What Is The Halo Energy Sword And How To Use It

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According to Polygon, Halo is a massively influential franchise that has had its ups and downs, even changing development teams multiple times throughout the years. While there have been many adjustments over time, one thing remains the same – the Halo franchise is one of the most popular series of all time and shows no signs of going away. Created by Bungie, Halo Combat Evolved launched on November 15, 2001. Eventually becoming the second-most selling video game of all time, the Halo franchise would eventually blossom, going on to release games like Halo Wars, Halo Reach, and Halo Infinite. And according to Destructoid, while there are no current plans for an upcoming sequel, Halo Infinite is designed as a long-term platform that will continuously host new content for the next ten years. With the confirmed upcoming release of the four-player-split-screen mode, Halo fans are excited to embrace these new prospects.

Upon its initial release, Halo revolutionized the industry with an intricate and unique military sci-fi tale that encompasses gamers in an exciting alien world. Digital Trends says the original release of Halo Combat Evolved saved the Xbox from its initial downfall as a result of lackluster releases like Blinx: The Time Sweeper and Fuzion Frenzy. Today, many of the Halo games can be purchased in optimized forms as a part of the Master Chief Collection, making it easy for fans to celebrate their beloved franchise. From a story that spans 13 different games across several genres to each unique weapon and enemy, it's hard for games not to become entrenched in this exciting, combat-ridden universe. So, if you've never played a Halo video game and you're a fan of sci-fi, you should check it out.

Whether you're a fan of campaign play or you prefer multiplayer modes, Halo has something for everyone. And according to WIRED, even 20 years later, the Halo franchise offers some of the most compelling experiences you can get from a video game. Perhaps one of the more interesting facets of the Halo games other than the story itself is the weapon selection. Within the Halo series, alien technology lends itself to several interesting weapons – from blades to guns, hammers, launchers, and many more. So, whether you prefer projectiles or a melee weapon, Halo weapons offer a variety of combat methods designed to take out specific enemies throughout the series.

Check Out The Basic Halo Weapons Below

With such a vast array of enemies in the Halo universe, a wide selection of weapons is necessary for essential combat and survival. Below, we dive in to explore some of the most powerful Halo weapons and what you can expect from each one.


Introduced in Halo Infinite, the Skewer is a powerhouse weapon that offers one-shot kills on both players and vehicles. Halopedia says the Skewer is an infantry-portable anti-tank spike weapon most commonly used by the Jiralhanae. Firing rocket-sized spikes, it is capable of piercing the armor on main battle tanks as well as punching through energy shields – also the titanium shell of GEN 3 MJOLNIR armor.


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Plasma Pistol

As a surprising Halo mainstay, the Plasma Pistol has the perfect OG setup that overs a powerful, overcharged shot that easily demolishes enemies. According to IGN, this standard-issue Covenant pistol deals more damage to your enemies when their shield is active. In short, it is the perfect weapon for starting a fight. With chargeable shots and rapid-fire capabilities, this is a dependable weapon. However, you don't want to depend on it for kills.

Brute Shot

Although not available in Halo Infinite, the Brute Shot is a fan favorite thanks to its power and high-speed projectiles. Neoseeker says it is capable of devastating both vehicles and soldiers of all kinds. Standard issue for the Brutes, this rocket launcher has a near straight trajectory and is additionally fitted with a large blade for the perfect melee attack from which enemies likely won't recover.

Brute Shot

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Fuel Rod Cannon

Putting the power of a Covenant Hunter into your hands, this weapon produces green plasma bursts that ricochet off nearby surfaces. When used accurately, you can use this ricochet to your advantage, destroying nearby enemies and vehicles. According to Giant Bomb, the Fuel Rod Cannon can be used with pistol-like speed and rocket launcher power once mastered.

Shock Rifle

Like a cross between the Plasma Pistol and Sniper Rifle, the Shock Rifle is perfect for bringing down enemy shields. Using plasma ammo, this high-power weapon can easily take out enemies with one simple shot to the head.

Shock Rifle

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Gravity Hammer

Forerunner Sidekick says the Gravity Hammer is slow in terms of maneuverability but, when timed well, can have devastating effects on your enemy. First introduced in Halo 3, this weapon can send enemies flying across the map with its hard-hitting impact. Most notably, the Gravity Hammer is especially useful for clearing large groups of enemies.


