When will the next Xbox Elite Controller be Available?

When Will the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Be Available?

Controllers have seen massive developments over the past few years. Despite the fact that this has resulted in many controllers costing much higher than the older models, there's no question that the technology included and the durable build of many of these controllers makes it worth it.

Whether it's the Xbox, the PlayStation 5, or the Nintendo Switch, there have been rapid developments in controller quality which leave many people wondering what's next for gaming.

Each of these consoles has its own respective controllers that they parade as the "premium" controller – something that's definitely an investment but will undoubtedly take your gaming to the next level.

With Xbox, this is – without a doubt – the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. The price of this controller is no joke – starting at an initial investment of $179.99 which remains expensive even for controllers today.

That price, however, doesn't make the controller any less valuable in the eyes of the avid gamer. Microsoft claims this is the "World's Most Advanced Controller" and there's no question that they have a good argument as to why this is the case.

Offering an incredible design that's built for performance along with many custom features and other impressive technology, there's no doubt this controller is well worth the money. Because of this, there's an avid fanbase that is dedicated to this controller.

For those who are part of this fanbase, however, one very common question has risen up and become extremely prevalent – when will the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 be available?

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 is projected to be the next installment of the Xbox Elite Series line – and could provide incredibly cutting-edge technology for any gamer looking to take their gameplay to an unprecedented level. If there are gamers looking for this controller, however, they'll be disappointed.

As of yet, Microsoft hasn't released the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. The Xbox Console continues to improve and with this comes the need for the limitless customization that the Elite Controller Series 3 may offer.

The question, then, remains extremely crucial for those looking to invest in the cutting edge of technology for their gaming as soon as it becomes available. When is the Elite Controller Series 3 going to be released? And perhaps more pressingly – is Microsoft even going to release the Elite Controller Series 3?

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Is Microsoft Releasing the Elite Controller 3?

So – is Microsoft even going to release the Elite Controller 3? This controller would be a continuation of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, one of the most popular controllers that have ever been released. With close to 30,000 ratings on this controller, there's no doubt it remains paraded as one of the most exclusive and premium controllers for any gamer who doesn't just want any old controller.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller is without a doubt very popular and remains so to this day. With that being said, it's not hard to imagine that Microsoft would eventually release a successor to this controller. After all, they've released new versions of their other controllers in the past, and many lines have done the same. Just like the PS4 came after the very popular PS3, there's no question that the Elite Controller 3 could definitely come after the Xbox Series Elite Controller 2.

So far, there hasn't been any concrete evidence that suggests Microsoft is working on a new Elite Controller. However, there have been some interesting patents that have surfaced that could indicate that the company is at least exploring the possibility of making a new Elite Controller.

One patent, in particular, details a "modular input device" with interchangeable parts, and processing models that work interchangeably depending on the processing power needed to compute a game properly. This certainly sounds like something that could be used for an Elite Controller, especially given how customizable the current Elite Controllers are.

Of course, it's important to remember that patents don't always turn into actual products and Microsoft may never end up releasing an Elite Controller 3. However, it's still interesting to see what they might be working on behind the scenes.

Overall, it seems almost impossible to assume that Xbox doesn't at least have an Elite Controller Series 3 planned. The core controller that makes up the Series 2 is definitely the best buy for a premium controller around today, and there's no reason Xbox would abandon such a popular product line in favor of something new.

So if we assume that Xbox will definitely release a controller sometime in the future, when is the release date going to be?

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When Is the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Release Date?

Although admittedly there is no official projected release date for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3, that doesn't mean we're unable to make predictions as to what year it'll be released due to several factors and hints we've gathered from Microsoft.

Even though it's been far more than a year since Xbox has release the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft still doesn't appear to be giving up any information as to when the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 will be released.

With that being said, either 2023 or 2024 seems like the most likely release window for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. This is because it took Microsoft over 2 years to release the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 after the launch of the Xbox One X, so it stands to reason that they would want to release a new controller around the same time as the next major console release.

Beyond this, it seems that many Xbox users are perfectly content with the Xbox Elite Series 2. Because of this, it's unlikely that Microsoft will feel any urgency to release the Series 3 in the near future. And while this might not be the case – and we very well may see a surprise drop sometime soon – it seems more likely that we'll have to wait a little longer for the next iteration of the Xbox Elite Controller.

With all this being said, it's definitely reasonable to expect that the controller will be released sometime before 2025 without question. Although an exact release date is still unknown, we can at least hope that it'll be available sometime in the next few years. Plus, we might just have some new information on the Xbox Elite Series 3 when the new E3 event rolls around.

It's definitely possible that Microsoft will wait until the next E3 event to give us more information on the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. After all, they did announce the Xbox One X at E3 2017 and then released it a few months later in November.

So what's the takeaway from all of this? Ultimately, it seems that the Xbox One Elite Controller is far from being done. There's a very good chance that Microsoft will be releasing a new controller in the Xbox Elite Series controller within the next few years – the only question remains exactly when.

And although there's no specific date as of yet, it's most likely going to happen during 2023. Beyond this, though, what new specs should we be looking forward to when the Elite Controller Series 3 does drop?

