How To Shop for a Video Game Lover

Next generation white game controller inside red gift box. Ideal as a gift from Santa Claus at Christmas.

Key Points

  • TikTok trends aside, gift-giving is a good way to show a video game lover that you care.

  • Snacks, customization options, and specialty gear in the range of $100 or less are great gift options.  

  • Keep it light and fun and your gamer will appreciate it! 

TikTok trends are fun to discuss — especially trends that loosely reference a favorite hobby of millions of people around the world. What happens, though, if you’re trying to get closer to a gamer but you know very little about gaming? A good way to show someone you care and that you are paying attention is through a hobby-related gift.

Shopping is difficult already, but shopping for a likely opinionated gamer can be a fool’s errand. Luckily there are a few hacks for showing the video game lover in your life you care with a thoughtful gift. It doesn’t matter if it’s a late (or early) Christmas present, birthday present, or a launch day “thinking of you” — gamers love when they receive a thoughtful something that aligns with their interests.  This article includes gift ideas to help you shop for a video game lover — all on a budget of $100 or less.

Video gamer set-up complete with desk, chair, keyboard, and headset

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the right kind of snack covers a ton of ground. When you learn what your gamer likes to snack on, what savories or sweets they avoid, and what their drink of choice is when they hop into Big Team Battle with the group chat, you’re winning on and off the battlefield. 

In the Halo 3 days, gamers lived off of Game Fuel and Doritos. These days, everybody from Oreos to Papa John’s is running promos for every big game under the sun, offering exclusive in-game cosmetics, XP (experience points) Boosts, and giveaway entries for top-of-the-line branded gear. Promotional material is part of the fun and gets players hyped to enjoy a snack while playing with friends. 

Not all snacks are created equal, of course. If you know your video game lover at all, you’ll know what type of grub they will or won’t eat. Do your homework, see if their favorite game is running a promo, and shop accordingly. 

Don’t feel guilty about grabbing something for yourself, either. 


You may laugh, but a mini-fridge is a gamer’s lucky charm. If your favorite drink is on hand and chilled after languishing for hours to beat Bloodborne’s Father Gascoigne, that can be the difference between sweet victory and bitter defeat.

The nice thing about mini-fridges though, is that they tie a game room together, especially if it’s your gamer’s safe haven. They love you, but sometimes they just want a place to decompress and immerse themselves into a world or story without distraction. If they have a few of their favorite snacks and drinks within reach, that's the sweet spot gamers love. 

Here’s some inspiration to get you started: 

Ukonic Xbox Series X Mini Fridge 

This Xbox-themed mini-fridge is an easy purchase for any Halo fan and is the perfect size for keeping snacks cool in between rounds of Shotty Snipers. Just as important, it leans so hard into the memes — who doesn’t think the Series X looks like a fridge? 

Video gamer accessories on table


An aesthetic choice for any fashionista, Cooluli is often considered one of the sleeker mini-fridge brands available. They even have some retro art styles for Coca-Cola enthusiasts (old-school recipe not included). Cooluli is a strong stylistic choice with ample storage room for goodies during and after playtime. 

Frigidaire Gaming Light Up Mini

If you’re looking for something showier, you want the LED mini fridge from Frigidaire. With a view window and an infinity LED light door, this fridge has the showy setpiece lighting that gamers love. It has the storage room for the cans and candy needed after victory royales (or to wash down a second-place finish to a dude who was camping in a bush). 

According to Newzoo, a leading video game research center. 80% of gamers are actively chowing down on something while they play. By learning what they like to eat and giving them tasty food to grub on while they play, you’re well on your way to quality co-op experiences in-game and offline.

Gear Cleaning Kit

Gaming residue is a certainty, but continuing to play in a Cheeto dust wasteland doesn’t have to be a life sentence for a video game lover. Just as you would encourage them to get plenty of sleep, drink water, and shower after a long gaming session, encourage them to take care of their equipment. They will appreciate a quality cleaning kit for their gear; keeping things well-maintained is a plus in every facet of life – including gaming.

There are a few key things to consider when shopping for a kit. To start, make sure the kit includes brushes, microfiber cleaning cloths (so you don’t damage monitors or other sensitive surfaces), and tweezers for the stray M&M shell stuck in the controller d-pad. Consider including an air duster and cleaning spray that are safe for electronics. Regular cleans ensure that your gamer will play without interruption and declining performance. This gift tells your gamer that you support their hobbies and want them to take care of their expensive tech.  

Custom Controllers and Accessories

Food and cleaning gear is a good starting point, but a little personalization would be a next-level gift for any player. Getting gear customized can be pricey if you’re not sure what to look for. For instance, one of the popular options is Scuf. Controllers from Scuf go for about $200 a pop, but rest assured you get the level of quality and customization you want for headsets, Xbox, and Playstation controllers. While these types of options are worth it to some, if you’re smart about it, there are ways to get more out of your customization budget with these options:   


Looking to customize but don’t want to break the bank? Check out CustomControllers. Based in the UK, these guys offer free delivery and a one-year warranty for no extra charge. The level of customization is immediately noticeable and their prefabs contain solid offerings for sweaty and casual players alike. With high-quality materials and designs, personalized configurations, and a competitive prefab catalog, CustomControllers offers options for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch controllers. 