While many Promethean weapons weren't highly favored in Halo 4, the SAW is fan-favorite and maybe one of the best weapons of the Halo franchise. With a step-up in damage from basically every other handheld automatic in the games, it is surprisingly accurate and has rapid-fire abilities. As you can see, with a mix of high damage and stability, the SAW is a force to be reckoned with.


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The Halo Shotgun is a thing of beauty that offers basic yet deadly protection on which you can rely for the entirety of the Halo series. A few of its largest benefits include its larger-sized clip and solid rate of fire. When used at a short-range, this classic Halo weapon has devastating consequences, delivering a large amount of damage to enemies of all difficulties.

Rocket Launcher

Many Halo weapons proved quite useful from the beginning of the franchise. In turn, they stick around from game to game, delivering the same dependable protection from enemies. With a couple of variants over the years, the Halo Rocket Launcher has maintained the same basic function – completely blowing up anything it is fired at. Perfect for wide-open combat scenarios, it can be used against individuals and vehicles alike. The only real drawbacks are its slow reload speed and its ability to blow you up if fired in too small of a space.


With quite the intimidating appearance made up of large metal spikes, the Needler is a classic Halo weapon with many, many versions throughout the games. This weapon often proves controversial due to its unpredictability, in that players never know which version will show up in any given title. This projectile weapon fires sharp, long crystalline shards that travel until they impale a target. When used right, you can detonate the needles and cause severe, even fatal damage.


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Sniper Rifle

When used appropriately, the Halo sniper rifle can be one of the deadliest weapons in the game. Gamer Guides says Halo's Sniper Rifle is an incredibly powerful weapon that kills most opponents in just one shot. With a small magazine and two scope capacities, it is effective in both long and short-range combat (just remove the scope and you're good to go). If you've played competitive shooters before, you're likely familiar with some players' ability to no-scope. Whether you're that skilled or not, Halo's Sniper is and always will be a power weapon that everyone should have in their inventory.

Magnum Pistol

Initially introduced in Halo Combat Evolved, the Magnum Pistol is a long-time fan favorite. And while its power has been reduced since the first Halo, it still stands as one of the more powerful weapons in the game. While there isn't much to say about this basic handgun, when obtained in a classic CE match, it's all the firepower you will ever need.

Battle Rifle

When it comes to weapon versatility, the Battle Rifle possesses that in spades. In fact, the Battle Rifle is not only one of the most versatile weapons in the game, but it's also one of the most powerful. Because combat in the Halo series is fairly strategy-driven, it typically takes more than one shot to defeat an enemy. Luckily, while this weapon isn't likely to deliver one-shot kills, it does provide power and dependability you can rely on throughout the games. Originally introduced in Halo 2, the Battle Rifle produces 3-round bursts that are effective at any range.

If you're familiar with Halo, you'll notice we left out one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Perhaps the most well-known weapon in the Halo series, the Energy Sword is the signature weapon of the Sangheili, according to Halo Fandom. As a highly powerful weapon, the Energy Sword was quick to become a favorite among fans. Interested in learning more? Read on below to discover everything you need to know about the Halo Energy Sword as well as how to unlock it.

Battle Rifle

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What is The Halo Energy Sword?

We didn't leave out the Energy Sword due to a lack of power. In fact, this ancient and noble melee weapon is perfect for close-counter combat. Straight from the Covenant Empire, the Energy Sword was designed exclusively for the Sangheili – also known as the Elites. Created during one of their Ages of Discovery, the Sangheili pride themselves on their ability to wield this weapon and even consider it to be a weapon of nobility. According to Swish and Slash, having complete control of the Energy Sword makes it much easier to defeat enemies – and a whole lot more fun. So, if you're wondering which melee weapon in the Halo series is an absolute must-have, the Energy Sword is it without a doubt.

In the world of the Sangheili, only Aristocrats are allowed to be trained in the art of swordsmanship. Therefore, you won't find just anyone wielding such a weapon. Once a Sangheili is permitted to wield an Energy Sword, they are then no longer able to be married. As you can likely imagine by now, this weapon also cannot be wielded by anyone in the lower ranks. In fact, the Energy Sword can only be carried by the Zealots, Sangheili Ultras, Special Operations Sangheili, Stealth Sangheili, Sangheili Councilors, and Sangheili Honor guardsmen.


