Crowning the Halo King: Who’s the Greatest of All Time?

Key Points

  • You’ll learn the ranking of the top 25 Halo Infinite pro players.

  • The success of competitive Halo Infinite pro players is based on a point system.

  • Fans and judges are unanimous in deciding who is the #1 ranked Halo player.

  • The popularity of esports will continue to raise the bar for players in competitive gaming.

Esports Victory

As of November 2022, the Halo community is made up of over 500,000 players. With such an active community and dedicated fan base, players of all skill levels join together to complete solo campaigns and compete in epic multiplayer battles. How do players find out how they size up compared to other great players? The Halo Championship Series (HCS) is the premier Halo esports competition for all of the best players from around the world to compete for the top spot. Across the globe, Halo Infinite pro players compete both individually and on tournament teams. In October of 2022, team OpTic Gaming took home the gold and the grand prize of $400,000.

This article covers the tactics the judges used to determine the winners. Each of the ranked Halo Infinite pro players is featured, highlighting some of the most impressive accomplishments in their gaming career to give you a vivid picture of the time, effort and skill that went into making these 25 players the greatest in the game!

With such an impressive number of players in a lucrative and competitive game, fans want to know: Which player is the greatest of all time? You’re about to find out.

The Judges

A panel of nine judges outside of the HCS team was selected to create lists of the top 25 players across all generations of Halo games. Each number in the ranking was assigned a point value that totaled up across all nine judges’ final scores (with first place being awarded 25 points, and so on). The player given the highest number of points was deemed the Greatest Halo Player of All Time.

The judges were given the following guidelines to keep the scoring consistent:

  • Focus on greatness in competition: External greatness around sponsorships, popularity, kindness, etc., should NOT be factors.

  • While 4v4 is the main competition in focus, consideration for other accolades including MVPs, individual tournament wins, and more can also be made. 

  • Where possible, judges should consider statistics and include things like kills, assists, average placement, winning streaks, event wins, and more. 

  • Other intangible considerations such as reputation in the game, leadership, play-making abilities, eye test, and more can also be made.

Gamer plays online at computer monitor

All nine judges on the panel boast impressive Halo knowledge and have many connections within the Halo community. As members of the esports community and commentators in a variety of popular games, their love for the game and attention to detail was a major factor in being selected to be a part of the judging panel.

Here is a list of each judge by their gamertag:

  • Bravo: Former Halo Pro Coach, Commentator 

  • Elamite: Former Halo Pro, Commentator

  • Goldenboy : Halo Commentator 

  • Clutch : Former Halo Pro, Commentator

  • Walshy: Former Halo Pro, Commentator

  • Goofy: Former Halo Pro, Commentator

  • Mikwen: Former Halo Pro

  • Gaskin: Halo Commentator

  • Heinz: Former Halo Pro

When the individual judging was complete, the scores were tallied to reveal the top 25 Greatest Halo Players of All Time.

Without further ado, discover the winners and their points in ascending order below.  

Top 25 Greatest Players of All Time

#25 (28 Points) RyaNoob

Currently competing under eUnited, RyaNoob has been playing Halo competitively for over a decade. His first-ever win was in Halo: Reach in 2010. He is best known for his win at the FFA Championships in 2018.

#24 (33 points) Saiyan

Saiyan is a retired Halo esports player, previously a player for The Raincallers. He is considered one of the best Halo 2 players of all time. He is also known for his skilled gameplay in Gears of War and Forza Motorsport. Although he is no longer an active participant in esports, his legend lives on to make him a member of the top 25 Greatest Halo Players of All Time.

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#23 (35 points) FearItSelf

FearItself is an American Halo pro player who is currently a free agent. He is best known for his time on Cloud9 and Final Boss teams. FearItself has won seven MLG Halo championships throughout his career, which were considered major individual tournament wins at the time.

#22 (39 points) Mikwen

Mikwen made his competitive gaming debut in 2009 as a fierce and terrifying competitor in Halo: Reach. He took home wins in Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo 5 before retiring to join the 343 Industries internal pro team. Mikwen is considered one of the best Halo 3 players in the world, winning the MLG 2010 Free-For-All category in Raleigh.

#21 (39 points) Victory X

Victory X is a retired esports player whose most notable victories were with team Final Boss and his signature esports team, The Agency. His consistent top five victories from Halo 2 to Halo 5 prove that he was one of the strongest and most well-rounded competitors of each generation. Although retired, Victory X is still quite active in the Twitch Halo community, placing fifth with Ninja in the last Twitch Rivals Halo 3 Throwback Event.

#20 (41 points) Legit

This Halo: Reach madman is a player most well-known for his time on teams such as Str8 Rippin, Storm Ventures and Warriors. Beginning his career in 2005, Legit is an American esports competitor whose unbeatable tracking skills have made him an impressive player for decades.

