitive motions. Some PC controllers also support Android-based devices, a bonus for people with touchscreen-based mobile devices. In addition, some controllers allow you to customize all of the buttons, which can be especially helpful if you’re left-handed or don’t like a particular control scheme.

Another critical feature to consider is battery life. You can recharge gaming controllers with a USB port or a dock. Those that use standard AA batteries should consider whether they can restore them quickly. You may also purchase rechargeable AA batteries or a charger to keep them running. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is another excellent option. It is designed specifically for disabled gamers. It features two big buttons and a slate-like design.

If you are considering upgrading your video game controller, there are a few things to consider. The first thing to consider is how much time you spend gaming. The average person will spend between two to five hours gaming per week. You may also consider whether you can play the game with the new controller in its default configuration. If you can’t, you should consider purchasing a new one. Then, you can try it out on another system to see if you can reproduce the problem.

A game controller is essential in regulating access to games, and it’s important to understand how it works. For example, in an era of mass personal computers, we’re more likely to have a gaming controller that fits in our hands.

A video game controller’s history is a long one. Many designs have come and gone, and others have been abandoned altogether. Some were too expensive or just weren’t inclusive enough. That’s why it’s so important to find a suitable controller. When it comes to video game controllers, there’s a wide variety available.

Risks of Updating Your Video GameController

There are risks involved with downgrading your video game controller firmware. For one thing, you run the risk of bricking your controller. In addition, if you manage to brick your controller after downgrading, you may have to reinstall the firmware manually. And you may have to connect your controller to your Windows PC first. This way, you can safely upgrade your controller’s firmware later. And, of course, you should always check the firmware of your video game controller before attempting to update it.

Final Thoughts on Video Game Controllers

Whether you’re a devoted fan of the latest consoles, you’ve no doubt wondered how video game controllers can improve the gaming experience.

Modern game controllers have come a long way since the original dials and buttons of the Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 3. Many modern controllers feature multiple buttons and directional pads. Some are even equipped with motion detection and touch screens. Compared to those early game controllers, these are much more comfortable and easier to use than their predecessors. While they have flaws, they perform their functions exceptionally well. Because of this, you should invest in a video game controller that meets all of your gaming needs!

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