Quora says the Energy Sword works by using energy fields with superheated plasma found within the blade. And whether you're playing Halo Infinite Multiplayer or Halo Combat Evolved, its impressive combat abilities make it an ideal choice. And interestingly enough, the abilities of the Energy Sword aren't that much different from those in the common Star Wars lightsaber! Even the technology is highly similar. The only real difference is in the way it projects energy fields. Operations-wise, the battery cell within the sword works by pushing superheated plasma into a magnetic field.


The type-1 Energy Sword is designed with a curved hilt that houses an energy storage module, in addition to a projectile device that directs the plasma into blade form. The blade itself is made up of two partially ionized blades of free-moving electron-based gas held in place by two small magnetic-field generators that are built into the weapon's handle. Known for its oval-shaped ionized blades, this type-1 weapon contains a failsafe mechanism (although rarely used) that is capable of completely disabling the weapon if dropped by the Sangheili in possession. When this happens, the handle is consumed by its energy before the magnetic field is deactivated and the energy is dispersed.

Each time the sword makes a killing strike, its energy is drained by 10%. And once the energy is 100% drained, the weapon will deactivate unless the user opts to recharge it – an ability that is completely new to the franchise and especially newly introduced in Halo Infinite. On the hilt, you will find the Forerunners symbol in Halo 3 and several other symbols unknown to be of Forerunner origin in Halo 2.


Amino Apps says this single-handed weapon also has numerous variants from which to choose, each with its own unique purpose and design. These variants include:

  • Bloodblade

  • Ravening Silver

  • Vorpal Ralon

  • Prophets' Bane

  • Mdama Keep Variant

  • Necroplasma

  • Evocati's Edge

  • Light of Joori

  • Kaidon's Guard

  • Darkstar

  • Lance of Suban

  • Duelist Energy Sword

  • Ghostpierce

How Does One Successfully Unlock The Energy Sword?

According to GameFAQs, the type 1 Energy Sword was originally only accessible via multiplayer. Today, however, things are different. In fact, within Halo Infinite, you can gain access to the Energy Sword in the campaign. As a Halo fan, it is more than understandable that you might want to get your hands on this iconic weapon – we don't blame you. But in order to do so, you'll want to be aware of a few things. Most notably, Energy Swords do not have the high spawn rate of other weapons. Therefore, they can only be found in Power Equipment Dispensers in specific locations. When an Energy Sword does spawn, the player will be alerted via their AI.

If you have your heart set on obtaining the Duelist Energy Sword – a weapon with a quicker attack and movement, as well as an impressively larger lunge ability, the process is a bit more involved. In fact, in order to unlock the Duelist Energy Sword, players must defeat a highly valued target by the name of Okru Vagaduun found in the southwestern region of the map. Vagaduun is considered to be one of the most lethal infantry assets in the Covenant. He was even given the title of Blademaster by the Minister of Resolution for his remarkable abilities in combat. When you go to fight Vagaduun, you can expect to take him on along with numerous other enemies – and you better be well-equipped.

In terms of weaponry, you'll want a few long-range options if you expect to take down this entire group. Ideal selections would include weapons like the Battle Rifle or Stalker Rifle. The key here is to take out as many enemies as possible as quickly as possible, and these are the weapons with which to do just that. Once you find them, they can begin to take out Vagaduun's surrounding posse using rapid-fire and precision. Known as the Jackals and Grunts, successfully eliminating them with a good amount of health remaining is essential if you want a shot at Vagaduun and the chance to unlock the Duelist Energy Sword.

When fighting Vagaduun, keep in mind that his strongest combat ability is camouflage. And since he is an Elite member, you should be wary about getting too close or it could result in a very quick death. Instead, jump to the pillar in the middle of the battle area to put some distance between the two of you. From there, you can toss Dynamo grenades at him, shooting out electricity and keeping him in your sights rather than allowing him to camouflage into his surroundings. While the electricity allows you to locate Okru, you'll want to get a few good shots in before he disappears again. Repeat this process until he's defeated and you'll successfully gain access to the Duelist Energy Sword.

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