#19 (51 points) Karma

Karma is a retired American player well known for his time with Carbon, where he won the MLG 2006 National Championship, and Triggers Down. In addition to his 4v4 accolades, he is also the most successful player in individual Halo competitions. Out of the 24 MLG FFA tournaments he competed in, he won 10, including two National Championships.

#18 (64 points) StrongSide

StrongSide is currently an employee of 343 Industries after retiring from esports in 2014, after the PAX Prime Showdown. His most notable plays have been with the team Final Boss after dropping Saiyan. StrongSide was determined to prove himself a worthy team member next to legendary players OGRE1, OGRE2 and Walshy.

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#17 (68 points) Tsquared

A previous member of Carbon and a retired Halo 2 and 3 icon, Tsquared won multiple MLG championships throughout his career before turning Str8 Rippin into an esports organization that he co-owns. At the height of his career, Tsquared had one of the most lucrative contracts in Major League Gaming, and his likeness appeared on over 175 million Dr. Pepper bottles.

#16 (72 points) Ace

An impressive competitor in modern gaming, Ace has been a part of some of the most successful teams in Halo 4 history, such as Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming. He is also known for his skills in the latest Halo Infinite release. He is a current member of a newer esports organization Spacestation Gaming after signing with them on September 10, 2021.

#15 (78 points) Heinz

As a retired player, Heinz was a beast with precision aim and strategic gameplay. His methods got him voted a 2009 MLG All-Star, voted Pro-Choice “Best Overall,” “Best Objective Player,” and “Best Close Range Combat.”

#14 (82 points) Shotzzy

Shotzzy is a retired Halo esports player, a current player for Nfinite, and a part of Splyce. He is known for his elite movement ability and frequently produces highlight reel clips. He rose to prominence at a very young age, winning his first event less than a month after turning 16. He had a nearly undefeated record in Halo 2: Anniversary in the 2v2s before moving on to compete in both 4v4 and 2v2 Halo 5 tournaments with Team Beyond.

#13 (83 points) aPG

aPG is a Halo esports player, currently for OpTic Gaming. One of the longest-tenured active pros, he is well known for his time with a variety of teams, including Denial Esports, Believe The Hype, Infamous, and OpTic Gaming. aPG started his professional Halo career at MLG Chicago 2006 as a member of Split Decision. Since then, he has performed well in several tournaments in all generations of Halo gaming. Because of his adaptability and strategic gameplay, aPG is one of the most well-rounded Halo players of all time.

#12 (85 points) Elamite

Elamite is a former Halo pro player who previously played for Spacestation. Now, he is the head coach for the esports team. Elamite holds the record for the highest number of Halo 3 tournaments won with seven event wins, making him one of the best Halo 3 players of all time. Elamite and his brother Ace have both won major Halo FFA tournaments with Elamite winning the Halo 3 US Championship 2007 and Ace winning the Halo 4 Global Championship.

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#11 (129 points) OGRE1

With a huge jump in points between the #12 and the #11 spots, it is no wonder that OGRE1’s reputation is so impressive. This retired player is half of the “Ogre Twins” who brought in numerous wins with teams such as Shoot to Kill, Team 3D and Final Boss. Starting his career in 2003 at the Halo50k in Atlanta, OGRE1 proved that he was a force to be reckoned with after his team, Shoot to Kill, placed second overall.

As a joke, his nickname is now “OGRE11” after placing 11th in the list of the top 25 Greatest Halo Players of All Time.

#10 (142 points) Frosty

Now entering the top 10 list! Coming in 10th is Frosty, who swept the competition and is indisputably the best player to professionally play Halo 2: Anniversary. Frosty has made more money faster than any other player in Halo history. His sweeping success and ability to stay cool under pressure make him a fearsome competitor in any tournament. 

#9 (149 points) Lunchbox

Lunchbox is Halo’s Man With a Plan. He commits countless hours to each competition before every tournament by researching players and testing to perfect strategies. In 2011, Lunchbox won the MLG Halo: Reach National Championship. In total, he took home 14 major tournament wins, including an XGames gold medal, before retiring in 2019. He is now a coach for OpTic Gaming and continues to teach players how to plan and implement strategy into the gameplay.

#8 (157 points) Walshy

This Halo figurehead began his professional journey in 2003 when he turned heads placing eighth in the FFA tournament. Walshy is often referred to as “Captain Clutch,” as he holds the record for most consecutive MLG tournaments won with nine dubs under his belt. In total, he has won a total of 23 MLG tournaments, securing him a spot in the top 10. Walshy is now a commentator for the Halo Championship Series broadcast team. 