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Spec Predictions for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3

When the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 came out, it was a pretty big deal. It featured improvements like Bluetooth support, adjustable-tension thumbsticks, and shorter hair trigger locks. So what could the Series 3 possibly offer to make it worth an upgrade?

Keep in mind that the specs on these controllers have been growing rapidly in the last few years. Because of this, there's no doubt that it'll be hard to figure out exactly how the Controller Series 3 is going to improve. Any Xbox Controller should be expected to have a certain build, though, so it's not impossible to work off of this in order to determine what future controllers will look like.

So what are the most likely spec changes we should be looking for in the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3?

The first thing on most people's minds is probably battery life. The current model gets around 40 hours of use on a single charge, but with advances in battery technology, we wouldn't be surprised to see that number jump up to 50 or even 60 hours with the Series 3.

There's no question that the Series 3 is going to be trying to give vast improvements on multiple fronts – not just new game-breaking technology that we all expect and love to see for the first time.

Because of this, there's no reason to think the customization options will remain the same either.

We're also expecting to see more customization options than ever before when it comes to button mapping and stick sensitivity. The current model lets you save up to three different profiles, but we wouldn't be surprised if the Series 3 increased that number to five or even ten. And although there are already some third-party accessories that let you swap out sticks and buttons, we'd love to see Microsoft include some kind of official modding support in the new controller.

Another feature that would be great to see in the Series 3 is wireless charging. The current model uses a micro USB port for charging, which is fine, but it would be nice to have the option of using a wireless charger. Think about it this way – wireless charging is already built into your phone and basically every other device worth mentioning. So why not offer a wireless charging option in the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3? If it's built with advanced enough technology, this controller could even charge while you're gaming.

Another awesome thing to see would be improvements in build quality with the Series 3. The current model feels pretty solid, but there have been reports of durability issues, so hopefully, Microsoft has addressed those for the new version.

Beyond this, we should definitely expect to see the controller paddle feature again. Xbox found great success with their last release when it came to this feature, so there's no question this is going to be returning in the Series 3.

Plus, there's a big chance that Xbox will be changing some of the more nuanced design features on this controller as well. Although it's already ergonomic as it is, gamers love ergonomics. It's a blessing, but it's also a curse. Because of this, there's no question that we'll most likely be looking at an improved grip, a sleek handle, and more improvements that make the controller easier to handle during long gaming sessions.

Beyond this, however, there shouldn't be much else expected to come from the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. Although many fans want technological developments beyond the basic improvements and design changes, it's highly doubtful this will actually happen.

With that being said, it would be extremely cool to see Xbox feature some new design aspects like an inbuilt cooling system or even perforated design in order to improve the breathability of the remote. Everybody's familiar with how annoying it is to hold a remote for hours at a time until their hands are sweaty, so seeing Microsoft implement something to fix this would be incredible.

With that being said, the forecast of this happening isn't very likely. Instead, we'll more than likely just be receiving an improved version of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. This can be seen either as a pro or a con no matter how you look at it, but there's no question that some people would love if Xbox included some very new and cutting-edge features.

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Cost of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3

Although – similarly to the specs and the release date – there's no way of knowing for certain the cost of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3, that doesn't mean that predictions are impossible when it comes to this front. Keep in mind that we have the price of the Series 2, as well as the prices of multiple other controllers that Xbox has released in the past.

With that being said, there is definitely a question when it comes to the feasibility of implementing some of these features while keeping the price the same. Because of this, there's no doubt that we'll most likely be seeing a little price jump at the very minimum in order for Xbox to deliver on the new features and improved quality of the Controller Series 3 when they release it.

Due to this fact, it's most likely that we'll be looking at a jump of close to 20% of the total price of the current controller. Because the current Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is priced at $179.99, this means that we'll be looking at a price of anywhere between $210 to even $250.

With that being said, these prices don't account for inflation or any changes in the market between now and the release date of the new controller.

Due to this factor, estimating the price is going to be even more difficult than trying to glean any facts about the features or the actual release date of the controller. These factors usually don't change, but overall prices can fluctuate much more than those aspects.

Overall, though, it's safe to say that we'll be looking at a relatively large price increase from the Series 2 to the Series 3 when it releases. After all, it should be offering a big improvement on features – so the price will naturally go up as well.

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Game On…but How Soon?

In the end, it definitely seems like Xbox will be releasing the Series 3 sometime in the future. After all, this controller is an elite device that almost everybody who can afford it loves. There's no question that the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 is going to be released – as long as the information we have right now remains the same.

With that being said, it most likely won't be released in the latter half of 2022 – and although that is possible, it's more than likely a safe bet to place the release date sometime between 2023 and 2024.

Beyond this, though, there really isn't much information we have on the release of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. If Xbox remains true to its past developments, we should be seeing some general improvements on the Series 2.

Because Xbox doesn't exactly seem interested in making radical changes to their remotes, Xbox controllers have remained vastly the same throughout the entire lifespan of the console.

This, then, doesn't really seem like it's going to change. And hey – there's not even a reason it should. The Xbox console does what it does really well. So why break what's already working?

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