Outstretched arm with a video game controller


For a video game lover who plays on PC, a good keyboard, mouse, and mousepad are essential to maximum performance and enjoyment. Some personalized keyboard options are less expensive than their prefabs, so you might even be able to grab a detailed mousepad for fun. 

AltCustoms offers all of these, including keycaps to give any PC setup the flare or look you want. Consider checking out ergonomic additions like wrist pads and 60% keyboards for better health and more desk and mouse space! 

Gamepad Skins & Wraps

As an alternative to a full-on custom build, controller skins or wraps are comfortable, sturdy, and fun. For instance, VGFGamers offers silicone products that easily slip over controllers of all major consoles from Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation. And because the skins are easy to install, you can include a few different options depending on what the mood is. 

Pretty neat, huh?  


You know what the scene looks like: controllers scattered across the living room, old batteries melting in between couch cushions, and somehow, a controller sleeve ended up in the fruit bowl. Time to get some organization up in here. 

A classy controller stand really brings your gamer’s battle station together. If it's just for one controller, the Halo Hype staff might be biased toward this Halo Infinite Master Chief stand.

Video gamer defeats their game

Rechargeable Batteries

While a lot of controllers are rechargeable, standard Xbox controllers aren’t. Rechargeable battery packs are essential for long gaming sessions and sustainability. Not only are you cutting down on battery waste, but you can charge your controller while you’re grinding the latest battle pass with buddies. Consider grabbing one if the controller in question needs separate batteries.    

Nintendo Switch Grips

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile option for console gamers. Nintendo’s characters and their games are hard to beat (with some writers being partial to Donkey Kong) but there have been some reports of discomfort and Joy-Con drift while playing. As a result, there are a lot of third-party products made for gamers’ comfort while playing in handheld mode: advanced grips, grip cases, grip stands for palm support, and even pro pads that emulate an elongated Switch pro controller. 

If your video game lover likes playing Switch in handheld mode, consider an advanced grip. It could be just what they need.


Having a good headset is the difference between victory and defeat. A headset’s ability to filter sound directly into a gamer’s ears is a huge part of their immersion into whatever worlds they love exploring. In competitive modes, a microphone is essential for sharing positional info and tactics needed to climb to the top of the ranks (or be stuck in Silver hell. Whatever you prefer). A headset can be a huge value add for the gifter; if your gamer is playing late, the game is filtered directly into the headset without disturbing your sleep.

As you’re shopping for headsets, consider the tradeoffs of wireless vs. wired headphones. Some wired headphones can’t interface with all devices. Not all jacks work with the Nintendo Switch, for instance. It’s recommended that you shop for a wireless Bluetooth headset if they need a mic. Some top brands to consider while shopping for a wireless headset with a budget of $100 or less are the following:


HyperX currently produces what is often considered the best-sounding headset on the market. HyperX is recommended for gamers who need to immerse themselves into their respective game worlds and with plenty of improvements to look forward to in the next-gen headset. 

Group of video gamers play and eat pizza and popcorn


Overall, Sony offers arguably the best price-to-performance value with plenty of variety for gamers and non-gamers alike with all-inclusive wireless, noise-canceling, and bass-heavy headphones. They’re an industry leader for a reason and are perfect for gaming. 


Considered a good entry point for gamers, Razer headphones are often the pick for quality and value at a low price. Higher-end headphones offer red, green, and blue (RGB) customization options for lighting enthusiasts.  


Astro is popular for its soundstage and bass, including Halo-themed and Halo Championship Series headsets. Utilizing Dolby 7.1 surround sound and comfortable for all head shapes, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Astro headphones. 


Gamers appreciate little gifts from time to time as well, even if they’re as simple as a stocking stuffer or a “just because.” A lot of gamers collect Funko Pops, for instance. Little things around their gaming station and home are not only fun but add a lot of personality to their living space. Jewelry, blankets, action figures, LED lights of their favorite franchise. There’s no shortage of ideas for a gamer's space to become even more their own. 

Gamer plays video game on a computer

Have Fun!

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration on how to show your favorite gamer that you care. Whether you’re playing on PS4 or are one of the few people blessed to get out of waitlist hell and get a PS5, a thoughtful gift is a surefire way to know someone cares about you and supports your hobbies. 

For some shoppers, the gaming market feels very diluted and confusing, but these suggestions are a good place to start. There are many places to find a great and personal gift for that special gamer. Consider which platform they play on and what games they love. While shopping, be sure to keep things light and fun, and you’ll do just fine. 

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