Halo Infinite ad with Xbox controller

#7 (158 points) Roy

Now retired, Roy played like a machine. His dead-on accuracy and unbelievable tracking abilities made him a scary competitor at tournaments since his start in 2007. His famous twin brother, Lunchbox, propelled his success and is why he is considered one of the best Halo 3 players worldwide. His fierce and successful rankings in Halo 5 competitions seated him comfortably in the top 10 list of Greatest Halo Players of All Time.

#6 (171 points) Snip3down

This famous FaZe Clan member is now retired from Halo esports. He is one of the most successful players in competitive Halo history, with over 20 major event wins including the 2008 MLG National Championship and the Fall 2016 HCS Pro League Finals. Accurately named, Snip3down is known in the Halo community as one of the greatest snipers of all time, and his elusive and accurate gameplay won him at least one event as a member of nine different teams: Triggers Down, Str8 Rippin, Ambush, G4C Misfits, eXcellence, Evil Geniuses, Team EnVyUs, Truce, and Tox Gaming.

#5 (174 points) Royal2

Kicking off the top 5 Greatest Halo Players of All Time is Royal2, a two-time Halo world champion and a current member of Sentinels. Royal2 is the most successful Canadian Halo player of all time, and his career started when he was only 14 years old. He and his teammate SnakeBite have propelled each other to great heights by playing together since 2011. His reflexes and coordination help him dominate the competition and represent Canadian pride as the only Canadian player on a top 8 HCS team.  

#4 (186 points) iGotUrPistola

With 19 major event wins including two MLG National Championships (2010 and 2011) and the Fall 2016 HCS Pro League Finals, iGotUrPistola is one of the most successful gamers in competitive Halo history. He made a name for himself in 2007 by showcasing his impressive individual skill. His stealthy and strategic gameplay has made most pro gamers admit he is one of the hardest players to eliminate in a match. Being only one of 2 players to win a major event in five separate Halo games, iGotUrPistola is considered “the wizard” of Halo and the #4 gamer on the list of 25 Greatest Halo Players of All Time.

#3 (192 points) SnakeBite

Currently a player for Sentinels along with longtime team member Royal2, SnakeBite is a two-time Halo World Champion with a diverse and explosive set of skills. Making his Halo debut when he was only 11, SnakeBite only competed in the FFA as he was unable to join a team. Since then, his skills have only improved with each new generation of Halo gaming, until he was deemed one of the greatest Halo 5 players by securing wins in numerous tournaments. 

#2 (216 points) LethuL

The undisputed king of modern Halo, LethuL’s career in esports is rather short in comparison to other players on this roster. His explosive and sweeping victories over seasoned and beloved players have landed him the nickname “America’s Most Hated Gamer.” Although a newer player, it is undisputed that the two-time World Champion winner is one of the greatest players today. In the conclusion of the judging, Heinz was quoted stating that “while LethuL may not have the longevity of some other top players, he took every team that he joined and elevated them from great teams to virtually unbeatable teams. There isn’t any other player over him that I would rather take on my team.”

#1 (219 points) OGRE2

Any lifelong fan of esports or Halo could guess that the Greatest Halo Player of All Time voted by both fans and the judges is OGRE2. This retired pro gamer was the most successful player in competitive Halo history during his 2013-15 reign. With over 40 wins in his career, he and his brother, OGRE1, dominated competitions in teams such as Shoot to Kill, Team 3D and Final Boss. OGRE2 achieved the highest total point value throughout his competitive gaming career, and his notable awards are listed below:

  • Best Overall Player: 2005 MLG Pros’ Choice Awards

  • Best Overall Player: 2006 MLG Pros’ Choice Awards

  • Best Overall Player: 2007 MLG Pros’ Choice Awards

  • Best Strategist: 2010 MLG Pros’ Choice Awards

  • Best Leader: 2011 MLG Pros’ Choice Awards

  • Boost Mobile Season MVP: 2007 MLG

  • Most Valuable Player: MLG Charlotte 2007

  • Most Valuable Player: MLG Meadowlands 2008

  • Matador Bold Player: MLG D.C. 2010

Halo Infinite Cloud Gaming

Game Over

There you have it: HCS’s list of the top 25 Greatest Halo Players of All Time.

With competitive gaming becoming ever more engaging and esports gaining popularity through social media and streaming services, players from all over the world continue to prove that they deserve a shot at making the list. Whether you root for the underdog or love when a wunderkind takes the spotlight, there is no question that competitive gaming offers fans thrilling and ever-changing strategy and skilled gameplay.

Regardless of whether your favorite Halo gamer made the top five or didn’t even make the list, everyone is on the edge of their seat to see what Halo Infinite and the pro players can do in the future!

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